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Saturday, 23 April 2011
HDB bees. 23/4/11.

who knew HDBs could have bee infestations..

i live on the 11th floor. yesterday, some pest control people associated with town council came, and removed a 'paper wasp' nest from the staircase. they offered it to me as a momento.

eew. it look like snake skin.

today, i come home to find the same guy responding to another call right outside my gate.

the roof had a hive. xD~!

going to kaypoh it later.

Fieary. 23/4/11.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 14 April 2011
instead of bolding, ima highlight it in red. 14/4/11.

It’s night right now.
There’s something else you should be doing at the moment.
You ate chicken today
You are lactose intolerant.

There’s a nearby TV on.
You get along with your neighbors.
Twilight is a horrible series.

You’re hungry right now.
You have worked out today.
Running a mile sounds awful.
You have a job.
You love to bake Christmas cookies.
Your parents are still together.
You woke up before 11 this morning.
Baths are better than showers.
You are 5’5” or shorter.
You hate British accents.
Victoria’s Secret is a good store.

Cats are better than dogs.
The 90’s sucked.
Your favorite color is either blue or purple.
Your hair is short.

You are by yourself right now.
The last thing you drank was water.
You’re in your PJ’s right now.
Your hair color is natural.
Fred from Youtube is annoying.
You don’t drink soda.

There’s at least 20$ in your wallet.
It’s cold out.
Orange juice is better than apple juice.
You love someone right now.
Video games are awesome.
Your sheets are white.
You have read works by Shakespeare before.
You’ve been professionally diagnosed with a psychological disorder.
You know someone in the hospital right now.
You know someone who has beaten cancer.
Sneakers are your favorite shoes to wear.

Chocolate is better than vanilla.
You’re allergic to peanuts.
You’ve never been to New York City.

You’ve never been on a varsity sports team.
You want to go to Europe.
You’re using a laptop right now.

Plastic surgery is a good idea.
Vanilla is the best scent a girl can wear.
You’ve made yourself throw up.
You’ve cheated on someone before.
Your friends do drugs.
School is too early.
Your nails have nail polish on them right now.
You’re Italian.
You have a tan right now.

You’ve been on a diet before.
You shop in plus sized clothing stores.
Hot Topic is scary.
There are socks on your feet right now.
You’ve used a hair straightener.
Shopping online is easier than shopping in an actual store.
You’re in Verizon’s network.
Cheesecake is delicious.
Your BMI falls into the overweight category.
You have gotten your hair cut in the past month.

Your birthday is within the next 2 months.
Comedies are better than action films.
Math is the best subject.
You are fluent in more than one language.
You love Greek food.
You consider yourself a picky eater.
You have more than 3 pillows on your bed.
You live with at least one parent.
You’re happy right now.

You are a high school graduate.
You have a pet cat.
You were born before April 5th, 1991.
You have brown hair.
You have blue eyes.
You are in a relationship.
You can count to 20 in another language.
You have studied a foreign language.

You voted in the 2008 presidential election.
You own a vehicle that is older than a 2004.
You have worked 3rd shift.
You have worked in a fast food restaurant.
You drove somewhere that was further than a half hour away today.
You live in New Jersey.
You live in Montana.
You live in Pennsylvania.
Your last name begins with an ‘M’.
Your middle name begins with a ‘C’.
Your first name begins with an ‘S’.
You are older than 19.
You are younger than 16.
You are an only child.
Your parents are divorced.

You have more than one sibling.
You are a vegetarian.
You have a gym membership.
You are in the military.
You have a relative in the military.
You have been to Canada.
You have been to Mexico.
You have been to Europe.
You are currently enrolled in college/university.
You have done something you told yourself you wouldn’t.
You have braces.
You wear contact lenses.
You have a tattoo on your ankle.
You have a tattoo on your wrist.
You have a tattoo on your lower back.
You have a tattoo on your upper arm.
You have a lip piercing.
You have a tongue piercing.
You have your nipples pierced.
You have your cartilage pierced.
You have curly hair.
You have received flowers from someone in the last 2 months.
You are engaged.
You are married.
You have children.
You are an aunt or uncle.
Your bedroom walls are blue.

Your bedspread is red.
Your bedroom carpet is beige.
You have been out to eat at a sit-down restaurant in the last week.

You have been drunk in the past 24 hours.
You are bisexual.
You watch Scrubs.
You watch Jon & Kate Plus 8.
You watch American Idol.
You have been to the movies within the last month.
You have cursed in front of your grandparents.
You had a lunch box with a cartoon character on it when you were little.
You actually pay attention to politics.
You have kissed someone within the last week.
You were told you looked cute today.
You were hugged today.
Your best friend is the opposite sex.

You have paid more than $100 on one item of clothing.

You had a date to prom.
You are a good speller.

You are always on time.
You have done something illegal within the last 24 hours.
You have ridden an elevator within the last 3 days.

You have spent the night at someone else’s house within the last 2 weeks.
You have been out of the country within the last year.
You love Chinese food.
You love Italian food.
You love Mexican food.
You love country music.
You love rap.
You love hip hop.
You love pop rock.

You love hard rock.
You love metal.
You love classic rock.

You love bluegrass.
You love oldies.

You love techno.
You love instrumental music.
You know someone younger than 10 who passed away.
You have taken pictures of yourself just because you were bored.
You have been in a car wreck.
You have had stitches.
You have a parent who is a teacher.
You have a savings account.

You currently have a $2 bill in your possession.
You have dated someone who was 2 years younger than you.
You have dated someone who was 2 years older than you
You have broken up with someone for someone else.

