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Sunday, 20 November 2011
159.} complete a vertical marathon

Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2011

category: women's under 20

my target: 20mins max.

completed timing: 20:33

so, i guess i didn't meet my target after all.

however, it was still a worthwhile experience, pushing myself, encouraging others, and allowing myself to be encouraged by others.

the climb was stated as 73 floors, but turned out to be more like 75 floors instead.

i totally was not expecting it to be air-conditioned, so while climbing up the first 20 floors, my lungs were freezing!

stopped about 3 times midway to catch my breath and warm up my lungs.

i was among the first batch of 6 to be released for the race. i started climbing at 2nd place till the 40th floor where a girl overtook me, followed by 2 more around 5 floors later.
the one who started first dashed during the run up and up the stairs so quick i lost her on the 6th floor.

entering the stairwell, the first 5 floors were really confusing, i didn't know whether to turn left or right to hit the next flight of stairs. lol!

at the 50++ floor, i met this 14-yr old called JiaQi, and we encouraged each other till the finishing line, crossing it hand in hand. ^^

the view from above was... picturesque.
hahha, i don't really like buildings, and it wasn't that pretty cuz of the haze.

after coming back down and collecting my pictures, i left the place. to look for food! lol..

next year, i'd like to take part again.

my target for Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2012;

category: Women's under 20
position: top 5

timing: 15:00 mins.


tips for fellow aspiring climbers;
get proper rest beforehand, and DO NOT SLEEP AT 1AM!
eat a good nutritious breakfast with sufficient complex carbohydrates, NOT SOME KUEH LAPIS WITH CREAM CHEESE.
start training/preparation min. 12wks to 6mths beforehand, NEVER CLIMB AFTER JUST ONE SHOT OF TIME-TAKING.

yea, learn from my mistakes. ^^

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