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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
My Girl. 30/11/10.


i'm gonna stop to think for a while..


yosh! i'm done thinking.

My Girl shall officially be 1 of my all-time favourite shows.

from the very 1st ep, the chemistry and genuine concern between Aiba Masaki and Ishii Momoka, for each other, captured my heart.

(i also read from many sources that during breaks between shoots, Aiba would be playing with Momoka, tying her hair, etc. so sweet!)

the love he portrayed for his daughter, and his determination to keep them together totally touched my heart.

what else happened in the first 3 eps?


seeing the emotional struggles Aiba faces, trying his best to keep his daughter's smile, totally being the Kazama Masamune character, i couldn't help but think, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE GIVE HIM A STARRING ROLE FOR 10 YEARS?!

bloody hell, they juz wasted 10 good years of Aiba's awesome acting. he's soo good to the point i seriously doubt he was juz acting.

hmm.. maybe Aiba DOES have a daughter somewhere... *suspicious glance at all you Aiba fangirls*

anyway, come 2nd and 3rd ep, the stupid kindergarten teacher keeps popping up.
*grumbles, mumbles*

see this ugly face of his? teeth totally out of order, acne scars on both cheeks, even his thumbs-up looks ugly! like some kinda deformed bowling pin.

and what's up with the hair? don't tell me Johnny put a bowl on his head and cut the rest.

bloody hell, this kind of face also can get into JE?! Johnny is seriously getting old.

boohoo.. cry somemore! Kanjani8 will never be able to sing One Love properly at karaoke, much less on live NATIONAL tv again!

yes, this poor creep is from Kanjani8, another Johnny's Entertainment group.

but, ew. his acting is worse than when Akanishi Jin juz started. (can't remember which show it was, Jin's first acting stint. with MatsuJun in it. compared to MatsuJun's acting, Jin sucked dirt!)


okay, i really don't care if it's my personal bias speaking here, but WOULDN'T IT BE TOTALLY AWESOME/CUTE/DREAMY IF SHO PLAYED THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER?!?!?!?!?!

after all, he did an excellent job in Yoiko no Mikata. *sigh*

oh ya, and in scene in My Girl, our darling Aiba-puppy totally gave his bike-shop-friend puppy eyes! kyaa!!

it's when he decided to ruin his cool bike+image, and get a babyseat installed. he doesn't have enough cash, and his friend/second cousin didn't wanna give him the seat. HE GAVE THOSE ADORABLE PUPPY EYES... CAMERAMAN! GO! FURTHER TILT THE ANGLE A LITTLE! YOU AIN'T CAPTURING OUR ADORABLE PUPPY'S ADORABLE EYES ADORABLY ENOUGH!

okay, enough flail.

where was i? oh, yes.

4th ep, this sealed the deal for me.

Aiba, why weren't you born in Singapore, about.. 10 years earlier to be, oh, i don't know.. MY daddy? lol.

i love my dad, but.. AIBA! best on-screen dad ever!

gosh.. the way he totally puts out juz to be there for his girl. stupidly sewing her shirts together while sewing on her name. and killing her origami bunny juz to try folding one of his own, hahahah!! and when he tried to get her to overcome her dislike for shiitake mushrooms.. bleauhfdksjglnf... soo adorable!! when he chopped those things into smishy-smashy bits!

crap, i forgot my actual point. got too caught up in flail.

anyway, a huge amount of moral/life lessons to learn, there. something about never giving up, striving and trying your hardest for something you care about, yadda yadda yadda, and that jazz.

ahh! he in the 5th ep narration (summary of ep 4), he said "i still have a lot to learn as a father. i've made so many mistakes, but.. the fact that thinking of your child is the most important thing.. is something i've learnt."


3rd and 4th eps inspired me, tho. gave me the urge to get off my ass and catch up with my schoolwork.

then again, i always have to watch something while eating lunch, so after waking up today, i watched ep 5. ^^

which reminds me,

anyone ever really paid attention to My Girl's themesong? titled: My Girl

such meaningful lyrics!

