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Monday, 31 October 2011
64.} use a japanese handphone

bought on 28/10/11.


SizeDimensionApprox. 109 x 50 x 12.9 mm (max. approx. 14.9 mm)
DisplayTypeFull wide VGA LIPS TFT LCD;
262,144 colors
Size3.2 inches (480 x 854 dots)
Sub display0.8 inch (96 x 35 dots); Organic EL; one color
External supportmicroSD memory card (2 GB)
microSDHC memory card (8 GB)
CameraOuterOuter: CMOS with face-detection autofocus
Effective resolution: 5.2 megapixels
Recorded resolution: 5.0 megapixels
InnerInner: CMOS
Effective resolution: 330,000 pixels
Recorded resolution: 310,000 pixels
InternetIn Japan only
TVIn Japan only
GPSIn Japan only
BatteryContinuous Stand-by TimeApprox. 550 hours (3G) / approx. 290 hours (GSM)
Continuous Talk TimeApprox. 200 minutes (3G) / approx. 190 minutes (GSM)
Continuous Video Calling TimeApprox. 100 minutes
ColorsColors AvailableAir Blue, Ash Gray, Antique Gold, Sparkle White

on the morning of the 2nd day i got it, i suddenly couldn't send out smses. i thought it was a problem with the connection, as i initialized the settings, but on 31/10/11 when i went back to the shop to troubleshoot and explore alternatives, i found out that it was a problem with my Singtel SIM card. after sorting it out with Singtel, everything worked fine.

thanks to the staff of Tiffian who so kindly and patiently spent almost 2 hours with me, trying to figure out what was wrong.

loving the phone, especially the keypad display lights.

(when i showed the light colours while sending a text to N juz now, she totally squealed "ARASHI DAAAA~!!" cuz it was rainbow. ^^

Fieary. 31/10/11.

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when will my dreams be fulfilled??