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Monday, 11 December 2017
♥My 100 List‼ To-Dos

♥My 100 List‼ 

1.} join the cast of Cats for at least one season as Jemima
2.} ♥be the face of ARTISTRY
3.} learn to knit
4.} set up a teen self-help organisation
6.} rear a pair of platypuses
8.} translate 25 songs into english http://abcdeghijklmnoprstuvwyzx.blogspot.com/2011/09/8-translate-25-songs-into-english-3100.html"[in-progress]
9.} conquer Mt.Everest's summit
11.} direct a Hollywood blockbuster movie
12.} send a cleanup team to the South China Sea
13.} ♥frame up an xray of my brain in my livingroom
14.} swim with dolphins
15.} star in a hongkong/mandarin kungfu period drama serial
16.} buy a liscence plate "1D0N7KN0W"
17.} touch a living swimming great white shark's tail/snout|pet a shark
18.} design a top for guys
19.} open a cafe selling nutritious food i like
20.} ♥design my own guitar
21.} hit an airrifle target bull's eye 10 times consecutively, 100m away
22.} shoot a frog with an arrow
23.} write a book titled "100 WAYS to PESTr Someone Till InSaniTY"
24.} eat freshly self-picked strawberries from a farm (in New Zealand/Tochigi?)
25.} own an oceanic tank/aquarium with stingrays/exotic fishies
26.} ability to play piano fluidly.
27.} ♥design my own house
29.} patent a vacuum cleaner called "iSUCK?"
30.} create a NEW craze
31.} ♥give my kor a million bucks, SGD.
32.} learn to read musical notes
33.} ♥act in 50 movies
34.} ♥vandelise the HOLLYWOOD sign
35.} invent a new dessert
36.} own a gym
37.} design a handphone
38.} dance on a highway
39.} write 'thief' on my forehead and walk down orchard street
40.} walk down orchard road dressed as a traffic light
41.} knit a pair of shortpants
42.} dress as a red indian for racial harmony day
43.} ♥write a food catalogue of my quirky fav eats
44.} start a foodfight
45.} ski down a mountain without injuring myself
46.} shake a champagne bottle sooo hard it shoots out at someone's head?
47.} design a cacoon hammock-tent and live in it for a month
48.} build a shack using only toothpicks and melted GREEN rubber bands
49.} break it down, use it as a bonfire, and a bbq
50.} ♥break glass singing
51.} see a live human heart
52.} ♥(co)write 30 songs
53.} ♥dance on top of a jet plane
54.} own a beach house
55.} holiday in Alaska
56.} ♥go crab-fishing in the Bering Sea
57.} own a sports car
58.} tapdance on stilts
59.} break a world record/Guinness record
60.} stroke an eagle
61.} ride a hippopotamus/rhinocerus
62.} rear an army of sawfishes and Pacu (those fat fishes with humanoid teeth) in my private lake for fishing
63.} ride a (self-crafted) bamboo raft down the Singapore River/Mekong River
65.} check into a mental institute
66.} build a boat using only Mac straws, tissue and Uhu glue
67.} sail to Malaysia from Singapore on it/at least for 30mins at sea
68.} ♥own an island(that has a cave, volcano, a field with a river, and my other fantasies; Mo'orea island??)
69.} own a series of companies
70.} carve an ice sculpture
71.} hire a butler
72.} ♥design 100 outfits
73.} dress as a ninja
75.} sing in an acapella opera show
76.} bleach my hair white
78.} climb a construction crane
79.} get an afro wig
80.} ♥volunteer in SPCA
81.} swim in a watertank
82.} ♥build a church in Timor Leste
83.} successfully cook marshmallows/gyuuhi from scratch
84.} buy a house in DaLian
85.} host a fondue/yogurt/gummi/icecream banquet
86.} bake a cheesecake
87.} ♥design & build myself a "walk-in" 'tree' wardrobe
88.} ♥own a yatch and name it SS. Violet Jessop maru (colour: blazing red/yellow rubber ducky)
89.} ride a horse down a meadow at high speeds
90.} ♥learn how to make RoseApple tea and HONEY Lemon Tea
91.} make a bag using screws and glue/magnets
92.} own a durian plantation
93.} ♥design my OWN wedding gown
94.} dismantle a handphone
95.} join MythBusters juz a few eps, like as a guest.
96.} ♥bbq bread [DONE]
97.} ♥Star in 3 movies adapted from books (eg. Sabetha in TGBS)
98.} learn sign language
99.} ♥The Best Bet revolutionise the music industry.
100.} ♥COMPLETE 100 things on my 100 LIST!! http://abcdeghijklmnoprstuvwyzx.blogspot.com/2011/06/100-complete-100-things-on-my-100-list.html">[in-progress]
102.} conversational Espanol