どんな言葉を使えばもっと 心辻会えたかな 強がりの笑顔に隠した その涙
どんな日々をすごしたってきっと 今を真実ずけていれば 一つだけ僕達の道が 始まるよ
優しさに振れる時が 幸せ道びてゆく 微笑む声重ねたなら 僕らは本のちょっとずつ 歩いてゆける気がした
ありがとうの想いを伝いたいよ そっと君の元へ 遠く離れてしまっても 思い出に満ちた未来へ
目を閉じれば君と過ごしたの季節が 思い浮かぶ 二人の記憶つないでいく今日も

go translate it yourself.

oh ya! 5th ep is also about treasuring those around you, about how important their smiles are to you, how you have to protect that, how all parents really juz want to see their kids' smiles. Aiba described it as "her smile, to me, is like the sun. my sun". bljabsdgjkafdbuhlisdfnj..

made me realise that no matter how horrid we think things are, how difficult it is to cope, with our family's smiles, we can still go on, and instead of complaining all the time, we should keep pressing on, and keep smiling, so our families can smile too.

and at the end of the ep, Masaki-baby makes a statement like, "if you want to protect the smiles of those close to you, first, you have to smile from your heart". wah... my heart melted, and i could only keysmash... aup/gjdhskflnvbgrluia!!!!!@#$@#!!

oh, and his little ladybug obsession is soo cute!

ep 5 was manly-behaviour overload. not from Aiba tho..T.T

the old landlord, telling him it's stupid to give up, and men shouldn't complain easily. nyaaa~
then the photography studio's boss.. giving his family his all, setting aside his personal dreams for his family.. grauuuueeeewwwwww~

and also his boss telling the wife, "i've never once thought that i sacrificed anything for our family. i didn't pick up a camera because i didn't want to go at it halfway, that's all. so, there's no reason for you to feel indebted. if you're exhausted from work, then you don't have to force yourself to keep going. you can quit anytime you want to. so don't ever think that you'll have no place with our family. you're my wife. the mother of our children. there will always be this place where you belong." KYAAAAAAAA~~~~~!! overload! overload!

aight, time to get started on my own work, too. school stuff first, for now, till exams are over.
means i gotta lock away all my precious things till end of next week. =\

Fieary. 30/11/10.

my pretty Masaki-chan!! wait for me in that beautiful drama DVD box, kay? i love you! and i'll be back before you know it!
(cue Aiba's TSD clip in Africa, crawling into the tent, "i'll be back!)

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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 29 November 2010
2nd suicide case in my area this year. 29/11/10.

Dear God, i pray for everyone who has known of a suicide victim, or at least, know of a suicide case. Be with them, protect them, and shelter them with your love. in Jesus's name i pray, amen.

tonight, 11pm.

dad came in my room, told us someone in our area juz committed suicide. (2nd case this year)

he was driving by, pulling into the carpark when there was a loud boom. he thought someone threw a rock down. then he realised that someone jumped from the block.

he went back down, while i went into the kitchen window, to at least make out what was going on.

sometimes, i wish my aunty would juz shut up. she kept going, "rest in peace, hope the person rest in peace", "why like that, aiyoh"

fuck, if she says another word about this incident again tonight, i'll throw her damn phone out the window.

apparently, the victim is 24, and no one gathered there knew her. her leg is totally out of orientation after the fall, but she was still speaking, and i heard her 'shrieks'.

to be frank, it was mildly amusing. sounded mocking rather than in pain. a very smooth series of hoots. then, "kill me"

i can't get that out of my head.

that's the line that drew it for me. it made me realise that suicide is not a light issue.

previously, i only heard about suicide cases, the stories behind them. but when you hear the victim's actual voice, not in pain, but in angst, something inside you just cracks.

after my dad came back up, while giving me a hug, i juz started shaking. from there, the tears couldn't stop.

no matter how hard life gets, it's never a reason to stop living.

i don't care how cliched this quote is, but "no matter how heavy the rain, there will be a rainbow following after it".

anyway, after praying, i feel a lot better now. the tap has been switched off, but i still don't wanna go to school tomorrow.

