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Friday, 26 February 2010
Rayman 1mproper. 26/2/10.


i've juz played Wii - Rayman, for the first time in my life, and I'M LOVIN' IT!!!!

at least, i think it's called "Rayman".

it's the first time i've ever touched a Wii console, and i think i shall play Wii again at Moberly. 5bucks per hour, but well-worth it. ^^

the damn bunnies are cute, when their eyes buldge out of their heads when they get swung around by a rodeo bull in Asia.


i wanna thank those who proposed to have a student lounge, and those who did up the whole place. ^^

i'm going there again on monday, so i shall do a proper post on it then. ^^

now i shall continue watching episode 5 of Uta no Oniisan, before brushing my teeth, going to sleep, and waking up before 1pm tomorrow so i can run another 5km at MacRitchie at 2pm.

Fieary. 26/2/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 25 February 2010
Arigatou, Nakagomi-san. 25/2/10.

okay, so some of you may know i've been having a bad week. well, more of a bad month, actually.

anyway, i've been complaining, sulking, whining, etc, due to shitty circumstances and stuff, but as usual, God has been good.


special order form for Magic Knight Rayearth manga books!! ^^

i approached Kinokuniya's japanese books counter, and Nakagomi-san volunteered to help me special order them. i totally didn't know i could do that~! lol. she allowed me behind the counter, and we slowly scanned the computer's list of CLAMP manga. finally, after about 60titles and 3pages, it was there!!!!

hahahahah! yessah!

i've been wanting the whole series since i was 7. now, 10 years later, i'm finally able to fulfill that small wish! ^^

altho i'm still looking for the second season in english. i have the first season in english already.

anyone know where i can get it?? the bloody english books counter staff said they don't have it, ain't gonna get it, and won't let me special order it. told me to look for it myself. =.=;

i also want the MKR DVD set.

basically, i want the whole MKR collection.

here's what i'm missing:
Magic Knight Rayearth 2 [eng] - book 1, 2, 3.
Magic Knight Rayearth anime DVDs.
The Art of Magic Knight Rayearth.
Magic Knight Rayearth [OVA]
Magic Knight Rayearth video game.

if anyone knows where i can get them, PLEASE TELL ME!!

email me immediately, please!! or inform me via tagboard, with contact details. i'll D-E-F-initely contact you immediately upon reading you tag/mail.

i juz realized that altho this has been my childhood material dream, i don't have it in my 100 list. nvm, i'll add it now.

and yes, i've started school, so i'd be pretty busy with boring stuff. no homework yet, tho.

been hoping to get a cool part-time job to fund my current obsession; filling my room with merchandise i've been wanting to get pretty badly. eg. DVD sets of dramas i love, books i love.

lol. not really an obsession, more of a motivation. haha.

aight, i'm gonna continue working towards my dreams. Christine is helping me! printing scores of me at 1buck per piece. hahaha! ARIGATOU!

Fieary. 25/2/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 21 February 2010
CHINGAY monkeys.. 21/2/10.

i juz noticed, if u split it up.. haha!

anyway, juz had an awesome 4km run at MacRitchie Reservoir juz now. waaahh..

it's still very picturesque there, even with the gradually polluting air.

sadly enough, the animals are disappearing.

went running with dad juz now, and we couldn't stop recounting how the place looked like 10 years ago.

1.} there used to be a warning sign right at the exit of the blue maze-bridge-thing, about crocodiles and monitor lizards, how to identify them, what you should and shouldn't do, should you chance an encounter with them.

2.} there were schools of meter-diameter pomfrets in the waters under the bridge.

3.} there were turtles that looked a hundred years old that swam there, and sun-bathed at sunset.

4.} you could see sea snake burrows through the water. yes, it was that clear. they were aplenty too. bright orange and black creatures. NEVER POKE A STICK AT THEM. they strike.

5.} those damn ugly monkeys ran away when i approached. a whole fucking horde of them was staring me in the face juz now! i almost stepped on an ugly baby's tail cuz it refused to move. one miserable old male even ran after me!!! #$^#$%@#-ing things!

the run was fine. started raining halfway thru, so we turn-tailed and went off.

i luve 7-up

on the way home, on the highway, guess what..

out of 4 lanes, 3 were closed. for what?


give it that shit colour. made us wait in traffic for close to an hour!.

and when we finally made it pass...

ONLY 1 BLOODY PATHETIC FLOAT WAS THERE!!! it was miniature, dull, boring, and sponsored by some miserable company whose name i can't even pronounce!


juz caught the dragon-lion dance on tv. thought the emcees said it was "deaf-lion parade".

my dad say "soo fat, how to lion dance!?"

plus, the shaolin dragon looked as tho it was spasming. like kena seizures like that.

aite, i need to go shower now. school starts tomorrow. uhg.

