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Sunday, 30 August 2009
Teachers's day 09. 1/9/08

completed more jigsaws last night. ^^

so happy that my kor played with me.

today really nothing very exciting to blog about.

my p2 chinese teacher still recognises me. been what, 7,8 years since i even last spoke to her.

even the canteen vendors still recognise me. haha.

i muz have been really memorable, duh!

made 21 red roses on a red pen as a teacher's day gift for my teachers(those who taught me and those who didn't.). 1 purple, 1 hot pink, and 1 light pink one too. and tiny miscellanous flowers for the cleaners, etc.

Fieary. 1/9/08

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 29 August 2009
lol! 29/08/09

yesterday night went to disturb kor till morning. haha!

watched him play Dota, using my fav noob char, Tiny the Stone Giant. haha!

then pestered him to play "spot the difference" on facebook.

chatted with Miracle and Doris-jiejie on msn, discussed who they supported in Singapore Idol.

watched the auditions for SI3, laughed at contestant 3, "Singapore's Asian ARRRRveel LARRRRveeen". kor couldn't stop laughing. i don't think any of you would be able to watch a vid of her and keep a straight face.

go youtube search "singapore idol 3 auditions part 1" skip to about 2 mins near the end. and prepare to... well.. be amazed...

then at midnight plus i decided to stop pestering him, and went back to my room.

stared at myself in the mirror for about 20mins, dunno why.

i wanted to stay awake so i could chat with 345. to do so, i played some puzzles.

completed 1 disney princess, 1 hello kitty, 1 doraemon, and 1 little mermaid jigsaw puzzle. xD~!

i'm soo happy somebody passed a whole STACK of those jigsaw puzzles to my aunty. i love jigsaws... haha! i feel soo happy and proud of myself. lol..

stayed up will close to 3am, but he didn't go online... ='[ imagine the song "3am" by Busted playing now.

quite surprised that i managed to wake up at 8.55am this morning on my own. haha!

met Hafizah under the block at 10. supposed to be at 9.50, but i decided that i had a lot of time, so ended up playing gay shit at some gay site till 9.50. lol. gobbled down half a packet of Nasi Lemak then randomly stuffed badic neccessities in my relatively new bag.

went to Boots and Shoes to meet E. went teacher's day shopping a little. at least H and Radiyah did.

i went with E to buy shoes, cuz mine were hurting my left foot.

i shall show you my shopping list later of the the things i spent on today.

went to the library, supposedly to study, but ended up folding stars for YouRong's mom, and trying to teach her and H how to fold the stars. R left, H and E spent the whole time having fun with astrology and facereading. lol. so much for studying.

left for the gym at 4?

gym-ed till 6.30. at least, stayed there and did some random stuff till 6.40. lol!

walked home across the hill. reached back about 7. juz enough time for H to shower before breaking fast at 7.15.

while crossing the hill, i dropped my phone again.

my expenditure:

Nice Colourful Sneakers: $19.90.
Rainbow Shoelaces: $2.95

Watson's Lifetime Membership Card Thing: $5

Vaseline For Hand: $3.80
McChicken: $2
Coke: $1

Rainbow Checkered Fingerless Gloves: $4.90
Fishnet Fingerless Gloves: $2.90

Gym Entry(student): $1.50
Gym Locker Fee: $0.40

Total Output: $44.35
Net Input: Priceless

haha. a very inside joke between my dad and i. about UniSIM's personal finance planning exam paper, question 1a.

juz watched Katee and Joshua dance on SYTYCD. link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8Q110kRWS8

i think they rock. their dancing reminds me of another couple in (i think) another season dancing to bleeding love.


Fieary. 30/08/09.

juz remembered, the gym had a few cute and really hot guys kept staring in our direction, but none had the guts to approach. wimp. and i hit my head while doing one pulling thing. it was too light, and i pulled too hard.. itai..

forgot what else i wanted to type liao. lol!