before saying "good night", daddy told me not to look at these things, and that i shouldn't be afraid, for i have Jesus with me. first time i felt soo proud of him. (on a side note: he also went back down to give an account of what happened, totally on his own! the police, crowd, and ambulance totally weren't even there yet when he went down again. and he even tried to point out the victim's shoe to the police [the one that flew], but the damn civil servant didn't give a rat's ass about it.)

now i'm thinking, if he doesn't want me to see the pool of blood, body, hear the screams, feel the trauma, then WHY THE FUCK DID HE EVEN TELL ME THAT IT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!

i was happily in my room, at my table, cuddled in my cushy arm chair, squealing over My Girl [which is SUCH an awesome drama, i'm telling you. the 1st ep already got me hooked! soo glad they showed it during jap class one day], when the idiot decided to bust my airheaded, happy Aibaka mode.

it's kinda like the time when i was in primary school, and the news came out about this psychopath who advertised for gay victims online, met them, agreed with them, sexed them, then cut and cooked the guy's penis to share with him. euck!

now that i think of it, that's juz kinda demented in a funny way. the poor criminal muz either be obsessed about blowjobs too much, or had some post-traumatic experience where he was forced by a gay guy to give a blowjob. hence the vengence motive.

right, thinking of Aiba makes me feel better. i think i sense him rising through the ranks. shall go back and watch how adorable he + momoko-chan together = cutest family in all of japanese history.

this post spawned 2 new tags. "demented criminals" and "aiba is a sunshine-rainbow that brightens my mood". ^^

thankyou, CrackADay.

Fieary. 29/11/10.

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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 28 November 2010
Sakae Sushi 2. 28/11/10.

received 5 x $10 Sakae Sushi vouchers! ^^

soo happy. shall type out another post on my last dining experience there. a couple of days ago. haha.

okay, so i was on my way home from some stuff, feeling damn stressed due to exams and projects, and internet-less (stupid wireless), so i decided to stop off at Sunplaza's Sakae Sushi. (since some smelly person decided to board the train at Yishun.)

was totally unprepared for eating there, so i didn't bring a camera. =\ nvm, shall see if i can snitch pics off the site. =]

okay, i can't find a way to get the pics from the menu. nvm, shall go google images search.
sorry, random bloggers from whom i stole the pics from!

had Unagi Mango Maki, Softshell Crab Crepe Maki, Enoki Niku Maki, Matcha Icecream, and.. Kappa Maki.

i know, right? who the hell goes to a restaurant and orders cucumber and rice? me, apparently. haha! XD~!

oh, not forgetting my Organic Green Tea. love that they pre-brew the tea first, so when you reboil the tea bags, it's not too strong, but still can brew like, 15cups? lol.

anyway, Unagi Mango Maki

mine had more mango cubes on top, and 3 pieces. think the blogger hungry, couldn't resist eating one piece before taking the pic.

mmm! yum! best item on the whole menu! (in my biased opinion).

the unagi looked a little dry, but it totally melted in my mouth! Mayonnaise.. looked.. too much.. but, hey, more mayo is always good! ^^ the mango cubes were rather tiny, so only the sweetness could be tasted, not much mango flavour. maybe a bigger slice could have been used instead? but.. then it wouldn't look soo cute anymore.. hmm..

the unagi melted in my mouth, but i could feel the bones.. =[ old eels.. younger eels are softer, more tender, and have lesser bones. but they're also more expensive.

uwahahaha! sauce, yum! meat, yum! mushrooms, yum! an amazing dish on it's own. only complain; too chewy. i had mushroom stuck in my teeth throughout the 2hours i was there.

wow, i actually spent 2 hours at Sakae Sushi eating on my own..

anyway, my kor would love this! the sauce totally complements the texture of the meat. totally melted in my mouth!

haha, Kappa maki. the only thing i probably didn't snitch from others. straight from Sakae's delivery site. ^^

very refreshing after eating it with the Enoki Niku Maki. it totally washed all flavours from your mouth. makes you wanna eat more.

but somebody should have washed the cucumbers better. got a funny chemical taste.

