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Wednesday, 31 March 2010
Shooting Star's Tears/Crying Meteors. 31/3/10.


Shooting Star's Tears/Crying Meteors


Hey, take a look at the sky
The stars are twinkling up high
At least, in the night, with such lovely light
They forever will be shining bright

Hey now, oh listen to the stars
If you can, tell me what you hear
At least, if you try, softer than a sigh,
You may hear them whispering in your ear

Like a shooting star your back is racing from me
Won't you please wipe away the tears you're crying?
At least, here tonight, there's a peaceful light
And i wanna see you smile just as bright

From this day forth, take my hand in yours
Let us walk this way forever more

From this day forth, take my hand in yours
Let us walk this way forever more

enjoy! ^~^



when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 29 March 2010
laptop configuration. 29/3/10.



the stupidest show i've ever watched on my ipod. not to mention it's probably the only movie i've put in my ipod to watch finish whenever i feel bored enough to drop dead on the spot.

yetis appear, dragons appear, soldiers appear, 35feet-high dynamites appear, 5 different machine guns appear, even a thousand year-old witch appears, but the damn emperor still hasn't shown his face!

Jet Li only shows his emperor face after 1hour20mins. damn retarded.

in the end, i didn't even complete the movie. too sucky for my to even pay attention. ended up playing sudoku on my handphone instead. xD!@

grawr.. i'm damn bored. any sites for me to visit? grading songs in my ipod now.
juz don't ask me to start on anything Arashi-related tho. wrong setting+mood.

Fieary. 29/3/10.<--- i don't even have the mood to set this into red.

V6 starting to piss me off.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Paw-widge. i want paw-widge. 23/3/10.

yes, i am hehwing twoubwe pwonouncing 'r', 'wee', and 'l'.

sick, but enjoying it.

'it' being homerest, stay in bed all damn day watching J-Dramas. ^~^

i'm a happy camper.

can't help but feel concerned for my DPA group mates tho. we still have to complete a presentation for Facts and Lies of Everyday Data for friday.

i'll be taking my Essentials of Marketing retest on thurs.

yet i'm still slacking at home.

The Witch Trials [Majou Saiban] is.. wow.
Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru is.. wow..eh?
Nobuta wo Produce's ending is.. eh?wow..


i think the flu is getting to my head.

not diagnosed as flu tho. i also dunno diagnosed as what.

i think the only thing that upsets me about being sick, is that i can't;
a.) sing well with my current voice condition
b.) eat well.. T.T i wanted to eat soo badly yesterday!!! happily munching thru my second bowl of paw-widge when i juz couldn't eat anymore.. T.T

that's all. i need to perpare for my marketing test. that's gonna be down tomorrow. ^^

aite, back to Majo Saiban.

i'll finish the 2 posts i wanted to do soon. after i'm well again.

for now, i want paw-widge.

Fieawy. 23/3/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 12 March 2010
cute4ever.com 12/3/10.


so now i've included it in the missing section from my collection:

Magic Knight Rayearth 2 [eng] - book 1, 2, 3.

Magic Knight Rayearth anime DVDs.

The Art of Magic Knight Rayearth.Magic Knight Rayearth [OVA]

Magic Knight Rayearth video game.

Magic Knight Rayearth [chinese]

yes, MKR2 in chinese is not there. i'm buying it from a guy called Ryan, online!! wakakakakakaka!

that's how i even found out the mandarin manga existed.

i shall not give you the link for fear of people outbidding me!

xD~! juz kidding. i clicked the "buy now" option, and even mailed the guy. hopefully he'll get back to me soon...


the link to the site.

it's basically a singaporean auction site, kinda like ebay. super similar.

i've already completed a transaction with another seller called "paomei". i bought Murder Of The Inugami Clan from here for $5.90, and she juz sent it over. got it yesterday. so, done within 2days.

i wanna complement her.

the discs were still brand new, in original wrapping thing, with the original pricetag still on. xD~! $39! omigosh..

she even bothered to wrap the disc further in bubblewrap, and secured it with quite a bit of scotch tape. the strong, quality kind, not the cheapskate clingwrap plastic kind.

the site even gives you the information of the seller's nearest MRT station, in case you'd wanna do meet-ups.

i actually wanted to get a lot more stuff from there, but.. my bank account has been depleted by a few hundred bucks beyond what i intended. so i shall stop.

more cup noodles.

Fieary. 12/3/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
$202.80 8/3/10.

that's the amount i spent on 17titles at TS yesterday. ^^

never splurged soo easily on shows before. and i'm still gonna get more.

at first i was pretty surprised that it came up to 200bucks. lol. but now that i look at it, yea. no surprise.

the service staff were nice tho. made my expense worth it. ^^

they also said that if there was anything wrong with the CDs, i could bring them back within 6months to change. not likely that i'll complete watching all of them within 6months tho. xD~!

it's like, 150hours+++?

then still bought Nobuta wo Produce at VeeGoo. at least that's what i think the name of the shop was.

juz realised my stupidity. the series doesn't contain the SP. i have to buy them separately, unless otherwise stated on the container. uhg.

it's ok, just more cup noodles/home-made sandwiches for a few more days. excellent way to lose weight. ahahhahaha!