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 24 August 2009
movie! 24/08/09

saw this cat under my block, starving for affection, deprived.. it looked damn scary to me, but yet i juz HAD to bend down to give it a little love.

at recess, a tiny green bird landed on the stairs in front of me. i think it was injured. if it wasn't for the group of lower sec kids fawning about it, i probably would have stepped on it or something.

after school, saw this red-tailed bird. i think the birds are gonna migrate here for a while soon.

seems like the animals i get freaked out by are starting to pop up all over the place. frightening for me, but yet something makes me appreciate their beauty.

so mixed feelings. lol.

caught Where Got Ghost. pretty good. ^^

borrowed The Indigo King too, by James A.Owen. third book of The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series. haven't gotten hooked into it tho.

i would not say i love J.O's books, but he is pretty alright. my fav author is still Scott Lynch.

althought the CIG series would make a great movie series, kinda like harry potter, but better. 'cept that the book and movie would have to be structured pretty differently, and a lot of crap from the book muz be taken out from the movie. would love to play the role of Aven. =] the pirate queen. lol!

Fieary. 24/08/09

it feels good to catch 2 movies in 4 days.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 22 August 2009
pray for Khazin.

guys, please pray for Khazin.

he fainted on the way home, in a bus, on thurday after eng orals.

he juz collasped and started shaking.

doc say it's fits, aka. seizures.

caused by lack of potassium, could be cuz of stress.


so far that's all i gathered from his smses.

seizures could be lifethreatening.

please pray that he'll be fine.

Fieary. 22/08/09

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

bloody spit. 22/08/09

hey guys!

umm.. to those of you who are concerned/curious/fascinated,

i spat out blood 4 times on thursday, and once on friday morn.

my gums(rightside, between the last 2 molars) started bleeding profusely in class on thursday. whole mouthfuls of that icky liquid life..

i was teaching erica about Flemming's right-hand rule, when i swallowed a LOT of blood.. immediately tasted the rusty saltiness and felt sick. asked for some tissue, ended up using up a whole pack, but the bleeding stopped after i prayed. thank God.

went home, thought it was a one-off thing and didn't do anything about it.

about an hour after dinner, i tasted that disgusting rustiness, and found my mouth filled with blood again. rushed to the toilet, spewed it all out, gargled many times, stuffed my fingers in my mouth to stop the bleeding. took me close to half and hour.

went to take some bio c pills, then brushed my teeth. bleeding started again.

waited for my dad to come home to tell him about it.

meanwhile, close to 9, bled again.

friday morning, bled while i was eating breakfast.

immediately spat out everything i ate, and tried to stem the bleeding again. success after 2 mins.

saw a dentist juz now. (took me a lot of trouble, shall not emphasize on that and waste my time.)

he told me it could be cuz my wisdom teeth were growing out. i thought mine grew out last year. partially, anyway.

instead, turns out that something was lodged under the gum. resembled a bone chip. hard and yucky.


he removed it, don't worry. then told me to gargle warm water and salt if my gums bleed again.

so now, my gums feel a lot better. still slightly sore from him prodding, but nothing serious.

when my gums bled, it didn't hurt. in fact, i didn't even feel anything. but when he was removing that shrapnel outta my teeth, it effing hurt, it was like he was trying to pluck out my tooth with that sharp hook or something!

really nice old guy tho, very patient with me, put up with the usual shit i give all dentists.

Fieary. 22/08/09

oh, forgot to say, played the spasm game with marcus, xiangrong, chinhan and the chinese girls again yesterday. played like mad till hands hurt.

went to watch Turning Point after that. great movie. i wouldn't mind watching it again. even erica agreed, and added in that some of the guys were hot. -.-

the guys watched for the story, i watched for the action, and she watched for hot guys.. lol! till now my right elbow area still hurting from too much spasming.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 20 August 2009

i'm like soo happy i saw 345 quite a few times juz now. xD~!

screwed up my eng oral a little, but i think it'll be fine.

went "ospitacal, blehlehleh, obstacle."

if you guys know me, you should know who ridiculous that sounds when i say it. lol

i wanna go for the Botak Jones 29/08/09 BBQ thing at Toa Payoh.
anybody wanna go with me? thinking of making a reservation this weekend.

30bucks per adult. pay deposit of 10 bucks first at any BJ outlet.

