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Saturday, 26 December 2009
Boxing day voice. 26/12/09.

oki, my xmas was gay.

anyway, dad and gf went to catch Bodyguards and Assasins after dinner.

came back with DURIAN, courtesy of my brainless request.

so we ate.

then i went to heckle my kor. ended up watching Ironman. the first hour sucks.

the show sucks.

at least until he turned into the rusting piece of scrap metal.

then it started sucking again.

then the explosions came on. ^^

and my voice is currently soo sexy, only a select and priviledged few can hear it.

even i can't.

help me.

Fieary. 26/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 25 December 2009
My Christmas.25/12/09.

it was the worst xmas i have ever passed.

1 present. from Radhey. chocolate toffee sweets. ^^

nothing else.

and i'm riddled with impairments to my physical wellbeing;
50-cent sized blister on my left foot,
a raw wound in a certain sensitive area,
allergy/insect-bitten rashes up my right,
jammed nose,
perpetual cough,
and a collasped voice, such that i now sound huskier than Antonio Banderas.

yet, my 12days of xmas were more enjoyable than any holidays.

wow. i sound soo deprived.

caught Avatar yesterday. i was right all along, the plot sucks, story told mediocrely, but CGI well worth 15million bucks.

my thoughts on that show shall be up in another post. likely to appear a couple of hours (or days, all depending) below this current one, after it is succesfully posted.

again, i typed it out via sms, during the actual movie itself.

this has been my best worst xmas ever. oh ya, Mrs Jones is coming with 2 one-pint tubs of Ben & Jerry's icecream later. Chubby Hubby and New York Super Fudge Chunk. the latter rocks! [i still don't like nuts, and the individual ingredients are definitely to pass over, but combined, yum!]

she's here, with chocolate covered fruits! omigosh, they are super delicious. strawberry and mango covered in milk chocolate.

a super tiny mango one.

a megalarge strawberry

a quarter of it.

the awesome packaging. it also came with REINFORCED BUBBLEWRAP. yes, it was not reinforced with bubblewrap, but had a layering of reinforced bubblewrap.

the back of the box is super cute. it says:

About the strawberry: It is not the fruit, it is the enlarged....

shoots, my digicam running outta batt.

ftr, the texture was unique. i first it felt like biscuit, but later on, it started melting.

Fieary. 25/12/09.

i'm still currently working on Xmas.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 24 December 2009
Xmas Eve. Avatar. 24/12/09.

Avatar. i wasted my xmas eve watching that.

first thing that interested me in the movie, was how retarded the avatar foetus looked.

then came the helicoptor thing. instead of wings, they had that rotating thing i saw in Spykids.

i wanted to put photos of both side by side and use red to highlight/circle the components, but i couldn't find the latter picture. =[

altho that gave me the feeling that this show probably ripped off some ideas from other shows.

in the end, spotted loadsa cliches/unoriginals:

when Avatar Jake ran into the giant rhino dung beetle, the ugly alien thing popped out. then alien t-rex chased him into a cavern like thing, and proceeded to try and snap him out, before he jumped into a lake to escape.

similar scene can be found in Sinbad(cartoon one with the ugly white owl), and Pirates of the Caribbean, and another show where this guy jumps off a cliff into a river to escape getting shot by his captors.

avatar jake ran into the alien wolves, he used fire, before avatar girl come to his rescue.

the plants and floor lit up when they came into contact, ripped off from MJ's Billie Jean MV!!!

"i was a marine, a warrior.. of the the Jarhead clan." now where did i hear that before?

"my daughter, you will teach him our ways.." "why me? that's not fair! whine."

cliched 'i trusted you, you betrayed me, get outta here' bull.

aiyah, enough avatar bashing liao, there were scenes that looked cool.

eg. when they put their hands on him during the "man" initiation ceremony, it was an awesome picture. but of course i couldn't help noticing one hand on his boob, larh.

keep a look out for these scenes if you watch the movie:

the female avatar looked a little like Angelina Jolie at the Eywa mating scene. very deformed.

oh my, they had sex in front of their ancestors..

"let's make descendents for our ancestors!!" oki, bad inside joke.