You have been cheated on.
You are Catholic.
You are Mormon.
You are Buddhist.
You are Agnostic.
You wish at 11:11.
You have had your current job for more than 3 months.
You have had your heart broken.
You broke someone else’s heart.
You felt bad about it.

You have an Aunt Karen.
You have an Uncle Bill.
You have a cousin Sarah.
You have a cousin Adam.
You have worked with a Danielle.
You have ridden in a car with a Stephen.
You have hugged a Tiffany.
You have kissed a Blake.
You have had class with a David.
You have had a crush on an Emily.
You have dated a Derek.
You have been neighbors with a Hannah.
You have done something just for the fact that you were old enough to.
You have been to a cemetery at midnight.
You have been a vampire for Halloween.
You have been a witch for Halloween.
You have been a pumpkin for Halloween.
You have stayed up for 48 hours straight.

You have been to Walmart in the past 3 days.
You own a pair of scrubs.
You own a cowboy hat.
You own a leather coat.
You are missing someone right now.
You have been let down recently.
You have had someone you thought you could trust betray you.
You would rather have a one-night stand than a relationship.
You would rather win $500 from the lottery, than guest on a game show.
You have met someone famous

i'm doing this to pass time while waiting for ManU vs Chelsea. juz 1h42mins more!!

Fieary. 14/4/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 10 April 2011
Brewerkz. 10/4/11.

slept at 3++am, woke at 7+am, and finally went drinking again after 2 months and 4 days.. ^.^

started off with 2 drinks for a fundraiser, then went around hosting some exchange students from Japan i met, then went back to Brewerkz again for a second round of charity drinks with E, Bao, and M.

i really like the place. sure, the singapore river stinks, smells, looks like shit. but the ambience the people there create is soo laidback and relaxing, i could drink the whole day away.

had like, 4 cocktails?

the bartender T was also really really nice. he chatted with me a little in the day, and when i went back, he welcomed me again as tho i was a regular.

knowing i had a long day, he gave me extra sake and vodka. so i was practically drinking sake/vodka with a hint of promegranate/rose's lime juice/creme de cassis. lol!

we also ordered potato skins to snack on as we drank, but when T came around to our table after a while, he even helped clear our glasses. i was like, o.O;

later on when he was going around, asking people to order shots, he came to our table and was like, "oh, no. you ladies ain't gonna drink more. your faces are red! can i get you some water, soft drinks, or something? it's on the house, i'm buying! but after this, you gotta call a cab, and make your way home safely."

and then he offered to get us a jug of beer. O.O he even said he'll take care of the potato skins.

we settled on Golden Ale, and it was.. better than most beers. aha.

we checked with a waiter later on, and there was no outstanding bills. HE SERIOUSLY BOUGHT US A JUG OF BEER, AND THE SNACKS!

i'm like, why soo nice??

so after we were done, we waited for him to complete someone's mix, and thanked him.

while thanking him, he gave us each a shot of sake again. hahha.. ^^

so i'm now gonna find Brewerkz on facebook, check out upcoming events (T's an event organiser, so he'll only be around for events), and head to Sembawang on the 4th of July, America's independence day. cuz he'll be there. ^.^

see you soon, T!

the back of my left hand and wrist is swollen.. dunno why. water retention? it's a little itchy and red tho..

Fieary. 10/4/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 6 April 2011
FNS Special Music Program 上を向いて歩こう


i torrented FNS's special music program, 上を向いて歩こう, and am watching it now.

it was filmed and broadcasted like by Fuji TV, from Odaiba, in support of the victims of the recent Sendai earthquake.

listening to the Enka singers dedicate their songs to the victims really touched my heart.

every single word was enunciated with such passion and concern for the audience.

other than that, the beautiful flow of those lovely songs + sincere voices.

more than punk rock, more than pop punk, more than pop, i love Enka.

Fieary. 6/4/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 2 April 2011
China nationals have more fight and drive than we do. 2/4/11.

today's Diamond Recognition Rally was a real eyeopener.

it wasn't the actual rally, what the diamonds said, or the stories i heard.

it was watching Chinese NATIONALS fly in from all over China, without a ticket, begging you to sell an extra one to them.

most people think they are uncouth, rough, and uncultured.

true, it was worst than riding a bullet train. i had never thought such a thing would happen in Singapore.

but the extent of it was that a young Chinese lady, had no ticket of her own. she came up to us to beg us to sell her my friend's ticket, if she wasn't coming. they understood that our tickets are ours, and did not expect us to give up our own. but, if they could fight for a chance of their own, they'd do it.

she personally guided me to near the front of the queue, almost right in front of the door, standing right behind me with both hands on my shoulders. at first, i thought, "damn, this person is really persistant. could u let go of me? i get it! if my friend doesn't come, i'll sell u the damn ticket!"

but then, later on i realised. why she was holding on to me was not so she could get the ticket. rather, she was shielding me from others shoving at us from the back. only after she left then i got squished like a sardine.

what she was shielding was not me, but her chance of success.

i could tell she was from the country side, and China's currency is 20% value of ours. so, in a sense, she gave me 50 Chinese bucks for the ticket. 10 bucks to us may be nothing, but 50 bucks is.

and another few groups of people, fought their way to the entrance, even without a ticket, in hopes of being able to get in. they just stayed at the door for an hour plus trying to catch the doorman off-guard so they could sneak in.

these people. they flew in all the way from all parts of China, without being able to get a ticket. Just for ONE tiny chance that they could go in to listen to someone's success story.

only in this business would you see such fire.

singaporeans are really stupid. we have such great opportunities in front of us, but we don't go for it. even for myself, this was a wake-up call.

let's take this chance.

Fieary. 2/4/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??