Fieary. 21/2/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 18 February 2010

well, recently there have been a lot of things discouraging me, but i refuse to back down.

i pray that God will relight my passion, grant me good graces and health, and allow me to accomplish everything i set out to do.

i'm not afraid of having the world laugh at me.

at the end of it all, i know i will be laughing my way through.

gonna go clean up my room table now. ahhahaha.

i feel soo glad that i managed to get Magic Knight Rayearth season 1's manga in english. i'm missing book 1 from both seasons tho. the japanese originals.

also still trying to find MKR 2's eng series.
and maybe the OVA.

been looking for these since primary 2. never give up. ^^

took me 10years. hahah! and still on-going.

Fieary. 18/2/10.

looking for Arashi's Time/Jidai 2007 concert DVD. mail me/tag for offers.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 13 February 2010
CNY eve. 13/2/10.

okay, so i guess while waiting to download files from MediaUpload, i should post an update.
[anyone willing to pay for my premium account so i can download like, hundreds of files at once??]
for the past 2 weeks, i've been busy with DPA orientation, waking at 6am, and coming home only well past 8pm.

i was thinking of throwing away my schedule, but i guess i should scan it in to show you guys.
[oop-di-doo, i dumped it out the window 2days ago..]


well, we had a bonding camp, went sailing, where Hafiz got injured, (no worries, the guy took it like a man. still in hospital, tho.), did some crappy metal tooling.

ya, i'm too lazy to scan them in separately.

we had to do one YOG piece, and a 'creative' piece. Frangt e Fugly Faggot was born from my creativity, many millineas of seconds ago. he's probably a few thousand hours old now.

instead of going for Muay Thai, i swapped with Alexster and went for Archery instead. uh huh, i rocked. best archer of all, yea! even tried 'Avatar-style' shooting. basically, we juz twist our arm and pulled outwards, instead of the normal way. go watch the movie if you have no idea what i mean by that.

i forgot what else we did. oh ya! dance. bullshit.

anyway, lessons are starting after Chinese New Year week is over. boo...

i'd gladly switch with all the girls. they go for lessons, i go for orientation again.

if only that was possible.. T.T

Little Big Soldier was great. similar to the style Jackie Chan used to have in his older films, when Yuen Biao was still a hottie. i didn't like the serious tones he tried to set in his recent movies.

True Legend was A-M-AZING!! altho half the time i was going "eh! they reused that set! the first scene was from ....... and the final fight scene was a reused set from Jet Li's ......!!"
their production team was ACE!


aite, nothing interesting to type about anymore.


Fieary. 13/2/10.

gonna watch Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo SP. the one about vampires, MatsuJun, and KameKazu.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 7 February 2010
Gunung Arung Trek. 8/2/10.

i totally forgot to mention; on the camp's 2nd day trek, i got bitten by a spider.

it was black, medium sized, and hurt like a bitch.

i had no idea how the damn thing got onto my arm. think it's cuz i was leaning on quite a few trees while waiting for slowpokes to catch up.

anyway, i felt a sudden sharp piercing shock near my wrist, so i turned to look. saw the damn arachnid.

so i swatted it off my wrist. it landed on my shirt.
i flicked it off my shirt, it flew to my pants.
repeated wrist-turning action, it jumped to my shoe.

so i juz got fed up and stamped really rapidly like a rhino on a flame.

hope the bastard died. or at least kena permanent paralysis.

out of 100+ ppl (including seniors, teachers, guides, and orang asli guides), it choose to nibble my flesh.

and the guides and seniors totally didn't know what to do about the bite.

here's what was supposed to take place:

1.] squeeze/suck out the spider's oral fluids from the wound.
2.] disinfect it.
3.] observe my temperature for the next 2 hours.

instead, here's what they did:

1.] oh, i have antiseptic cream, you want? -senior
2.] so you will kill spiderman? he got bitten by a spider and turned into spiderman. you were bitten by a black spider, so you will turn into black widow. male spider attracted to female spider, so you will kill him. -guide.


when i manage to figure out where my aunty put my camera, i'll show you the bite. found it!

i myself squeezed the fluid out on the spot and disinfected it, but i think there was still some spideysaliva left.

it's been 5days since the incident already, but the area around it is still slightly swollen. and dull red.

i also have an awfully large bruise, spanning the length of my palm, on my right forearm. another careless mistake on my part. a repeat of 8years prior.

it has a rather cool cut at the end, tho. but this post is about the spider bite, so don't even dream about seeing my forearm.

Fieary. 8/2/10.

i'm currently downloading Arashi no Shukudaikun eps, that's why i can take time off to type posts. hahaha.

Nakama Yukie is a veteren actress, but most of the dramas she star in are boring. it's the movies that rock.

ever seen a durian worm?

