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Friday, 16 September 2011
8.} translate 25 songs into english [9/25]

1.) 相葉雅紀 「涙の流れ星」

2.) 二宮和也 「痕跡」

3.) GReeeeN 「遥か」

4.) ユイ 「Goodbye Days」

5.) 童話 [Fairytale]

6.) 手越裕也「愛なんて」

7.) 山崎まさよし 「One More Time, One More Chance]

8.) 秋川雅史  「千の風になって」

9.) 絢香 「みんな空のした」

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when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 15 September 2011
i cooked.

been cooking for the past 3 days straight..

first it was chicken stew.

chicken breast meat, potato, carrot, my usual 3 ingredients; ginger, garlic, onion, egg and bean sprouts at the end.
best stew i've ever tried.

then yesterday was seachicken, carrot, watercress soup inspired by

today, followed my own style of making Soki Soba, inspired again by Your Japanese Kitchen on NHK WORLD.
couldn't get the exact ingredients, so i impromptu improvised on my own. possibly the best pork ribs i've ever tried. the sauce itself gives me ecstasy. oops, hope i didn't create some chemical reaction there.. xD~!

oh wait, i also made sea bream soup thing.. hmm.. means, 4 times this week? wow. juz nice my kor is coming outta ns today, can try my awesome ribs.

no pictures, cuz i ate everything before i could snap one. nah, i'm juz kidding. recently i juz can't be bothered to take photos of anything. probably cuz my phone is shit. gonna check out and confirm the docomo phone i want next week.

my christmas prezzie to myself!

Fieary. 15/9/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 14 September 2011
Haruka [Returning] eng cover

my english cover of Haruka by GReeeeN.
inspired by Shirota Yuu's cover on Hanamaru Cafe(?).


this scenery, no matter how long it takes, will never change
on this journey, the path i take,
the springtime breeze makes the cherry blossoms dance
and in my heart the fondness of this sight grows day by day

and even though it can get lonely walking on my own
i believe in the path i chose
the final line of this letter in my hand reminds me of the things they said to me

"there is a kind of man who would lie to get ahead.
don't you dare be one of them," that is what my daddy said
"it's better to be hurt, than to be the one who hurts.
you can always laugh things off, but you cannot take words back."
that's a mother's love

the springtime breeze carries my laughter, thoughts, and all my tears
oh isn't that wonderful?
in any case, i will make my dreams come true
when i return you'll see my smiling face
i want to be the one who makes you proud

Fieary. 14/9/11.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 8 September 2011
" Much of life can never be explained but only witnessed"

i always love reading and receiving this mail..

" Much of life can never be explained but only witnessed"
- Rachel Naomi Remen, MD


- A baby hippopotamus that survived the

tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has formed a strong

bond with a giant male century-old tortoise in an animal

facility in the port city of
Mombassa, officials said

The hippopotamus, nicknamed
Owen and weighing about

300 kilograms (650 pounds), was swept down Sabaki

River into the Indian Ocean , then forced back to shore

when tsunami waves struck the Kenyan coast on

December 26, before wildlife rangers rescued him...


"It is incredible. A less-than-a-year-old hippo has adopted a

male tortoise, about a century old, and the tort! oise seems to

be very happy with being a 'mother'," ecologist Paula Kahumbu,

who is in charge of Lafarge Park , told AFP.


"After it was swept away and lost its mother, the hippo was traumatized.

It had to look for something to be a surrogate mother

Fortunately , it landed on the tortoise and established a strong bond.

They swim, eat and sleep together," the ecologist added.

"The hippo follows the tortoise exactly the way it followed its mother.

If somebody approaches the tortoise, the hippo becomes aggressive,

as if protecting its biological mother," Kahumbu added.


"The hippo is a young baby, he was left at a very tender age and

by nature, hippos are s! ocial animals that like to stay with their

mothers for four years," he explained.


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away."


This is a real story that shows that our differences don't matter

much when we need the comfort of another.

We could all learn a lesson from these two creatures of God,

"Look beyond the differences and find a way to walk the path together."


"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves."

Fieary. 8/9/11.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??