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Friday, 6 January 2012
Perth transit. 6/1/12.

currently transiting in Perth. I FUCKING LOVE THIS PLACE.

the moment i stepped out of the airport, i was expecting it to be sweltering, since it's supposed to be 37 degrees celsius out, but O.o it was like, 20 degrees when the wind blew. and THE WIND WAS CONSTANTLY BLOWING!
and there were these cute black and white birds with pretty patterns. ^^

asked around (i needed an excuse for walking around) for quite a bit after putting my luggage in the baggage locker. 10AUD.

decided to take a bus 2.60AUD to Belmount(?) Forum, which is the nearest shopping mall.
i actually thought of slacking away in some fast food restaurant, that kinda thing to do my reports, but turns out there was no where in the HUGE shopping block that i liked. so many stores with funny names, tho. The Athelete's Foot. Payless Shoes. xD~! 3 megamarts, 2 frozen food counter shops.

and everything was BIG!
heels, super tall.
frozen food, big.

marshmallow 50cm long! o.O (bought at the airport)

thought of catching a movie, but when i saw the movie list, i scoffed, but went to take a look at the place anyway. cute guy at the counter, all alone. same building, Han's restaurant. sat there to eat Lychee with Ice Cream, 4.95AUD, and do my work. fuck.. 4 scoops lychee icecream 6 lychees 3 half slices of orange topped with a cashew nut.

lychees big, super succulent and juicy. sweet, yet not sickening like most canned lychees.

left the place not too long later. i actually wanted to leave soon to check out the HUGE EZY VIDEOS store right opposite the cinema building, but when i got there.. T.T they closed down..

since the weather was soo frikin awesome, i decided to walk one bloody round outside circling the mall, juz to enjoy the wind. and also cuz i still had like, 8 hours before my flight.. =[ i'm currently still stuck with 5 hours more. no free wireless in the lounge area too. gonna hit the shops soon.

walking back, i was still.. hungry? and went into Red Roosters and got their Famous Chips regular, 2.95AUD. didn't know wth they were, actually. lol! turns out to be fries. and THEY ARE DAMN GOOD. but after soggy liao not nice. =[ and soggy quite fast..

a group of guys in a car on the opposite lane of the road rolled down the windows to stare at me. xD
all damn cute! oh, Red Rooster had cute guys working there too!
hotties all over the place, RAWR!

and many asians too. at Han's, the 2 staff on duty, asian. btw, Han's here only serves asian food. 0.0

the bus tickets here expire after 2hours, and when i boarded the bus back to the airport, my ticket juz expired. (expiry time 5.29pm. reached the bus stop 5.33pm)
but when i got on the bus, it was the same captain as when i took to town! =D

he's too frikin nice larh. wonderful man. not juz cuz he gave me a free ride horh. he really made my day and got me smiling the whole ride both ways.

bought candy juz before entering the departure area. 5.60AUD. saw loong fat 50cm marshmallows. cldn't resist. xD
got these cute mushroom marshmallows too, so i got one only. got a bit of other candies too. altho the one i thought was toasted marshmallows was disappointing. shit, i still have 7 pieces of it left.

what else did i buy harh.. spent like, 25AUD liao. quite, cheap, considering i'm juz buying what i like, but each time i spend, doesn't amount to much. haha!

oh ya! bought gum 2.60AUD and water 3.75(?)AUD at the airport. bubble was was Wrigley's grape flavour. mama mia.. <3

aight, sian of sitting, shall go to the shops and continue this post later.
shops nothing nice.
I JUZ FOUND PLACES TO CHARGE MY LAPPIE! thank God i asked my dad for an adaptor (juz in case. ^^)

phew, now dun need to worry about running outta bat to complete my reports. juz need to find a way to get them done. hahah!

the clouds are damn beautiful sei, at first i thought it was gonna rain cuz i saw a dark cloud. turns out, it's juz the cloud's shadow. the clouds are extremely low-laying, so at different times of the day, the sun shines from different angles, and the shadows appear. =D beautiful.

oh, and people watching here will definitely be interesting. first, when i juz entered the mall, i heard a lady saying, "but macdonalds is like, a hike away!". i saw mac when i approached the entrance lorh, same block siah. so i looked up, and yes, she is fat. hahaha! ooohh, i sound soo mean. ^^

then entering the departure area, got this family with small kids.
the youngest boy is called "baby"? the sis was like, but how about "baby"? is he okay? then "baby" wanted to help take his mom's coat off the scanning thing. "i'll help you get your coat, mommy." asdfjkldahne2432$%&^%*. adorable.
"nah, it's alrite, baby", "let me help you get your coat, mommy." "i got, it's it's fine." "gimme your coat, mommy. let me take it for you." "i said it's fine, baby. let's go" "but mommy, i wanna help you take your coat, so i can be good." T.T I WANT THAT KID.

oh, and the area of Perth i went to is not crowded at all. like, there are few people, but they're scattered all around. heck, i had to walk the whole block and i cldnt bloody pick my wedgie! *embarassed* #whythehellodidijuztypethat..

Fieary. 6/1/12.

Fieary. 6/1/12.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??