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Monday, 24 May 2010
http://love.givesmehope.com/ 24/5/10.

after 1 month, i'm finally posting again.

i'm falling in love with the site http://www.love.givesmehope.com/

they have wonderful stories of love;

eg. In 1950, two teenagers met on a beach and quickly fell in love.The boy was in the Marines and lived in Cherry Point, NC. The girl lived in Greenville, NC. The boy hitchiked an hour and a half each way every single day for two years to see his girlfriend. Those two teenagers are now my grandparents, and they have been married for 59 years. Their LGMH.

Today, I was babysitting three young children with my boyfriend. The three year old girl is in full foot to chest braces. We were playing outside and she said to my boyfriend "I can't run like my brother and sister" and he replied "Yes, but you can fly!" and picked her up and flew her around all day.I have never seen her so happy. His love GMH

dammit, i wish i met awesome guys like that. doesn't have to be as a boyfriend, but juz as a friend.

i wouldn't think soo badly about guys. lol.

aiyah, i'm hooked onto the site. started last night, and read through 20+ pages all at once. now in the school library reading from 24 onwards. hahahahah.


oki, psychology soon. before that, i shall continue reading.

Fieary. 24/5/10.

someone please buy me Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo DVD set.. too broke to buy all 6 sets now.. T.T

BOTB auditions this wednesday.

crap.. i forgot what i wanted to do..

last minute addition;

I have recently given birth to my first child - the result of rape. I wanted to go for an abortion but my boyfriend persuaded me not to. He was there for me all through the pregnancy knowing he was not the father. He is now wanting to adopt my baby boy. He tells me how proud he is of me everyday and how much he loves me. His love and support GMH.

i'm soo proud of these kinda people; stepping up to take on more responsibilities, etc, even though they had no reason to. no benefits, no obligations, yet they still do it, juz to support someone else.

also because i'm against abortion. i was once a foetus.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??