Eywa scenes were awesome, 'nuff said.

"Grace! GRACE! what's happening??" power shortage. ^^

oh ya, the big orange bird had sexy legs, kinda like those you'd find in frog porridge. =}~

the itran were flying cicaks.

the way the 'hostile horde' was growing reminded me of bacteria.

jake to Eywa, "i need to give you a heads up". what is the tree gonna do? uproot itself and pansy dance away?

Jake's avatar has a beautifully chiselled jawline.

the lady helicoptor pilot is damn cool. kinda made me think of female Rambo.

fire horse imba.

Go, oversized dung beetles! go!

loving the effects.

commandor hardcore sia! die also still snarling.

if Jake had a diamond ring, he wouldn't have to fear commandor. could juz smash the machine thing to bits. it looked juz like that machine from a certain computer game..

although the whole show was too darn predictable and the plot sucks, the CGI was well worth watching. bet that out of the 300million USD budget they had, at least 250million went into graphics and equipment.

it deserves a special award too. Biggest Pro-environment Show of the Year. Save The Trees.

after catching the movie, Radhey, Erica and I went to wander around till we got to Bottle Tree Park. my prayer was answered, i found 300bucks on the floor. 'cept that it was on the bottom of the pond. and there were fat ugly fishes waiting to nibble and sample my flesh if i stick a hand in.

Fieary. 24/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 23 December 2009
Judith's Bday Celeb. 23/12/09.

omigosh.. today was sooooooo eventful!

good thing i know where to start.

i woke up at 7.50+, with my voice feeling okay.
even tho i have an hour plus to prepare and leave my home, i still ended up being late in meeting Zack at 9, MSL mrt station.

Mr Nice decided to give me a pair of mismatched flower earrings. not particularly pretty, adorable, or unique, whatsoever, but i love them. extremely likably, especially after taking the intention of it into consideration.

we reached ecp by 10.50, and ended up skating alone to Bedok jetty, only meeting up with Judith's group at 12.40, due to unforeseen circumstances.

ecp is huge, and when you wanna meet at ecp, don't.

my left foot sprouted this gargantuan blister.

if you can't see it, you should go see an optometrist. i've highlighted it out.

see? still have a small-scale diagram too!

if you don't believe, i can show you.

16mins after that pic was uploaded, the damn thing expanded again. now it's bigger and grosser.
that was supposed to be snot green, but, oh well.

i'm gonna pop it. eww.

noticed it at Bedok jetty, but i didn't tell Zack it was a blister. juz said my foot hurt, that area.

he said it's due to my flatfooted-ness. =.=

anyway, after meeting up with Judith, we ended up walking around aimlessly till 3.30, although in-between, the 4guys and i played a round of 'I Never..' at Burger King, where i drank at least 2 gallons of ice cold coca-cola.

yes, i'm having a terrible sorethroat right now. my voice is lower than Matt Damon's at the moment.

it's funny how everytime i'm losing my voice, i taste cotton candy.

praying that i can still going out with Radhe-y tmr. 10am, cwp. uhg.
recently i've been waking at 8.17am and 7.58am the day before, and yesterday, respectively. wow.
at least, it was those timings when i bothered to roll over and check my phone, larh.
minor nightmares, but no biggie.

damn, seriously kena exhaustion. no wonder my voice is giving out.

forgot to mention, don't go to that outlet. they don't exactly clean the walls.
i spotted snot on the left wall(from entrance), looking solid as tho it's been there for half a decade!

anyway, i hand-drew a notebook thing full with 'coupons' redeemable for Judith. happy birthday, awful drawing and handwriting, but damnass cute.

we eventually landed at Parkway Parade and spammed Carl's Jr with our nonsense. only bought a large drink, 7 people share, sat there in our tomfoolery.

left them at about 4, when Zack and i boarded 966, in seek of homely shelter.

ended up going to bugis, and continued spending the rest of the day with his family.

his sister is like, mini-me, 'cept still soo innocent and... let's not say more.

we caught Bodyguards and Assasins. i'm adding Donnie Yen to my fav actors list. totally forgot about him. and the villian guy.