Fieary. 20/08/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 19 August 2009
Hallelujah. 19/08/09

Today was full of UPS and DOWNS.

when i was preparing for school:
my breakfast sandwich tasted suuper good
we had a very hard time tying my hair. ended up with an ugly bow, so completely changed the original idea and ended up with some ridiculous shit, that looked good.

after arriving at school:
we were almost late for school.
345 came to school, looking hot as ever!
morning article was about crabs.
the teacher explaining the article was speaking like a wooden block.

english-- boring.
e.maths-- boring.
recess-- boring.
biology-- boring.

Mother Tongue: got back our Mother Tongue O-level results!!

national average --- 97% pass, 26% distinction.
MSLSS --- 100%, 40+% distinction~!!!!

Mr S went on about how he wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building after seeing our results, did some funny nonsense, walked out, pretended to climb the parapet, walked back in, lalala, finally gave out our results.

he said he was disappointed, cuz only 40+% of our class achieved distinctions, compared to his previous classes, which all achieved 58%.. =[

however, he also said that overall, most people improved, but most of those that were "
projected A1s" got B3s..

lemme tell you a little history..

when i first entered MSLSS at sec 3, for my very first chinese exam paper, i scored.....
8/100!!! ungraded!!!

needless to say, i failed the whole first half a year of chinese larh.

at the end when i scored
64/100 for Term 3, i was elated.

then for End-of-Year exams...

retarded shit.

in prelims, as stated in a previous post, i got C5 for chinese, 56.

well guess how Miss (8/100, ungraded) did now??


so i hopped, perspired plus hands went ice cold, and vibrated for 2 hours, till lunch was over too..

physics--- completed my paper within 20 mins. went to the back to chat, but no one was free to entertain me. carried my chair back to my seat, accidentally knocked myself in the mouth with it. lips bled more than humanly possible.

after school:
walked towards home on my own.. so lonely..
decided to sit with Marcus and gang next to the "MaMa shop", said some nonsensical things, bought tasteless Keropok(prawn crackers) to share. added ice lemon tea, ice cream soda, coke, green tea, and faux sharkfin gravy to chicken curry. played "Oh-Ya-Beh-Ya-Som" to see who HAS to drink it. heard them laughing about "oei, bu wan shi ah gua!"(trans: don't play is tranny/gay.) JH and CH had to drink it twice, i, once.(cuz i neither played black nor white. left my hand vertical.)

laughed a bit more, M laughed till he sounded like an ah gua.

i should stop blogging now and start studying. no mood. probably will sort out old worksheets to sell to the Karanguni instead.

Fieary. 19/08/09.

i ALWAYS have problems with the font.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Tuesday, 18 August 2009
sad sad day. 18/08/09

my complexion recently hasn't been very... nice...

i've got a whole bunch of things i wanna complain about, but my major complaint is that i can't remember any of them...


boredom has started to overtake my domain, and there is absolutely nothing interesting that i am able to blog about recently.

in short, please, please, please, gimme something to rant-type about.

on that note, Z has been very funnily nice recently. okay, there is no such word as "funnily", but i think it fits, so nyaa~!

Z taught me that the "Peace sign" (the 2 fingers sticking in the air):

if you do it backwards (palm facing you, back of hand towards a person), it's a sign of defiance.


so for the whole day in school, he was going around showing people the back of the "peace sign", and laughing to himself.

and dancing too. (his hip gyrations look damn pervertic.)

nothing else to blog about.

Fieary. 18/08/09.

i accepted the DPA for Nutrition, Health, and Wellness at SP. hoorah.
chem structured remedial dragged till 5 today.. tired.
selling mooncakes, please buy..

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 14 August 2009
i changed the font back to normal, couldn't read that congested shit juz now. 14/08/09

i juz noticed how tiny the font actually is.. therefore, for this post, i shall use the largest font available.


anyway, we got our prelim results all collated and passed around. hell yea, i'm pretty happy with it.

English: 69.47, B3.. !!! i saw the papers, and guess what, all my eng papers' marks were cancelled and re-written, juz so i won't get an A.. =[
Chinese: 56, C5.. o well, the MT Os are over anyway.
E.Maths: 75, A1. wow. i seriously was not expecting an A, more of a low B4.
A.Maths: 33.something, F9. xD~! i studied okay! but still failed..
Biology: 70, A2. on the dot!!
Chemistry: 77.78, A1. haha.
Physics: 69.68, A2.
Social Studies/El Lit: B4. ss juz passed, lit, 74!!! juz a li'l more!!! A2..