Fieary. 8/3/10.

my internet jammed up again, so i juz typed this into notepad, and shall copy and paste it onto blogger tomorrow.

should i copy my good posts onto livejournal?

i need to accumulate postcounts so i can download AnS episodes..

uhg. somebody please do it for me.. title them according to episodes, place them all in a folder labelled Arashi no Shukudai-kun, and pass them to me please

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 4 March 2010
Subway's Hearty Italian bread ♥

i'm currently in love with the original We Are The World, written and performed 25 years ago.

best singers of all time. well, most of them.

my main point for this post was.. DUN DUN DUN DUN!

i ate at Subway for the first time in my life yesterday.

Bread: Hearty Italian. excellento. super crispy outside+edges, and fluffy white part.
Meat: Roast Beef + cheese. wow.. i had ABsolutely no idea beef could be soo soft..
Veggies: Lettuce + Cucumber. there is no way i'm gonna try any of the others. lol. i dun dare to experiment with veggies.
Sauce: Mayonnaise + Honey Mustard.
Price: $9.60. yes, i got the regular meal. didn't eat the cookies tho, i don't like soft cookies.

i'm am soo getting the same bread, and veggies, and sauce again tomorrow. or maybe not the sauce. well, depends on what meat i'll be getting.

my kor juz recommended me Cold Cut Trio, and so did Ning, but i am leaning towards Meatball Marinara.

only thing about Subway is that other than student meals, the price is pretty steep, larh.

today for lunch, i had the chicken + bacon ranch thing. the sauce was amazing! and bacon, yum! i love it. the bread was parmesan oregano. not really to my liking, altho my kor says it's his fav. i don't think i'll be trying out any more breads. i've determined my favourite to be the hearty italian. ahahhaa. hohohoh.

forgot what else i wanted to post about.

oh ya!

okay, so far i've gotten 7CDs from Salvation Army.

in alphabetical order, according to the original Japanese title-ing;

Bokura no Yuuki: Miman Toshi
Gokusen 2
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo SP
Minami-kun no Koibito
Stand Up!!
Yoiko no Mikata

total cost: $18. yay!

they are all complete, and in rather good condition too! ^^ score!

my only issue, is that the descriptions at the back, plus the title for Minami-kun no Koibito, are in chinese..

so MnK's title on the cover is Ah Nan de Xiao Qing Ren. sounds damn gay right??

they are all in original japanese dubbing, so no fuss there, but some only have chinese subs. =[

never mind, i'll juz turn the subs off. my jap should be decent enough. ho ho ho.

tomorrow and saturday i'll be sticking with Hilda and Christine for their project. i juz go there tag along and kaypo-kaypo. nothing better to do anyway.

well.. at least i don't wanna start soo soon larh. aiyah. i have my own plans, k?

including playing for 2 ++3hours at Moberly juz now. X}~

so much for exams.

Ning, i love it that we can come up with such crazy pool shit together. i love you.

Fieary. 4/3/10.

soo loving Bruce Springsteen's voice right now.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Tuesday, 2 March 2010
Humility. 2/3/10.

i need it. i need it real bad.

i'm sure an explanation for why i do, is not required, so i shall juz skip it.

God, please teach me humility. i am now willing to learn.

okie, so instead of playing the Wii-Rayman at Moberly juz now, Ning decided to give pool a shot, so we booked a pool table instead.

i have never experienced such a mental slap before.

it was literally a bitch-slap soo hard, i'd get whiplash, and my neck would juz twist off, dropping my hard head to the floor.

here's what happened.

Ning has never ever played pool before. i have. in fact, through the past 2 weeks, i've been encouraging her to play pool with me, cuz i've been wanting to use Moberly facilities.

anyway, so she had no idea how to shoot, or even how to hold the pool stick, so i juz gave her a brief description, and showed her how to play. i didn't even bother explaining the rules properly, juz told her "if i'm hitting supposed to be hitting stripey, but my cue ball ends up hitting solid first, you get a free ball, meaning you can put the cue wherever you want."

guess what the outcome of that was..

she won the first 2 consecutive games.

i was literally standing by the side, leaning onto my stick for support, and hiding my face behind my curtain of hair. good thing my curtains are thick.

well, normally that would be a huge blow to my ego, but since i 'taught' her, it wasn't so bad. ^^

AHH, WHO THE HELL AM I KIDDING?!?!?! it eff-ing stinks!

i'm not sour about it or anything, cuz i won the last match. we both hit in every single shot, and spent between 6.02pm to 6.16pm trying to get the 8-ball in. i got a free ball. i won. yay. i felt on top of the world.


i bloody need to learn humility.

i'm hungry.

The Buried Life calls. go create your own 100list.

don't listen to me, go to http://www.theburiedlife.com/blog and find out more for yourself.

i shall copy and paste my 100list over there.


Fieary. 2/3/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??