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Friday, 31 July 2009
bored. 31/7/09

i fell asleep yesterday at 4++/5pm.

officially woke up at 3.13am. haha!

so from 4+am till 5am, run run run at my kitchen. i'm determined to run off the flab hanging on my abs and thighs and arms. i wanna lose weight for both personal and goal-related issues. yes, i wanna play Katniss Everdeen. so i ran 200laps in my 10m long kitchen. (from side A to side B back to side A again is 1 lap.) that's like, 4000m? wow! took me less than an hour. yet i somehow can juz barely pass my 2.4km run.. =[

sad part no.2: i ran without socks and now my the side of my right foot (the bottom) has a painful blister..

after showering till 5.30, nothing to do, decided to read yesterday's news.. cuz today's haven't arrived yet.

anyway, strait's times front page was on the germany fishman who broke 20? records within 4 days. nothing much to say about him. juz thought he looks like a mermaid.

a really FAT mermaid.

and poor michael phelps crying in a corner.. boohoo..

after strait's times, when to read Mind Your Body.. soo boring. most interesting was about withdrawals vs condoms. i say condoms win.

reason: i don't like the word withdrawal. sounds like some druggie.

anyway, things were really starting to put me to sleep till i saw this:

xD~! big old guy like kena chaotah (roasted) like that!

another thing i read in MYB was about body language. i really wanted to laugh when i read the part about the guy pointing his toot towards you to show he's virile. it reminded me of XiaXue post "In Defence Of Bleached Blondes" about that dickhead who slammed on her. he virile meh? can't see any toot. haah!

i juz really like reading XiaXue's posts. enjoyable.

okie. my breakfast is ready. shall go and eat now. juz nice my stomach growled.


Fieary. 6AM!! 31/7/09

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 29 July 2009
Hottie at YewTee. 29/7/09

okay, so i've finally decided to start posting. yay.

reason: i saw a cute guy today on the mrt.


so the day started off by going to school. i made a special effort to get up earlier, not slack in bed, and reach school earlier.

reason: i applied for DPA into Singapore Poly's Nutrition, Health and Wellness course. yeap, only 1. so i had to get a list of items, and i forgot to look for a teacher to get my cca records yesterday, so i had to wake up earlier this morning. typical. Aaand i was late for school yesrterday. or as according to a councillor "no, you're not late. you just don't have enough time to makew it to class before the bell rings.." you have got to be kidding me. i spent like, 12 mins waiting in line for the national anthem before i could go back to class.

anyways,.... here on will be a little boring. will inform you when things get less sleep-worthy)

then this morning, things were going well, the teacher was super nice, and promptly handed me my cca records. yay! finally had everything i needed for my interview at SP at 5pm.

so i started feeling happy. halfway while jumping around, i started feeling sick. and i had to go shit.. =.=

reason: my aunty said we ran outta bread and gave me my kor's half-eaten sandwich. i chose to ate a slice of 2-week old oily cake with cheese instead. the cake was kept in my cheapo fridge, which can't even make ice.

the artificial soy milk didn't help much either. made my throat clammy.

school was uneventful. ruined one of my great essay ideas on purpose, (our teacher gave us teh title "crossings". bullshit title.), as my e.maths teacher pissed me off.

finally, had mother tongue lesson. (i found it useless, as MT Os are already over. results out next week. pray for my first A1~~~!!!)
he let us watch some chinese movie about a 13-year old relief teacher.

title: 一个都不能少 (Not One Less)

even though i think Zhang YiMou is a great director, i honestly thought this movie was boring. wasted 2 hours of our lives. the only thing that captured the class's attention was the chinese accent. so my immature class started laughing.

boringness done, i went for my interview at 5.

thought i was gonna be late, got nervous for nothing, slipped up for nothing. good thing my form teacher wrote me a great testimonial. my dad was like "you have a really nice teacher, you should give her a gift"

honestly, i was pretty surprised when i saw what she wrote in my testimonial. i thought she seriously disliked me lorh! until recently she started being nicer to me larh, that is.

okay. here on, not so boring liao.

so met up with bearbear, went for the interview, interview over, go eat. obviously bearbear will pay for my meal larh. went to pizza hut, saw the food and thought "no.. pizza means 100 more laps tonight", so went to eat char siew rice and mango juice at canteen 3. THE MANGO JUICE WAS SOOO SUGARY!! ARTIFICIAL!! and i could taste some traces of orange and watermelon.. bearbear said they didn't wash the blender. eww..

didn't finish my food, too spicy.

on the way back to the mrt station, a girl approached us (do you know about the young ex-convicts second chance thing where they want you to donate cash for them to take their Os?) bearbear ended up giving her 10bucks for a yellow and purple coloured shiny pens. xD~! ripped off. i took the purple one.

yada yada yada.. here comes the interesting part.:

i got on the mrt at Jurong East, and saw a hottie!! he was about.. 1.7m?? 18 years old?? pretty stonf arms like, 12cm diameter.. xD~! maybe my estimation of length ain't that good.

nice chest, wearing polo tee of that colour, dark blue jeans, (NOT SKINNIES!!! guys shouldn't wear skinnies). and sneakers. not bad.. effortless but looks good!! =]

he got off at YewTee. now we know where to go for MHs.

played this cute game juz now. http://www.miniclip.com/games/doeo/en/

wish my stupid font will stop chaning to orange automatically. damn irritating.

Fieary. 29/7/09

btw, anyone knows how to fix the bottom of the blog thing??? i'm clueless.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??