awesome show. catch it.

then went to Xin Yuen Ji and ate the fish slice meefen.

awesome! my dad ain't coming back tonight, so i can continue posting, even though my voice is probably thoroughly shitted!

back to the topic at hand.

my first time trying that dish, and i'm like, 'damn, what have i been missing out on??'

halfway through the meal tho, horror struck. Zack's sis, YuNing, told me that i am her idol.

like, WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

words could never express how crime-ridden i felt.

i would never want to be idolised. it is WRONG.

however, they come from a different faith, so i couldn't possibly explain it that way, so i modified the reasoning into 'the higher you place them, the harder they'll fall', and bullshit like that.

she was awestruck.

their parents possitively love me. ^^

oh ya, then after, they drove me home. during the trip, i made a fool of myself, but it was fun.

they believed i scored an A1 in Chinese for my Os, but i kept screwing up simple vocabulary like the characters of left and right in chinese, the whole car was exploding with laughter.

and i said the most anti-climatic shit too.

eg, mom asked me if i knew how to direct dad back. i replied, shit, i forgot what i replied.

anyway, it was MoLeiTou in it's fullest glory.

Zack and YuNing sent me up to my block, insisting that i should actually be carried, cuz i have a huge blister on my foot. i wonder how they figured that out?

okay, so i'm home now and blogging another originally-awesome-but-turned-out-slipshod post, cuz i think my voice juz collasped on me.

PiPaKao worked for exactly 2seconds.

Fieary. 23/12/09.

oh ya, their mom is IMBA!

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Tuesday, 22 December 2009
Shinobi the movie. 22/12/09.

sad sad movie.

first, the hot guy with the hot hair dies.

then, they all slowly die, after each other.

Oboro then has to kill her lover in order to save the 2 shinobi villages.

finally, in order to persuade the shogun, she maimes her both eyes, thus effectively disabling her "the eyes of destruction" skill.

Nakama Yukie looks damn chio at the first few seconds of part 6, as seen on mysoju.com, uploaded by dramacrazy.net. ^^

dunno why, but i was amused at the captions; "both villages lived in peace for the next 260 years of the Tokogawa Shogun era. Their descendents continue to live today."

i also have a question.

so.... do they still practice the 'terrifying' arts?

are there still Shinobi?

how come in the last scene Oboro's eyes still look fine?

and i'm still damn impressed that the traditional kimono can keep them warm in winter, be cool in summer, look soo damn good and versatile, yet for 'modern' clothes, we have to keep changing them to suit the situational needs.

Shinobi's ending song was by Ayumi Hamasaki. juz realised that i haven't heard any of her songs in quite a while.

am about to watch G@me, also starring Nakama Yukie. let's juz say it caught my attention.

i don't wish to give a summary of it.

Fieary. 22/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

my blood is sweet. 22/12/09.

juz kena insect bites on my right forearm.

at least that's what the doctor says.

it's like, random spots appeared along the sensitive part of my right forearm, and no where else. currently, at least.

kena-ed on the whole right side of my body at first, but those disappeared through the night.

i actually thought of showing u guys a pic of my current arm condition, but i myself feel too put off to look at my arm.

so the doc prescribed me some soap, an allergy pill, and cream.

waste of cash, imo. 46bucks.

tmr is J's bday, i haven't done her prezzie up yet. hopefully will combine with Z. do on the bus ride to ECP. ^^

another post tmr about how the day went.

Fieary. 22/12/09.

update, today, the spots ain't soo bad anymore. in fact, from my angle looks kinda amusing.

here's a crappy photo of it.

not good. more spots in real life. and down my right side too. esp at the hip area.

Fieary. 23/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 19 December 2009
Cream of Broccoli soup

i don't dislike broccoli, but... yuck!



watching Crows Zero now. Oguri Shun is soo damn fine.

very funny. good movie.

maybe i'll do a quick review. or not.

okie, gonna go back to watching it. bye!