L1B4: 10
L1B5: 14

so that's my results larh.


according to the teachers, they will "moderate" the marks, and round off in our report books, so that as long as you get 69.4 and above, till 74.999999, they will count is as an A2!!

that means, my L1B4 will be an 8!!!!

okay larh, so maybe 8 points isn't the best.. but hey, it's counted good lorh! the course with the best cut-off point is 8, although i can't remember what course that is larh.

so yea, still not as good as my kor's, but i will definitely strive for my 8A1s~!!!! ^^

anyway, juz saw 345's friendster, yay!!

Erica is the CyberStalking QUEEN!

forgot what i wanted to type liao, nvm.

Fieary. 14/08/09

P.S.: i topped eng, bio, chem, and had the best aggregate for the whole level, by quite a bit, but i'm not top in the level. they go by overall % marks. =.= sad.. typed that in smaller font, so nobody can say i'm boasting. xD~!

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Monday, 10 August 2009

My day was juz weird..

and i promise never to ever make fun of any old person doing taichi ever again..

made quite a few stupid discoveries today, including that facethreaders take too much time off to relax, and that they ALL do it on the same day!

went around marsiling with erica for like, 4 hours hunting for therapy, walking many many rounds around the same confusing area, and couldn't find any damn thing.

so we decided to head back to my place, and found a shop that offers therapy near my block! yay! but again, facethreaders took the day off.. =[


happy birthday Singapore!! i forgot how old you are..

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday, dear Singapore....
happy birthday to you!!

Singapore is as old as my cousin!!

i remember saying that the national day theme songs have been getting suckier and suckier these past few years, so i thought that this year's song would suck even worse, especially since it's by a local badn, Electrico.

wow! i was forced to eat my words..

i heard it for the first time last night during the NDP, and i juz had to play it back on my tv like, 7times!

by the way, this uear's NDP, was more like a concent than a parade. as usual, front parts are always boring, but it got better at the end. overall still pretty mediocre tho, they scrapped out the flights by the airforce..

my dad say save money. they should also have scrapped out the lousy fireworks.

i need to go eat lunch now before my kor eats everything up. bye!

Fieary. 08/08/09

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Saturday, 8 August 2009
i wanna go fishing.. 08/08/09

staying home the whole day, bored. my house keys went missing too.

only interesting thing that happened all day was dad making fun of somebody juz now. he's mean..

anyway, supposed to be studying, but somehow i juz can't bring myself to do it. instead, new writing ideas keep popping up in my head.

but still, i'm too lazy to actually type up any script, song, or story right now..

i need help.

Fieary. 08/08/09

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 7 August 2009
Thank God for everything. 07/08/09

reading the headlines in the news juz now about glue-sniffing on the rise among teens made me recall my chinese orals, mainly about teens giving up their seats in trains and buses.

the statements wre all about teens being inconsiderate these days and not giving way for elderly and pregnant ladies to sit.



damn eff-ed up. my day also sucked at first, but it got better after praying, at the top of the hill.

wanted to blog quite a bit about the lousy things of the day, but hey, why mope about it when God also blessed me with many joyful happenings??

right now i juz wanna ask all of you reading this post to think about the great things in life that you enjoy daily. eg, having your favourite breakfast in the morning, enjoying a nice therapeutic haircut, or mani-pedi, having money in your wallet, or even teeny things like having the wind blow your hair off your neck during this hot day.

there are soo many things in life that we should thank God for, so why not let's focus on the things that made us glad, and live our life happily?

suddenly M1's "always look on the bright side of life, doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo!" is playing in my head, haha!

not to sound corny or anything, but life's too short, have fun and stay joyful!

Fieary. 07/08/09

joy is not equivalent to happiness, and peace does not always mean harmony.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 6 August 2009
充满暴力 6/8/09

this is the game my 'cher played with me..

and this is "充满暴力", title given by our loving chinese 'cher.
haha! at first we only drew the crazy looking person at the very top left corner. and of course, not soo much detailing to make it look ugly larh. but somehow, the whole drawing looks damn cute to me.

btw, juz tried to visit xiaxue.blogspot.com... couldn't.. google wouldn't let me.. this is the message.


