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Wednesday, 30 September 2009
Toss The Turtle. 30/09/09.

Gek brought her terrapin to school..

Erica introduced me to a new game.

it's called "Toss The Turtle"!

here are some snapshots:

the front armory page

my launching tank. i shot the turtle from here.

my achievements page.. short of the 5hour medal..

nuclear explosion.

haha! zoom in on the turtle's expression!

my turtle flies over the moon~

results of the last game.

about 3 hours and 90games.

i bought 100+nuclear bombs.. xD~!

dad and bananaman rock!

ufos suck.

here's the link. i'm going to eat, then back to playing FB games. maybe i'll do chem after that.


Toss The Turtle is an armorgames game.

Fieary. 30/09/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 27 September 2009
hot guy no. 5. 27/09/09. 0025h

okie!! i've found my no. 5 fave hot guy!!


dun dun dun dun!!!!


Turn-on factors:
smooth baritone vocals that makes me go tingly inside!
deep sexy voice that makes me fuzzy inside.
look at his face! so handsome..
the way he juz lazily mumbles his words..
pulls off the stubble look well, cuz of his chiselled jawline.
manages to look yummy and suave in all-white.
his blonde-brown hair doesn't look gay.
green-ish eyes.
absolutely charms with his hot nape-brushing hair.

Turn-off factors:
receding hairline even at 20.
fat hips.
blue eyes
weak-looking arms and shoulders.
sings duets with a usually-sissy-sounding guy in Boyzone.
always looks horrible in downward-facing shots. forehead too long and wide.

Fieary. 27/09/09.

i've completed 6chappies of physics today.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 26 September 2009
i've found an easy way to study. 26/9/09.

okay, my "easy" way to study currently only applies to physics. totally doesn't work for social studies.

i've only tried those 2 so far today, cuz those textbooks are right infront of my kor's computer.

i'm ecstatic. completed Bonding Sg, Forces, Mass, weight and density, Turning effects of forces, and Energy, work and power. now doing Pressure. almost done^^

my secret method...

turn on AOL Radio to PopRock, open Yakuza Lords on Facebook, then starting doing.

after completing a small segment, go play YL. lol! then when nothing left on YL to do but wait, continue study. very efficient. haha!

juz started playing YL today by accident. very hooking.

ok, i'm going back to playing YL.

Fieary. 26/9/09.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

i want an alien dog. 26/09/09

hahaha! i've juz woken up, and the first thing i heard was "you want chicken or charsiew?"

second was Erica telling me about Turkey working at F1, and Ris Low guilty of credit card fraud.


so now she's not only ugly and can't speak proper english for nuts, she is also a criminal. lol!

the Miss Singapore World panel of judges should seriously have done some background checks before even letting contestants take part, much less allowing her the tiara. okay, the producers/crew should have done the snooping.. but at least the judges should have had the foresight not to pick such a lousy idiot.

i would like to do some bashing on this year's Miss Singapore World competition, but i don't wanna get sued. lol..

however, i would like to emphasize that it is a wrong choice of allowing her to participate in the upcoming Miss World pageant. now Singapore would be represented by an ugly criminal who would create the impression that we Singaporeans are extremely lowly educated.

Miss Singapore should be a representation that our country has beautiful, well-educated(we're an education hub after all), healthy(she has bipolar disorder) and morally upright people. what kind of impression do you think she'll be giving the world about us Singaporeans?

someone should juz throw her in jail and ban her from representational competitions. although i would seriously like to ban her from singapore.

Fieary. 26/09/09.

i juz woke up.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 25 September 2009
My top 5 hottest guys list! 25/09/09.

can't help but think that Singapore is utterly devoid of hot guys. and the world's hot-guy source is depleting faster than our ozone layer.

hence, i've put together my list of 5 fave hotties...

1.) Elvis Presley.

Turn-on factors:
deep sexy voice that can melt almost any girl's heart
handsome face
bronzed complexion
used to be tall, dark, and handsome.

Turn-off factors:
he's dead.
he did drugs.. even waaay before he died. serve him right. see? become soo fat and fugly!
he is promiscous.. had soo many damn affairs with sluts, but couldn't stand it when his wife had one with his karate instructor. he was the one who introduced them initially.

2.) Antonio Banderas

Turn-on factors:
deep timber voice that shivers my timbers.
hot baritone vocals that entrances me
drop-dead gorgeous features; that eye connection that makes me squeal for some unknown reason, sexy uber-kissable lips.
mexican ancestry(mexican guys are positively the hottest!)
sexy accent.
loves his wife and daughter above all else!
great sense of humour.

