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Saturday, 24 October 2009
5 more chappies till i'm done with amaths. 24/10/09.

be careful little eyes, what you see
oh, be careful little eyes, what you see

for the Father up above, is looking down with love,
so be careful little eyes, what you see.

be careful little ears, what you hear
oh, be careful little ears, what you do.

and be careful little hands, especially while you're holding a red pen
cuz u might accidentally stab your other hand!

Fieary. 24/10/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Tuesday, 20 October 2009
OLE! OLE OLE OLE! OLE~! OLE! 20/10/09.

i've completed my physics syllabus!! yea!!!!

now for bio, amaths, emaths, and ss.. =[

e/amaths first, tomorrow.

bio, after amaths is over?? means.. 30nov..

i'll have juz 5days..


9 days to amaths.. no!!!

good thing triple science paper 1s are like, a week after bio paper 2. still have time to re-go-through the syllabus notes..

Thank God!!

Dear God,
please help me, i pray.

help me complete my syllabus notes for bio, memorise all the formulas and applications for amaths, and not make any stupid/careless mistakes for emaths, Lord.
help me through my social studies and english lit, and score really well for every single paper, Lord.
please give me my 8A1s for my O-levels, Lord.

in Jesus's name i pray,
Thankyou, Lord.

Fieary. 20/10/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Mike Horn. 20/10/09.

i know it sounds too good to be true.

screw that, man!

can't people learn to trust others?

and there ARE such things as Free Lunches.

well, free to for those on the receiving end, anyway.

dad, was his usual shitty "NO SUCH THING AS FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD!" self, but hey, it's my life.

i am UBER EXCITED about this YEP.


Fieary. 20/10/09.

okay, extremely lousy blog post, i know. rolls eyes.
juz no motivation right now. but deep inside, i'm yay-ing away.

yes, i know that my months have been listed wrongly in the titles. juz changed them.. gosh.. i wish i had one more month.. but i wanna get the os over with asap.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 17 October 2009
rp is trying to kill people! 17/10/09.

i have this funny bowlingpin-shaped bruise on my knee. huge though, like, 7/8cm from top to bottom. now i can't do squats.. =[

stupid rp.

damn their hard ass seats.

looked so damn comfy at first lorh!

at least not as bad at SY. her butt kena. lol!

Fieary. 17/09/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 16 October 2009
addicted to facebook games. 16/10/09.

"YouRong says:
Fieary Freakazoid says:
adopt the baby sea turtle i just found on happy aqua"

that's how i've been answering people recently..


1.) Farmville

i need 5 more neighbours to expand my farm further.. accept my damn neighbour requests, dammit!

2.) MouseHunt

dunno why i like this game. boring, stupid, pointless.

3.) Happy Aquarium

they juz look so cute when i feed them.. i want a turtle, dammit.

4.) Castle Age

getting stale

5.) Yakuza Lords

o yea, baby! lvl 63!! within half a month too!

6.) Restaurant City

okay, juz doing it, no idea why.

Fieary. 16/09/09.

P.S: remember to send me avocado, fig, grapefruit, passionfruit, date, banana, apricot, and olive tree, pigs, horses, rabbits, and goats on farmville. thankyou.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 15 October 2009
terrorists are coming to sg. 15/10/09.

i mean it.

terrorists are about to attack sg again.

someone tried to blow up my building.

this time, it's not JI.

it's a China group.

my block kena arson on tuesday, 12-1am.

directly below my flat.

the gas pipe connecting every single house in the building.

it's the second time already.

first time, it was on the first floor, they almost burnt through the gas pipe.

second time, it was on the tenth floor, again, almost burnt through the gas pipe.

that cheena teen, according to cctv footage from our dear lovely indian neighbours, deliberately opened the cabinet door thing, placed a mattress below the pipe, and lit it up.


i woke up choking, cuz my room windows were open.

good thing i prayed earlier on for God to protect me, my family, my room, my house, my neighbours, and my building.

so everything was fine, the pipe was 3/4 burnt, but still fine, only casualty was the poor family's electrical wiring. the hdb sent people to repair it within 12 hours, tho. so it's fine now too.

i have 8 photos of the burnt area in my phone, but i don't have any cable to connect it to my comp, and my comp has no bluetooth.

forgot what else i wanted to type liao. o well.

till next time.

Fieary. 15/09/09.

oh ya, forgot to mention..
i accidentally tuned in to a Malaysian radio station. rocks!
all the great english songs, without any crappy commentary from stupid morons who call themselves DJs.
yesterday, however, it played loadsa thug songs.
did the sg govt. find out i was tapping overseas radios, and decide to hack my radio player?


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 10 October 2009
i am Jenius. 10/10/09

NASA tried to blow up the moon.

Me: lol, y?
YouRong: coz humans always have a desire to blow things up. poor moon. then then. got twitter, saying save the moon.


'sup with trying to blow up the moon?

don't tell me they have the intention to declare war against Chang'e and the Jade Rabbit lorh?

so stupid.

an orthodontist is a dentist.

still working on my post on phobias. (inspired by Marcus) or rather, i'm juz letting it rot.



this is a quaint song.

forgot what i wanted to type liao.

the ice shall melt someday, but maybe not in alaska. unless global warming gets all of it, that is.

satay and cheesecake makes a great combo.

and i'm getting sleepy, or more of bored.


Fieary. 10/09/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 7 October 2009
at the library again. 7/10/09.

boring day at school, what else

anyway, i'm at the library now. there's this librarian. quite funny.

she paced back and forth in front of me numerous times, before stopping and turning to me.

she whispered, "lady in green and black."

"??" was thinking, 'what now?? using lappie here is forbidden?!'

"why your shirt green, your shoes green, your bag not green?"

-.-; lol!!

i like my lappie webcam. i look great today. ^^

Fieary. 7/09/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 4 October 2009
now i've got 2 stalker extraordinairs. 04/10/09.


whether i'm walking by the pool, at causeway point, or at the friggin library, i see his stupid face!!!

just less than 5mins ago, the idiot stalked me around the library, popping his head through the damn shelves juz to mumble "turtle bag".. so i said asshole and juz walked off.

even while he was going up the damn escalator, he still stuck his head over the rail and mumbled "turtle bag" like, 15 times over! i counted.

how i wish i had slammed the his head between the books, and attached a chainsaw to the boundaries of the escalator to saw off his stupid face!

anyway, i bluetoothed 2 photos i was supposed to upload a long long time ago to my lappie.

here they are:

thhe 20buck shoes from Salvation Army that i love.

the rose-red pen i made for every single teacher for Teacher's Day.

i will load them onto the posts where they belong, don't worry.

many more photos to come, that i juz haven't snapped yet.

my foot hurts terribly. like, damn sore every now and then, twitches, but absolutely no sensation when i try to locate the spot.

i hit my left foot on the computer below my computer desk about 3days ago. i was mad at my aunty and totally trashed my foot on that damn thing. no, not kicking. juz random flailing of limbs. after my tantrum was over, my foot was trobbing..

spent the whole of yesterday lazing around.
completed Light chappie in physics tho.

Fieary. 4/09/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??