the Soft Shell Crab Crepe maki i had were taller, and fatter. lined with Inari too. ^^ the blend of taste and texture was ALMOST perfect. i guess it's cause i went juz after tea-time, so the sushi on the conveyor belt had gone a little stale.. the softshell crab was a bit soggy. could squish out the oil!eew..

ahh.. Matcha Icecream.. a must have for every Sakae trip. juz like green tea. ^^

mine came in a cup, tho. those kinda orange paper icecream cups. and in the receipt, it's called gelato. haha. perfect for ending the meal. not too sweet, no bitter aftertaste. and it takes super long to melt!

personally, i always order my dessert/icecream halfway through my meal.

i have a rather tiny appetite, but a very itchy mouth.
so if i wanna finish everything i order, i need a change of flavour and texture halfway. i'll eat my salty food, then a cold, sweet dessert, and interchange it with salty food again. ^^

since i discovered this technique, i've never wasted tasty things (good food) unnecessarily anymore. crap, i misspelt 'unnecessarily' 5 times before getting it right.

anyway, the lighting at the Sunplaza branch was soo comfortable, i even managed to finish a writeup for one of my projects. ^^
love the space there too.

in all, Sunplaza branch is awesome. the waiters were very on-the-job, and on their toes. especially the pregnant manager, a young waitress Erica, and 2 older waitresses. they even let me special order some things, like, Unagi Mango Maki, less mayonnaise, Enoki Niku Maki, less sauce, etc. ^^

very happy with their attitude, service, timing, etc.

would happily go back to that branch if i pass by the area again. ^^

and since i had 5 $10 vouchers, and the bill only came up to $31++, i used 3 vouchers, have 2 left, and only needed to pay a few bucks. ^^

after eating dinner there, all my projects, exam, etc's stress juz poofed! hmm.. i'm liking Sakae Sushi a lot more now.

Fieary. 28/11/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 14 November 2010
i need to get off my ass and stop watching HnA. 12/11/10.

okay, i'm gonna be sleeping late again today, and probably end up late for school tomorrow. but whatever.

watching Nishino Kana's Bestfriend music video now, and have determined her to be one of my favourite J-pop singers. lol. juz based on the first line of the song.


can't remember where i first heard this line, but it always strikes a chord in my heart. i'll probably translate this song and cover it when i've found the motivation to get off my ass and stop watching HnA. lol.

woke up at 8.30am on saturday, on my own. wow. first time, ever!

went to the pets fair thing at Expo.i haven't felt soo connected with dogs since, well.. i shall not elaborate about my pets. i always feel guilty about them.

my only regret in life, is not being fair to my dogs.

and that's never gonna happen again. anyway, i haven't felt such relief all year, till i played with the big black labradoodle, and other dogs.

slept at 3am. haha.

right, i don't really see the point of this blog entry anymore.

caught a documentary on National Geographic channel juz now. hahahah. about the Snakehead fish family being released into the wild and posing as a danger in the USA. what a joke. shall not insult anyone now, but seriously! juz catch them and eat them! after all, they are a really good tonic, and almost every singaporean fisher i know thinks of the snakehead fish as the ultimate singapore fish challenge. wow. we have very... unchallenging fish here.

anyway, i'm too lazy to colour this post properly. shall sleep after i'm done with HnA ep 92.

Fieary. 14/11/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 8 November 2010
Megamind. 8/11/10.

yay!! Megamind is the first cartoon movie i ever liked, thus far. ^^

firstly, the storyline was a huuge win. it's such an easy pull-off, as no one had ever done a villlain story before, so this movie is incomparable to any others.

secondly, the characters are soo adorable, ridiculous, and familiar, every set-back/upsetting matter they go through will tug at your heartstrings.

thirdly, i have a feeling they were trying to parody superhero movies. what with the whole, letting the badguy win, Metroman's weakness is copper (superman & kryptonite), Roxy needing saving (superman/spiderman's gf), the other insignificant guy who like the damsel in distress.

Minion was damn cute. the silent bestfriend who would give his life for you.

Metroman is a joke. faking his own death and what-not, "how did you know? copper is my weakness!" *turns around* "fufufufufu"

Megamind is soo sweet towards Roxanne.