"Antonio Banderas has admitted he takes the costume out of the closet (zorro) whenever wifey Melanie Griffith wants to be such pleased.

Banderas revealed: "I kept the mask after filming and I do wear it sometimes when we are together. Melanie loves it.
You can work out the rest."

The actor has also kept the sword, placing it in a secret spot of his house. He is prepared to use it not only against potential thieves, but also against any boy who will disrespect his 9-year-old daughter Stella:

"The sword is stashed in a secret strategic place and I truly pity the burglar who shows up at my house!
Though I wonder what I'd tell the authorities... 'Officer, he tried to rob me, so I cut a giant Z into him!'."

Or, "if a boy gets out of line with my daughter I will take it down and say: 'Son, step into my den for a talk!'"

Turn-off factors: oh, hardly any.
'cept he's getting old, his boobs are sagging, sometimes his scalp looks damn oily, and can appear unkempt. resembles Mr Bean somewhat during certain occasions.

3.) Eminem

Turn-on factors:
totally a family guy.
juz listen to some of his lyrics; giving an arm for his daughter, loving his wife, etc. eg. "Mockingbird", "When I'm Gone"
silent, yet knows how to have fun.

Turn-off factor:
juz look at that picture..
young doof wearing pink!
faggotly arms too...
no wonder his wife left him.
ugly tatoos.

4.) Clark Gable

Turn-on factor:
the way he holds Vivien Leigh in the movie Gone With The Wind
broad shoulders, strong chest, totally masculine build.

Turn-off factor:
looks like a porn star in bad photo no. 1.
looks like a pimp in bad photo no. 2.
ugly moustache, bad hair, sagging, wrinkly skin.
eyes bare a similarity to the former world's oldest woman, Bremont

she still has eye shit at the left lower lid or something!

5.) still searching..

okay larh, i did this cuz i was bored and did not wanna start studying yet.. i still have saturday and sunday!!!... excuses...

Fieary. 25/09/09.

i WIll eventually post up the photos for the previous posts. some are in my handphone.. which cannot connect to the computer.. and my digi cam is still with my kor.. i can't find my red phone which can connect to a comp and takes great photos at the same time.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

tv rantings. 24/09/09

i was watching tv last night when i started typing this in my phone.
all in point form, in very random format. no ordering.

Singapore Idol:
Sylvia had the best comments.
even the judges were referring to Ris Low's "boomz!"
quality singers with good voices, but not much appeal.
could not hold my attention.
only Mae, Charles and Syltra so far, but that's juz cuz i was curious how Mae would sing "Moulin Rouge", Charles did his own version of "Low". nice.
i only watched syltra to see how she would screw up "Breakaway". she totally ruined her image! they should sue whoever their makeup artist was! every shade of makeup all soo similar! the colours, esp lipstick shade.
even Tabitha was bad.
Fathin Amira was one of the best tonight, but still couldn't keep me watching the second half of the song.
the rest i skipped through them cuz they were boring.
Ken super civil tonight. so far no mean comments yet.
he even praised Gurmit and called himself ugly! (implied, of course)
Nurul gave the most.. intereseting cover of all. she totally transformed Britney Spears into some RnB crooner or something..

Juz saw Tiger Beer's new advertisement. so cute! haha. the taste of their beer sucks, but they have one of the best creative directors.

back to the show.
Farhan was the most charming of the night, but bad dress sense. he sounds like some teeny bopper tho.
Malaque made the best song choice to fit her vocals, but still not a sterling performance.
soo doesn't sound like she can survive.
Ken is seriously in a good mood. said she could be a Vasantham(sp?) star.
Duance's voice the hottest tonight.
Quite a comical rendition of "Pokerface".
soume parts sounded like he was playing the piano with his feet tho.
Most entertaining and best performance of the night.
Faizal ended the show well. second best performance of the night.
certainly hit the right charm notes, but of course, gay dressing.
'sup with the scarves?
so tonight only 3 singers managed to keep me tuned in to their whole performance cuz they were good. not captivating.
i think Ken is high or something. said Farhan and Faizal should be dancers in a band.
bands don't have dancers..
at the end of the show, while Gurmit was thanking the judges, Ken kept looking down like he was checking sms.
probably flirting with his girlfriend via sms, hence his uppityness.