Fieary. 19/12/09.

been having the urge to post again and again and again. 'cept nothing to post about.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Happy Birthday Erica!!!! 19/12/09.


dad juz gave me 10buck polar voucher. i'm gonna blow it all on sugar rolls and whichever cake erica fancies.

tho it may not be enough.

i totally didn't know Polar was soo ancient. 1926. wow.

the voucher is damn cute.

where the heck is woodlands link?

i've lived here for almost 4 years, and yet i have no idea that it even existed. someone direct me there please?

Amway's Premium Egg Rolls with Spring Onion may not be as nice as Ego's Egg Rolls, but they are still yummy and worth the buy.

i have a whole list of other edibles and drinkables i want my dad to get from Amway Malaysia.
only thing now is.... i can't find it. =.-;


Fieary. 19/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Ninja Assasin. 18/12/09. midnight.

i'm watching Ninja Assasin now.

wah, damn cool sia. starting from the 3min mark. the gore and body parts looked soo realistic.

losers, who ask them insult ninjas. no respect for their superiors or elders. deserve to be mutilated.
nice chopping off his hands first, then his head.
sad that the old guy died too, tho.

certain *ahem* quotes/scenes:

"They steal children, and turn them into assasins."-black girl.

fighting going on at the laundromat. guy in a room, heard their "huh! ha! huh!" and the tv in front of him was playing a torture scene from Dae Jang Geum.
he goes out to check out the noise, a washing machine is shaking like they are having rough sex inside.

dammit, the vids are malfunctioning. at least, the skippings and pause/play.

btw, for the Gokusen series was great, but in my opinion, only season 1 was worth watching. the other 2 were juz continuations for fans, and the movie was to wrap everything up. kinda like quitting while they were ahead.

season 1 had the best looking guys, and best character lessons.
season 2 was more of for friendship, attitudes.
season 3 was stuffed with moral education in every damn episode with granddaddy Ryuichiro, i skipped almost 20% of the whole show.

the guys in 2 and 3 aren't really hot, but they grow on you. their characters make them irresistable.
and as you can tell from my fav list, Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun made it. Hana Yori Dango's first season was also awesome, with an alright continuation, and an excellent ending, albeit a bit ridiculous.

those 2 shows suit me juz fine. great hook, and appropriate ending to kill my interest so i don't get addicted. same with Huan Zhu Ge Ge.

oh, yay! it's Erica's birthday now.
i wanna go catch Storm Warriors with her. hours after the sun rises, of course.

Fieary. 19/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 18 December 2009
EMPOWER U. 15/12/09-17/12/09.

i had one of the best times of my life.

Empower U changed my life, and i hope to be able to change others' lives for the better as an assist for Empower U.

i am not at liberty to divulge what goes on during the 2.5 days of the programme, but i can say that it encompasses everything you need in life. as an assist, i hope to be able to share this experience with the participants, and see them grow.

for the second time in my life, first being when i was still not a teen, i went home after midnight. lol.

the first time i stayed out past midnight, was when i went to Orchard Road with my aunty to get a dress for my 'Christmas Hop' performance, many years ago. we took the bus in the wrong direction, ended up at some ulu bus interchange, and took a taxi back.

anyway, so this time i reached back at 3am this morning, and waited outside the gate till 3.30am. i forgot to bring my key. haha! Thankyou Gloria, for letting me hitch a ride. if not, i'd have to wait at ToaPayoh till 5am for the first train. juz missed the 11.30pm last train. things happened, etc.

when i reached home, my aunty just fell asleep, and my kor too. the chair outside badly needs some headboard endings, at least so my head won't slip off.

forgot what i wanted to say soo badly, but all i can think now is "what can i contribute to EU?"

i am absolutely mystified at how i arrived at the programme venue 1.5hours in advance for all 3days, and actually did what i knew should be done.

eg. on the second night, J told me that we will do the flipcharts up after the day has ended, so we can put them up before the 3rd morning, but we didn't, somehow. 3rd morning, when no one arrived yet, except for BW, Z and i, i immediately went into the theatre to look for the chart, redid it, and pasted it nicely up there.

i am SOOO NOT diligent/conscientious/hardworking/whatever. i stunned myself.

even for the previous week's YC, before C instructed me to prepare meals, inform me of the meal times, i automatically did every task, and was eager to do more.

