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Friday, 25 February 2011
long-lost treasure. 25/2/11.

i was juz cleaning the top layer of the second half of my room table's cabinet. guess what, i found loadsa miscellanous weird items that should not be in there, of course.

among the salvagable items, there was a 13.5inch glass bowl, a dark blue feather bao made from swallow feathers, kiddy colouring sets, photo albums, a japanese paper wallet, poker cards, beads.. etc.

but here's the highlight;

over 50 certificates, from 40 over organisations, thanking me for performances, participation in events, awards, etc.

among them are swimming, enshin karate certifications, cat A runner-up for some solar innovation, distinctions in the New South Wales english and science international competitions, graduation from kindergarten, primary school, and many more i don't even remember attending/have the slightest reminescence for.

and in the middle of the stack, i found my kor's PSLE results, in-depth english case study, and..

a receipt from Harvey Norman, for office equipment. xD~!

wth??? i'm throwing that away! ^.^

and my koala bear in australia looks soo young then.. along with my horrible bespectacled fat face.. like, 8years ago?lol!

but seriously, office equipment?

optometrist letter, my kor's credit paper for english, my baptism certificate, graduation class photos, kor's baby photos, his baptism cert, scrabble competition awards, etc.

'm still pulling more out from there at the moment. xD~!

aight, i'm supposed to be studying anatomy now, so i shall stop typing. and i can't be bother to colour this post. ^^

Fieary. 25/2/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 12 February 2011
上と向いて歩こう カバー 12/2/11.



by 坂本九

Fieary. 12/2/11.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 7 February 2011
Because of You cover. 7/2/11.


Because of You by Kelly Clarkson.

cover. i kept screwing up the lines, so i took like, from 9.43pm till 10.31pm to record this. xD~!

Fieary. 7/2/11.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

unofficial Sho tribute day. 7/2/11.

i feel like such a loyal Sho fan.

this morning, i started off the day by wearing a double parka to school, my aunty's grey hoodieover my yellow shortsleeved hoodie. i need to buy a grey hoodie, i don't own a pair myself.

at class, i drank a can of Mitsuya Cider during fitness, and got my first 'A'!! ^^ Sho'd be very proud of me. my first 'A' all year! (excluding jap, lol!) exactly an 80%!
too bad it only counts for 10% of our total grades.. 8marks.. T.T

i did not sleep in any lesson today. (there was only fitness, then iochem.)
i'm not saying i paid attention, tho. xD~!

finally watched Love Rainbow's PV during iochem. =} bad girl..

been trying to download the Music Station performance, but still failing. =[

currently searching for Music Station's 2002.04.19 full episode. Shakira was on with Arashi. Whenever, Wherever, and Nice na Kokoroiki. heard Sho couldn't stop staring at Shakira's butt. xD~!

chem test tomorrow, chap 4-11. haven't studied. ahem.

shall start at 10am tomorrow, when i reach school. then, at 1pm, all the information will still be in my brain.
yes, my flawed theory works.

aight, off to sidetrack into procrastination and slacking. bye!

Fieary. 7/2/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 3 February 2011
輝く人のカバー 3/2/11.


できれば、18歳になって後、新しい人に変身します。 (^x^)'

「アンジェラ アキさん すごい!」と思いました。



You gotta learn to love yourself



Fieary. 3/2/11.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Tuesday, 1 February 2011
I blame BaoYi. 1/2/11.

yes, BaoYi, i blame you. <3

in early jan 2010, i caught Gokusen the movie with Zack. u told me there was a series, with 3 seasons, and that it was good.

why did i listen to you?

because i started watching Gokusen, MatsuJun caught my eye.

wikipedia, esp d.wiki, provided me with information and trivia about the drama, cast, and background.

Oguri Shun, u and MatsuJun made me catch Hana Yori Dango.

i was curious about MatsuJun's singing abilities, tho i disliked boybands.
Youtube, why couldn't you remove their clips earlier?

i watched Time's Love So Sweet, liked it, and thought of watching Arashi's vids juz for Jun.
oh, how wrong i was..

some videos along the way, forming a playlist, i heard Sho's Touch Me Now, and switched tabs to see who's doing it. O.O SHO IS SEX PERSONIFIED ON STAGE. xD~!

then, Ohno's Rain dance.. 8D~!

before i knew it, on the 25th jan, i already posted a comment on a Sho bday post, cheering for "Sho-darling".. T.T

oh, BaoYi, how i bloody blame you for Jun-baiting me..

and juz when i thought my infatuation for them was diminishing, i read that Sho graduated from uni, is a newscaster, and all the raps were his own..
Sho, i genuinely, pure-heartedly, admire you..

okay, bringing the topic back to BaoYi's 'crime'.

around an hour ago, i called Zack, he was busy. so i called BaoYi.
we talked for 46mins plus on the phone before deciding to use msn instead. why?

Bao shifted the topic to "Have you watched Arashi lately?"
087bvm3p29n[0wcumopeqdjF VBG6QRJC[9UMwopd jkjgvbhj84

now, i'm currently downloading Arashi's PVs, and shall soon download their makings as well.
*sigh* my darling harddrive, i'm sorry.

i've decided, tho. i shall not buy anymore dramas for the time being. when i have the proper finances to easily support my lavish hobbies, then i shall resume purchasing DVDs again. xD~!

and guess what, bao and i are currently on Neopets..
trying to solve Lenny's Conundrum.. xD~!

dammit, now you've not only plunged me into Arashi fandom, but also got me started on Neopets again..

yes, BaoYi, i blame you. <3

you're spending the day after my bday with me.

Fieary. 1/2/11.

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when will my dreams be fulfilled??