At first, thought girls stand on Gurmit's left, guys on right.
then i noticed that Sezairi was on the left. ha.
the only guy there.
in the end, Syltra voted off.
kinda pathetic tho, she had the best performance last week.

Juz realised i recorded the latest episode of Samurai Girl. lol. the last part.
i think.

now watching.

aiyoh.. soo many guns still cannot die, didn't even get injured.
and juz nice a helicopter appeared..
haha! fall down the cliff still can get up almost immediately, beat up 2 people, hijack a car from a Yakuza henceman, tie him up, and drive home. lol!!!!

okie, dad's back. good night.
gonna read more fanfics via my phone like i did last night.

Fieary. 24/09/09.

cried for a full hour.
Gone With The Wind rocks!!
the fans are such great writers too! lit rules.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Never try eating a 1pint tub of ben&jerry's by yourself after lunch. Especially chocolate fudge brownie!

Omigosh! It looks like sludge!


after school, ate lunch at my place, then went out to study.. Supposedly..

YouRong and i each decided to get a 473ml tub of ben&jerry's ice cream. Cuz it was more worth it. No oatmeal and cookie dough, so she got chocolate chip cookie dough. I bought chocolate fudge brownie. Big mistake..

We opened the tubs, thinking there was a spoon inside. None. So i started slurping it up. Lol.

We did go back and get spoons larh.

Halfway through, or quarterway for me, we both started getting crazy. Sot sot liao. Ha ha.

Each drop a few cents?

Laugh and laugh till mad. Like on drugs like that. Heng our principal did not do his rounds and ask us "girls, what are you doing? Are you on drugs?"
cuz we seriously laughed for like, 20mins straight.

Laughed till our belly hurt, throats clamped up, and felt like puking. Lol!

Cracked more jokes about the melting ice cream looking like sludge. Mine melted completely except for the brownies. There were burnt pieces! :(

i'm feeling damn high right now.

First, i shall sue them for selling us partially melted ice cream.
Second, i shall sue them for not giving us a spoon, but telling us there's one in each tub. Good thing we did not stick our fingers in to find it. I did prod around with my tongue though. Lol!
Third, i shall sue them for putting drugs in our icecream. It's probably in the dough.

YouRong has juz finished hers.. Don't think it's possible for me.

We're soo full, we can't touch our toes..

I'm still a quarterway through the tub. I'll continue later..

We've juz smsed Hafizah to join us. Don't worry, it's halal. I checked the ingredients.

They're vegetarian.

All natural too. The brownie and chocolate fudge probably grew from the trees.
The ice cream, squeezed from frozen cow udders.
splot splot splot!

Cows give vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Goats give strawberry and banana ice cream.
So what do monkeys give?

Rejected animals give grass ice cream.

Ok, i'll continue when it rains slushy ice cream.
I'll juz add flavouring to the clouds.

Fieary. 22/9/09.

Juz paid for prom. Now broke. Anyone wanna sponsor my prom outfit?

Lets go play blastketball.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 13 September 2009
death. 13/09/09

now listening to Farhana tell me how her dad died/that night's events.

or rather reading it over msn.

so far i have never seen anybody die before.

came close to it twice, once when i was a little kid, my aunty Maria died.

we were at grandpa's place, i was playing with her daughter in the first bedroom. she was in the master bedroom. i can only remember my mom coming out, then telling us that she's dead.

my mom told us something about aunty Maria seeing 4 doors, blinking when my mom told her to close her mouth, and other forms of disorientation.

second time a relative of mine died was this year, may 8.

my guma died at about 2pm plus.

i juz reached home, when her family called, saying she's very disoriented and dying. we were juz about to go over when they called again, saying she juz died.

again, both times i did not know how to react. cuz i was sort of EXPECTING them to die, juz not like, then.

a recent night ago, i ate some of my kor's prawn crackers. then suddenly remembered the wonderful taste and texture of my guma's. those she made were the best. not too hard, yet not too soft. not oily, light tasting, yet a lot of flavouring from the prawn.

she made the world's best prawn crackers. i'll never forget the taste. still looking for a similar one..

anyway, death ain't scary. it's not really shocking either.

i'm not uncompassionate, but i juz didn't feel sad that they're gone.

i shed tears when my guma was in hospital, lying on the bed, etc, but not when she died.

death is kinda boring. there juz ain't nothing much to talk about.

anyway, i wanted to start on my o-level revision, but right now i have no motivation whatsoever.

wanted to start doing notes in a book, summarising all the chapters, what i need to know etc, but now i juz feel like watching Forbidden City Cop. 'cept that it's in dual sound and i can't figure out how to change it.. =[