We're sorry...

... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

We'll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software.

If you're continually receiving this error, you may be able to resolve the problem by deleting your Google cookie and revisiting Google. For browser-specific instructions, please consult your browser's online support center.

If your entire network is affected, more information is available in the Google Web Search Help Center.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we'll see you again on Google."

couldn't print screen and upload. my kor's comp banned me from saving anything that i can access.. =[ nvm.. at least i still can use his comp. my lappie ain't very.. efficient..

Fieary. 6/8/09.

great! juz great!!! i can't even access my own blog now!!! eff-ing viruses...

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 5 August 2009
'cher, we love you. you rock! 5/8/09

see this? Erica and i made it after school today. we wrote some of our goals in there.
we basically labelled them into Religion, Love, Academic, Career, Finance, and Health. don't bother reading the words. our handwritings look like shit.

we love our teacher, although he dosn't teach us formal lessons.


Thankyou for everything you've taught us soo far, and for what you'll teach us in the future. You've been more of a friend to us than an authority figure, and we'll love and respect you forever.


so anyway, today was a boring day in school. reached school and done with biometric thing at EXACTLY 7.25am. didn't manage to make it to the parade square on time, tho.. so after school kena detention for an hour..

nothing to blog about lessons, except a slightly interesting MT lesson. we were doodling on a piece of paper, when our teacher walked by. E immediately tried to hide the paper, when he approached. he was like, "so, my top students.. what are you doing?"

E: !!! (tries to stash paper under desk)
Me: pulls out the paper, and shows 'cher. "see? we draw one.. as top students, we muz destress, if not our brains will explode!!!(exaggerated hand movement)"
Teacher: "huh huh huh!(he laughs like that) soo full of violence."

i don't currently have the foolscap we doodled on, but i'll dig it out soon.

detention was boredom, copied maths tys answers during that one hour of sheer torture. try having a cranky pre-pms-ing person sitting next to you.

then the beloved teacher of ours went to accompany us in detention..

juz nice after i was done with my homework, he appeared.

at that moment, E was passing me the piece of paper we doodled on. we were like, kinda afraid he'll see that we were wasting our time so we tried to hide it.

Teacher: what are you ladies doing?
Me: (despretely trying to hide the paper) uhh.. juz completed maths!
T: (looks extremely closely at the back of paper)
M: eep.. (keeps pulling it from view)
T: (takes paper) i know how to play this game! (lays it on table and starts playing with me)


T: whoever starts first will surely win.
M&E: no, not true.. juz now in class E kept starting first, but M always won.
T: come, i show you..
M: i WILL win you!

so we play a few rounds, with him starting all.. he won all.. =[

M:NYA~~! i wanna win!

(everyone in the detention room starts staring at me)

T: aiyah, you should have said so earlier. i would have let you..
M: NO!!! you muz play your best! i will win you!!
T: okay, if i win, you buy me a drink. if you win, i buy you 2 lunch!

still lost to him..

here on, cannot blog about it liao.. i don't wanna get him into trouble.

we had a lot of fun, and ended up overstaying our detention time. he also showed us really cool star-models made using ice-cream sticks, and gave us some to try.

E ended up breaking 3 sticks, so i gave her my extras and helped with hers. i didn't break any.. ^^

listening to her try to force the sticks to bend is like listening to a tape of a woman in labour..

Fieary. 5/8/09.

i know what i wanna give him for teacher's day liao.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Sunday, 2 August 2009
my day was soo =.= 1/8/09

yay! i heard the noon bells, signalling the start of a new month!!

so anyway, i was supposed to go to the gym with Elaine in the morning, like around 10, but she wanted 9, so i changed the timing. juz nice, when after climbing the hill, on the way to the gym, she smsed me, saying that her mum last minute doesn't allow her to go out.. =.=

then, she said she can go out, but needs to bring her younger sis along. gym is only for those 16years and above, she told me so herself.

dunno what else later, finally said that her mom only allows her to go to educational places, ask me to go to the science centre with her.

i walked for about 200m to her place, then had to wait for her mom to leave the house, so i ended up climbing up and down 6sets of 9-story stairs.

okay larh, so maybe i did get some exercise.

then after entering her home, turns out they wanted to go science centre, for the new water maze.. "oh, it's a new exhibit!!"

like never play with water before like that.

i insisted we eat first, and i wanted roti prata, so we went to this coffeeshop which she has never been to before, although it is directly under her block and had some roti prata.

she thanked me for wanting prata, which led to her discovery of that hawker centre.. =.=

that lousy hawker centre only sold soft drinks, ice milo, coffee, and NOTHING ELSE!!!

lalala.. all crap and murmurings from her which i tuned out.

then she told me that her school's principal said "if your prelim grades are not up to mark, i WILL WITHDRAW YOU FROM THE O-LEVELS!"