Titan is.. well.. gay.

while watching the movie, i already had the urge to blog about it. however, i totally cannot remember what i originally wanted to compliment. xD~!

everything about the movie is enjoyable. i have never watched a cartoon movie and liked it before. immediately after leaving the theatre, erica and i both felt like catching it in 3D. ^^

Golden Village Yishun is now open. we'll probably catch it there on erica's next off-day.

Fieary. 8/11/10.

oh yah,i won a Sakae Sushi $50 voucher. ^^

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 7 November 2010
cleaning my room's table/cupboard. 7/11/10.

hahaha, from the 110+ep, CKT is starting to get really amusing. ^^

ep 114, they went to visit the large family of an okama entertainer. xD~! the drama that ensues! damn funny!

have been cleaning my room table/cupboard since the weekend started. wow. who the hell shoved such random shit in here?

among all misplaced items, i found;

a cute long furry tail-like thing from ages ago, which is currently extremely popular in Japan. ^^

a supposedly non-toxic stick glue, soo old it turned peachy and had some fugly grainy/mouldy spots growing, i bet it's poisonous.

a set of cute coasters.

godzilla USD 1 cent coin, and the like.

over 10 cds; chinese karaoke, jazz, love songs, a few games. LEMMINGS REVOLUTION WAS IN THERE!!!!! too bad it was empty. =\

it's really wtf in here. spotted a butterfly collection frame-up. lol!

if i can manage to set up a bluetooth connection between my phone and laptop, i'll try uploading the photos.

till then,more CKT, and cleaning up to do.

seriously, if GPR was filming my room, it'll cause a hell lotta chaos.

Fieary. 7/11/10.

sadly, this laptop does not have bluetooth. o well. i don't have my handphone wire either. too bad.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

6 nov. happy bday. 6/11/10.

ended up sleeping at 4.30am instead last night. haha.

instead of finishing up with MMA, i went to watch a few more Akanishi Jin clips on youtube.

then while watching 2 more-interesting eps of CKT (where Nakamaru had to bungee), this cute little guy in black caught my eye. Yamada Ryosuke.

at first, aiyah, juz cute larh.

then, after Nakamaru made his first successful 20m jump, Kame instigated him into mocking Nakamaru. xD~! his voice.. is.. ooo, wasn't expecting such a deep, remotely sexy sound.

jumping a little off-topic, Chinen Yuri CANNOT BE 16 WHEN HE SANG 'ON THE WIND'. HE SOUNDED BLOODY 7!!!!!

Yamada Ryosuke's Moonlight perf wasn't good. i wouldn't pay to catch it live. heck, i wouldn't even download it for free.

anyway, his.. letter..to his future girlfriend..

was it a Johnny's ploy to attract fans? surely seems like it. a rather blatant lie, yet very effective.

anyway, gonna watch his 'Perfume' perf, then probably sleep. my eye was extremely swollen when i woke up. worst yet.

Dear God, i pray that you heal my eyes. heal them and restore them to the original beauty you bestowed me with. i pray this, in Jesus's mighty name, AMEN!

aunty and Gek's bday today. forgot to wish gek. was planning to sms her juz before 11.59am, but.. i was busy watching some clips. X}~

Fieary. 6/11/10.

Hey!Say!Jump! is still somewhat of a joke to me. the main stars are more-or-less slightly pre-pubescent, and the others are ugly. xD~! STICK TO BEING BACKUP DANCERS, BOYS!