Fieary. 13/09/09.

this time i got the year correct.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 11 September 2009
911 rant.

so.. i've been wanting to blog again, without motivation, whatsoever.

i juz slept for about 2h50min, and took a nice cold shower, but i'm still feeling sleepy. lol.

nothing the least bit interesting on tv. most attracting programme was Monster Quest on Discovery Channel. about the mythical Chupacabra. gay shit.

to end their debate on whether it is a mangy coyote-wolf-dog mix, why don't they juz breed those animals, then introduce mange? (dunno spelling for that disease, too lazy to check it up)

Facebook has this new virus for the friends thing. they basically auto tag you in some crappy thing.

anyway, juz a few moments ago, i had the motivation to blog, inclination to blog, but no content to blog about.

maybe i SHOULD post the photos for my previous posts, but i feel it's too much of a hassle for my already lazy brain to do it; i can't find my phone with a nice camera, my current phone cam sucks, and i think my kor took away my new digi cam.

yada yada yada, blah blah blah.

u juz ain't gonna see any pictures for a while.

getting too lazy for my own liking.

my O-levels are in a month's time(approx), yet i still am not starting on revision yet.
nothing good is on tv, but i'm too lazy to change the channel.
getting many new ideas for scripts/writings, but too lazy to actually jot them down, or think further.
even getting too lazy to play Klondike on my dad's ipod nano.. =[

however, i'm pretty well-contented that i caught a couple'a movies in the past few weeks.

here's my list:

Up - sucks. made me never wanna watch another cartoon movie. -☆☆☆☆
Turning Point - i love it, man! HongKong movies are almost always the best. ☆☆☆☆
Where Got Ghost - Jack Neo hasn't lost his touch. if it's still showing, go catch it.☆☆☆
Year One - MoLeiTau comedy, what can i say?☆☆☆
GForce - the name makes it sound like some lingerie product. stuffed with fluffy cuteness only.☆☆
Aliens In The Attic - best out of the list currently.. not very good, but alright. ☆☆☆

maybe i'll catch I Love You Beth Cooper next. been hearing good reviews about it.

my heart skips a beat when i see my 3 new pairs of shoes. haha. the one from metro costed my 20bucks, the red and black one from Woodleigh SA - 20bucks, the green with ourple and white on one side from UpperBukitTimah SA - 10bucks. feels good.

Stephen Chow has been keeping me busy lately. plan to write a script for MLTC soon. still too lazy tho. i'll write it in eng first, E will translate it for me later on.

ƒiearÿ. 911.
was trying out wingdings.

so fast it's 911 8th yr anniversary.

i juz realised that my blogger timing thing is soo screwed! lol..

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 9 September 2009
Elvis was my hero. 10/9/09

lol. at first i had a lot of things i wanted to blog about, but i seemed to have forgotten it all.

somewhere along the lines of my African Tulip blooming, etc.

anyway, watched a few clips of Elvis "The King" Presley. rekindled my old love for hit hotness and deep voice. lol!

Joseph Hall is the best Elvis impersonator yet.

and Singapore Idol 3 is playing live now. they suck.

i think Elvis and Joseph look best when in a black leather biker jacket.

man, that bronzed look and badboy vibe juz blows me away.

kinda realized that one of the main reasons i was attracted to 345 was cuz he looked like my top 2 male artists melded together. Elvis Presley and Antonio Banderas. haha!

Fieary. 10/9/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Juz drank some grape iceblended. Sweettalk sucks. Soo many seeds. Their passionfruit milkshake tastes like soap!

After being dismissed from st andrews, we(lu,sal,cassie,fathin) went to Salvation army. It rocks!

I bought a cool pair of red-black exercise shoes, a grey tanktop, 4clips, and a headband. Total-20bucks!! The lady even gave all of us a really cute handphone keychain too.

Very happy, but damn hungry. Only ate a small pathetic mcchicken burger at 10. Nothing till now. :(

i broke my specs..
It fell and i stepped on it without noticing. :( my favourite specs soo far sia.. O well. I guess for every up there muz be a down.

Went to change frames. The new one is cute. It has springs at the side!! :)

this and the last 2posts were from my handphone, so all in juz plain and simple text. Will upload photos when i have the time, and am not soo tired/lazy.

Fieary. 5/9/09.
Juz realised now 09already.. No longer 2008. Trapped in the past. Ha ha! Another inside joke. I think only Louis knows.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??