???possible meh???

anyway, left them to play the water maze and walked home. kept smsing her to buy me orange hair mascara.

finally reached home, climbed up 11flights of stairs, went to my room. and found that i had 2 blisters on my big toes.. =.= didn't notice them before.

so i went into the living room, took a pair of scissors, and snipped them lorh!

then my dad suddenly came out from his room and told me "i will spoil your baby!"

i was like, "huh?"

"i will spoil you baby. cuz then i will be grandpa. grandpa is to spoil the baby. it's the mom's job to discipline the kid"

"okay... wait till i have kids first larh!"

then he juz walked off. -.-

flip open news, miss Singapore Universe shall wear an orchid. -.-

nothing to say, juz that i wouldn't be caught dead in that thing(butt-ugly dress).

decided to make rice wine, so got aunty to pass me 2 scoops of brown and white rice each. SHE GO GIMME MY FAV BARIO RICE!!! -.- like trying to get rid of my favourite food like that.

anyway, took me 45mins plus to clean the rice, cuz it had a hell lotta rice weevils in them. aunty was laughing away, saying i dunno how to clean rice.

i mean like, "eek! why soo many insects? how come some rice floating?"



after making rice wine, decided to make grape wine.

half way, daddy suddenly came into the kitchen.

"do this kinda thing, can play soo long. never mind, at least you're not doing the wrong things.."

"ya larh, later i will study larh.."

"you are getting prettier and prettier already! don't be attracted to or by the wrong guys horh,"


recently my dad has been in this kind of rather weird mood. constantly happy, like he's on drugs or something. but good, he hasn't scolded me for a loong time, thank God!! =]

so i continued squishing grapes in this funny mortar. beat them to pulp.

slowly, pain-stakingly, i removed all the seeds.

looks like tadpoles right? i threw them into the sink.

eventually collected this much juice. 4.5cm in a skippy peanut butter jar.
felt soo proud of myself. i only used less than 20 grapes.

then added yeast.

later on, went out with korkor and daddy.

got into car, korkor dropped something.

D: you dropped something you know?
K: ya.
d: pick it up.
k looks out : gone already.

d: i need it!
k gets out, bends down, picks up a piece of paper, passes it back to d. haha!

then while driving towards the highway, daddy ran over a soccer ball. =.=

i forgot to bring along dad's ipod nano, so i couldn't play klondike during the drive, and had to entertain myself by wrinkling daddy's expensive jacket.

later on, passed a bit of mooncake to my kor,

me: what flavour? tastes soo familiar.. you know what's this??
kor: mooncake.


then when i was out, my aunty called, told me my grape wine overflowed.

"why you call me?"

"i dunno! you grape wine come out!"


"it expand! now all over the place!"

so i told her juz clean up and repackage, then she scold me again "you larh! you shake shake shake! that's why the yeast grow! yeast will rise!"

i shook it. earlier on.

maybe i shouldn't have added this much yeast..

during the ride home, we saw flashing lights on the highway, red, blue and turquiose. so we thought some minister or something was driving with police escort.

turned out to be 5sets of funny looking army vehicles with traffic police bikes.

daddy: i like the lights. hehheh. army needs police escort.


i highly suspect that my longan wine will turn sour though. i think air will seap through the cloth.

found out that my kitchen is only 7m long.. sad..

some idiot also said i was 25. felt like whacking him.. asshole.. old and balding! muz be at least 100 years old that's why eyes failing. 25 years old will not wear army-printed cargo pants, t-shirt, and sit like ali baba in a fancy restaurant!

Fieary. 1/8/09

when will my dreams be fulfilled??