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 6 November 2010
Cartoon KAT-TUN vs Arashi no Shukudai-kun. 6/11/10.

shit. i'm getting sucked into Sakurai Sho again.

my dad's laptop's wireless detector was shitting up, and since i wanted to slack in the room, i decided to clear up the Arashi shows i have in storage.

comparing Cartoon KAT-TUN and Arashi no Shukudai-kun, well, there's nothing to be compared.

even tho both shows have very different content, the target audience is still the same; late-night ladies who either have insomnia, or are a Johnny's fan.

i'm kinda glad the '1 year of searching for what love is' has ended on CKT, but it's still not getting interesting enough.

the start of the show was.. okay..

revolved a little too much around the guest, tho. so when they had boring guests, well.. i'd rather daydream about Akanishi Jin while trying to sleep.

anyway, my point is, Cartoon KAT-TUN is boring. the only fun ep was when Becky appeared. even then, i wanna shoot the damn hairstylist. wtf, she either looked balding, hair-thinning, oily hair, or juz plain nerdy.

ya, i should probably change the title for this post. haha.
swopped 'Sakurai Sho' to 'Cartoon KAT-TUN vs Arashi no Shukudai-kun'

nothing much to say larh, har? juz watch AnS and you'll understand everything.

ep 137 (i think) Ohno was sooo adorable. he was kinda sheepish, yet obviously ecstatic when they asked him why he's soo black! "つ。。釣り" oh gosh.. if only i could stare at that cute face for another 10more minutes..

i think it was that same ep, where Sho-kun was wearing the hot silver jacket, ate..something, Oh-chan went into cheeky-Maou mode and trying to displace him with that oh-soo-adorably-shaggable gaze, and Sho's wtf-is-this-idiot-trying-to-do expression.. KYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!





Fieary. 6/11/10.

maybe after i get SC hooked into Arashi fandom, i'll blog more about their achievements. 3 PRIME-TIME VARIETY SHOWS CURRENTLY, LEH. ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER MAJOR STUFF THEY'RE DOING.

it's hard for them to juz be another great group to me. especially when the each individual member holds my respect in the various fields.

no worries, tho. God will forever come first in EVERYTHING. no idols.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 5 November 2010
i want a man like Akanishi Jin. 5/11/10.

i'm still bored, and can't sleep.

Akanishi Jin is soo adorable. i'd put him in a box and stare at him everyday.

can't find much Nakai funny clips.. =\

stupid Johnny and his imaging rules.

anyhoo, BakanishiJinJin is calling out to me with his dozens of epic, cute, mean, sexy clips. soo sad he left KAT-TUN. Akame was the only reason i got into KAT-TUN. sure, Ueda is cute, but compared to Jin, he's juz another puppy.

shall blog a bit about The Incite Mill: 7 Day Death Game first.

i caught it juz now. haven't let out soo many "eeps" in a movie theatre before. the shock is.. wow. very good directing. ^^ altho the story line wasn't very.. structured, left a lotta questions, etc.

in all, worth watching. i recommend catching it in theatres. however, i'm not gonna bother buying the DVD.

played tennis with SC this morning too. ^^ had loadsa fun. during dinner at Sakae Sushi @ Scape, shared with her about Arashi's awesomeness.

やっぱり、嵐は一番いいのグループ。 あいつら仲そんなに良くだから。

ran outta shows to watch. gotta buy somemore.

when i watch Akanishi Jin kiss on screen, i wanna be kissed like that.
when i see how he threatens anyone who tries to get close to his love, i wanna be protected like that.
when i see him rolling his hips while dancing, i wanna grab him.
when i hear his snide remarks towards comparatively unfortunate people, i wanna listen to his voice over and over again.


i even love how he replies interviews/random questions, and his views on relationships.

"dating should be done in view of marriage. if you do not intend to marry that person, don't date them."


he's almost perfect. probably cuz i haven't cyberstalked him enough to find any put-offs yet.

i truly respect Sakurai Sho, but when it comes to lovers, JinJin wins.. SakuSho is more of a model celebrity to me. the kind of star i wanna become.

suddenly thought of Ohno-Nakai 'fights'. haha. damn hilarious. i wish to have that kinda fun too. life won't ever grow stale. at least, not for a long long while.

damn. this post is getting nowhere.

E has been hanging out with miscellanous not-to-be-named guys. fuck. i better pull myself together. my song book has disappeared for at least half a year, and i've juz realised it. xD~!

what was my point again?

oh ya, i'm bored, and can't sleep. hence, i'm overthinking a few redundant tidbits.

Fieary. 5/11/10.

can't get enough of Nakai Masahiro's The Peace swan performance.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??