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 5 February 2010
my belated bday/Tokyo Dogs. 5/2/10.3

okay, so on the 2nd night of camp, 5/2, we had a campfire, where my group won the 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' game. prize = 100ringit, shared between 25ppax.

so it was 20ringit between myself and 4girls. they nice, give all to me for my bday. lol.
thruout the day they kept emphasizing it's my bday, so during the 2-hour shopping at Jusco, we went to the places i wanted to check out.

aiyah, i'm juz rushing thru this cuz i wanna watch Tokyo Dogs.

juz started on the first ep, and i'm already loving it.

anyway, so when i reached back at Sg yesterday, met up with erica, we went to eat at CCK's New York New York, i made my complaints, yada yada yada, she helped me drag my luggage back by order of muah, all the way to my place. then sit there eat a bit more, chatted with my dad, then she went home, and i went to sleep. thee end.

forgot to mention something in my previous post, but i've forgotten.

think it was something about Christine's wonderfulness. i love those girls.

aite, back to watching Oguri Shun, kakkoi, to Mizushima Hiro, bakawaii.

Fieary/ 5/2/10.

a, so ka, watashi wa mite ichi nagareboshi. ni ye.

kya!! i'm juz donw watching Tokyo Dogs. omigosh.. i love it! on par with Gokusen. haha. loving Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro's 'fights'. tho i can totally imagine Arashi members instead of those 2. lol.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 4 February 2010
DPA Bonding Camp. 2-4/2/10.


LRY juz added me on msn with another account. suddenly had Chongfu's school song playing in my head. dunno whether i should miss it, or go 'urhg'.

shall not bitch about it, especially about most people, cuz i'd be lowering myself a few notches, and also cuz my arms are getting even more sore with each letter i'm typing.

they are like, extremely-rare grade cooked.

anyway, here's a brief overview of the camp.

first, i arrived late.

then everyone stared at me. i spotted WC and was like, 'eh?'.

sat with 4girls. barely any convo.

take-off time.
Christine helped me shove people's luggages further into the bus's undertrunk, cuz some asswipes are juz too inconsiderate to chug their bags further in, so no one can fit theirs.

me: "thanks. who u sitting with on the bus?"
C: "uhh.. no one. so i guess.. you lorh." =)
m: aite.
finds a seat at the back, thanks to a nice guy who let it up to us.
m: i have The Mummy; Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in my iPod. wanna watch?
c: ya, sure. but after cross into msia then watch.
m: k. i also have loadsa MVs in here. [scrolls down]
c: eh, HnA?
m: ya, it's Himitsu no Arashi, a japanese variety show.
c: ARE YOU AN ARASHI FAN?!??!?! x 12

and fangirl bonding started. both our ichibans are Sho-chan.

yes, the Mawai Eco Camp was the same one i went to many years ago, that's how i know where everything is, and what we're gonna do. however, when i went there, things were a lot different in terms of living conditions. that's called 'upgrading'.

the activities were all stuff i enjoyed, so nothing to complain about, except for 1 thing.

we bloody have to start saving our earth.

the UV rays from a few hours of partially exposed arms to sunlight literally started cooking my arms!

those who heard my story about the 2 guys who went climbing in Africa and had to amputate their arms know what i'm talking about.

i like being tan and all, but getting chao-tah is a whole different matter!

the trekking up Gunung Arung was awesome, except for the damn slow pace.

eg1. scaling a rock wall for 2m, the guys took 6mins. i swung myself across in 4.something seconds.
eg2. getting down a 6m, 50+ degree slope. they took 20mins. i hopped down within 20s.

but the beach was damn bloody beautiful.

totally worth wasting 2hours plus to get there. no time to admire larh, but i loved it.

juz chatted with dad. we're gonna go there on our own next time. HOORAH!!

i shall show u pics next time.

last day, nothing to say larh, huh.

oh yah, first night, i totally couldn't rest at all. got up to hurl like, more times than i could rationally count, then.

ended up throwing up air into a bag for 2 hours. i think it was food poisoning.

my home's filtered water saved me from being sent to an emergency ward that night.

i'm gonna end this post, cuz my arms are fucking me up.

tell u guys about how i celebrated my bday in the next post. EPIC FAIL, or not.

Fieary. 2-4/2/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 1 February 2010
SHINee. uhg. 1/2/10.

ewww. i officially declare all korean guys gay imo.

at first i juz wanted to see what the hype was all about. esp since my darling Joy is soo into them.


yuck. yuck yuck.

her fav is onew. all i can say is... seriously bad taste. he face looks like an acorn.

his hair is like a helmet.

his eyes are.. never mind, i can't even see his eyes.

then i wanted to search for a vid of Joy singing, so went to youtube search "shinee singapore".



and seriously bad dressing.

if they wanted to impress a girl with their dressing, juz wear a damn tux!

and what, 'i like a girl with a beautiful face, beautiful body'. GO MARRY BARBIE.

voices sounded damn gay and nasal.

even teh mc and translator for that event were horrible. bring shame to themselves and as representatives of singaporeans.

i should seriously be done packing for my camp tomorrow.

i have never liked korean boybands, nor males, and will never.


i also forgot to mention that they had very shitted hairdos.

Fieary. 1/2/10.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??