EU has really changed me. you will never find me soo enthusiastic about other programmes so things. heck, even for my passion, i'm not soo hyped up.

what am i saying? uhg.

well, it juz rocks that i experience EU. i sincerely hope to make it to the Assist Team. they make all the difference in the programme.

oh ya, i need to thank Zack really really desperately.
he was one of the best things that happened to me during EU.

he would travel there with me soo early, accompany me to eat, get me excited about the day, and make the programme wonderful.

chatting with him on the train rides to and fro were a little exasperating at listening to the fountain of crap pouring out from his trap, but yet they were interesting enough. to prevent me from falling asleep, at the very least.

eg. on the second night, when i realised my most precious earring had slipped off my left ear, he noticed even before i did, and immediately gathered fellow assists to help me look for it.
during 'Best Things' that night, i tried to slip my shoe off my right foot, and my calf immediately kena cramp. he auto help me massage.
this ain't all. i can't emphasize and detail out how wonderful he has been. thanks 'sis'!

and to the other assists, if you happen to read this, i was the one with the green marker and bad handwriting. woop di doo.

Fieary. 18/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 11 December 2009
NEWSFLASH!!! 13/12/09.

before i newsflash everyone, to the anonymous tagger, yes, i'm hot. in aircon rooms before performances, my teammates love grabbing my arms and legs, like a heater in winter.

anyway, NEWSFLASH!

1.) i won't be continuing my previous posts, cuz i am juz plain lazy. duh...

2.) SOMEBODY stuffed a sofa into the lift on the 6th floor of my block, yes, my block, and lit it on fire. juz after i left using that lift. this happened yesterday.

3.) SOMEBODY set the insides of a painting lorry ablaze at 6-7am. i told u cheena terrorists were coming to sg. both this and the above arson case was done by cheena guys. probably the same one who tried to set our gas pipes on fire.

so the firetrucks, police, etc came, put out the fire in a jiffy for fear of the lorry blowing up the carpark along with all the other vehicles in it, and i juz continued sleeping lorh.

4.) for the first time in 6years, i slept at 8pm last night. wow.

Fieary. 13/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 4 December 2009
recent activity update. 4/12/09.

i'm actually 'working' right now, so i can't continue watching Gokusen. =[

but my 'work' is easy, and mostly consists of waiting on the comp, so i have the time to blog! yay!

like i told some of you, my 'work' is private and confidential, so don't bother asking. i'm not going to tell you.

anyway, due to a laspe in memory, i cannot fully recount what i did over the past few days of activity.

but here's what i can remember;

1.) i went swimming with Hafizah after 'jobhunting'. man, one lap and i was already tired.. soo out of practice. guess it was a bad idea to abstain from swimming for 4 years..

i met my former swimming instructor at the pool! i was like, "hmm.. 'fiz, that guy looks very familiar to me.. looks like my former swimming instructor.. damn! sounds like him too!"

and later on, turned out to be him. =.=

haha. and guess what? he still has my Life-Saving Certificates for the tests i took 4 years ago. i totally didn't even think i would have passed. he kept it for 4 years when i didn't collect it from him! omigosh.. so sweet!
his son is 24 now, and SMOKING HOT!

2.) 3 more days of activity after that, which i forgot.

3.) went for class chalet from 1dec to 2dec. stupid. so short.

the bloody professional chef not bloody professional at all.
the chicken wings were still bloody and bleeding on the inside, tho the outside was black.
the fishballs looked half-raw from my angle.
the squid stank.
the noodles was not properly mixed, so one side was soaked in soya sauce(YOU COULD SMELL IT FROM ONE ARM'S LENGTH AWAY!), while the other side was white and tasteless.

oop, need to leave now. i'll continue this post when i next have the time.

Fieary. 4/12/09.

i'll finish adding colours to the words next time too.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 3 December 2009
hiatus. 3/12/09.

i actually wanted to post about my past few days of constant 'interesting' activity, but currently, i'm more interested in watching Gokusen. so until i finish the series, don't expect any nice posts. or any more posts till then either.

Fieary. 3/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??