103.} invent a partially permeable membrane (filter) that can (on a mass scale) sieve out pollution and bacteria, leaving juz clean air/water.(to clean the ocean of pollution)
104.} have a nice cottage full of fishing equipment, bbq set, next to my lake.
105.} grow a fruits and veggies garden
108.} write a song in Japanese
109.} write a song in Spanish
110.} ♥catch Arashi live in concert [ARAFES '13] [Untitled 2/12/2017]
111.} ♥design a 'heart' necklace pendent
112.} film my own eulogy
113.} ♥duet with Sakurap
114.} spoof The Hunger Games movie
115.} ♥full MKR collection.
116.} ♥drive an armoured vehicle with ballooney pokey spikes and a red/white 'FIEARY' sign.
117.} Universal/Warner Music Group artist offer
118.} wakeboard down the streets of Venice
119.} create a WW1 movie
120.} write a jazz song
121.} ♥a recipe book containing 13 of my original food creations
122.} ♥create my dreambook
123.} appear in one of Arashi's variety shows
125.} pumpkin house of horrors in my themepark
126.} 紅白歌合戦に出る
127.} The Best Bet busker in the streets of Orchard during Christmas
128.} a song collaboration with Angela Aki/Shimizu Shota
129.} get a class 2 boating licence (small boats)
130.} visit the Bermuda Triangle
131.} buy a glass grand piano for korkor
132.} get married.
133.} tailor nutrition supplement regimes for animals
134.} shake hands with Bowling For Soup
135.} collaborate with a Phillipino singer
136.} speak 7 languages
137.} climb 100 mountains/volcanos http://abcdeghijklmnoprstuvwyzx.blogspot.com/2011/05/137-climbsummit-100-mountainsvolcanos.html"[in-progress]
138.} expedition to 50 waterfalls/caves
139.} visit 254 countries/White Chart Project http://abcdeghijklmnoprstuvwyzx.blogspot.com/2012/01/139-visit-254-countries.html"[in-progress]
140.} spend 6 months backpacking around Japan
141.} visit the original 5 Wonders of the World
142.} drink beer out of a wooden barrel
143.} design webbed duck feet slippers
144.} serve jelly in a trophy cup
145.} road trip around England/Europe
146.} participate in an archery competition
147.} run with a bull in Spain
148.} sail halfway across the world in my yatch
149.} have a kimono/yukata collection
150.} own a mountain
151.} organise a charity stiletto marathon
152.} travel to http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150217015767463.346934.108605392462
153.} learn the choreography for Party Rock Anthem
154.} climb a mountain in Bhutan
155.} go fishing in Serbia
156.} retire in Bhutan
157.} collect traditional costumes from 100 different countries
158.} complete an ironman
160.} visit 硫黄島
161.} rear a small herd of capybaras
162.} build a traditional igloo
163.} own a list of copyrights
164.} invent a game using electromyograms
165.} complete a bike marathon
166.} complete a full marathon
167.} climb up the Empire State building
168.) become a Master Scuba Diver
169.} own a game centre
170.} play a full tennis match
171.} do all my own stunts for a martial arts movie
172.} achieve perfect eyesight
173.} drive from Singapore to Europe
174.} drive to Africa
175.} go to college
177.} learn to surf in Australia
178.} grow/crochet dreadlocks
179.} shopping spree at Armani
181.} fish for tuna
182.} tour in a bus
183.} plant a forest over a wasteland
184.} go cave-hunting
185.} translate 10 songs into japanese
186.} 24時間テレビで出る
187.} go on a business trip before 27 [Phnom Penh Apr'18]
188.} create a mobile app
189.} play with baby tiger cubs
190.} hug a bear
191.} finish a coloring book
192.} complete 100 adult puzzles
193.} world map of theme parks and aquariums
194.} bite into a freshly caught fish
195.} collect the whole Gentlemen Bastards Sequence
196.} rear a tank of pearl bearing oysters
197.} cosplay an adorable character
198.} food tour in NYC
199.} eat gold
200.} 桜と梅の花見したい
201.} Ride a rodeo bull machine
202.} see/pick up a sand dollar
203.} eat black sapote
204.} eat a red banana
205.} find a diamond at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas
206.} do a DNA test to find out my ancestry
207.} see a black lion
208.} dive with dolphins
209.} spend 1 hour in Vatican City
210.} go night diving in Singapore waters. Pulau Hantu.
211.} go on a world cruise
212.} petting cafe
213.} front row tickets to BattleBots

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when will my dreams be fulfilled??