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Saturday, 28 August 2010
YOG job over. 28/08/10.

okie. today was my last day working for YOG.

i will certainly remember the memories created during these 21 short days.

altho it went on for 3weeks, right now it juz feels like 3days.

no regrets, no hard feelings, no longings. juz loadsa girlish squealing, stricter boyfriend criteria, and a hell lotta ambitions.

reporting for work at point d, i saw the HKs go.. =[ the hot triathelete was looking at me from the coachbus's window!

erica slapped my other injected arm, and fucking made both sting till the end of the day. [that girl's palm is deadly, i'm warning you!]

the impact of each slap lasts 12hours!

after lunch, she came over to help, and while rolling the trash down the stairs, this Uganda athelete asked for a photo. i thought he wanted one with both of us, but it turns out, he juz wanted a photo with me.

guess what.

he handed his camera to e and immediately wrapped his arms around me, shooting the camera a very protective look! awww... soo cute! quite sweet. ^^

then after that, one photo not enough. muz take another one. so this time i also hugged him back. hahaha! he was beaming for the rest of the day. (saw him later on, he proudly gestured to his friend that he took a photo with me, and lightly squeezed my shoulder. his hand felt soo warm..)

the first meeting, and the last, is always the most eventful.

my first and last meeting with those Venezuelans was certainly eventful!! ^^

since erica came over after lunch to help us clean the c/o rooms, and throw trash, i went over to her hall in return. sup C juz said to come back by 3pm.

at hall 15, a Polish athelete wanted a photo with us, and damn! his arms are longer than the late AhMeng's!
could stretch over both e's and my shoulders!

blk 72, the Venezuelan team official started hitting on me, chit-chating, etc. then while another official asked me for my name, he quickly snitched a badge from his room, lightly turned me by the shoulders, handed me the Venezuelan badge, and winked at me! kyaa~! charming!

then later on while rolling more trash down, i noticed that a Venezuelan coach with sexy facial hair, in a red shirt kept staring at me from the 2nd floor. so i looked over and made eye-contact with him. fuck, he totally did the weet-wheew whistle!

went down to that side to clear the room trash later. erica had a ball of a time. ^^ so what if her stupid wrestler baby refused service again? those 5 topless hotties made up for it! ^^

then had fun with one of the female atheletes. first time socialising with a female athelete, in all my then-20days of working!

initially, she helped us by toppling the bins over the large garbage bag. some shit got stuck to the bottom, so i hit is really hard, and the bin dropped. she looked shocked for a while, so i thought, 'oh, shit, i think i hit her fingers..' when..

she began to drum at it as well!

hahahah! so for the next 2 bins, we both drummed at them like crazy! ^^

H took the opportunity to snap a photo with her, his arm over her shoulder. cheeko, take advantage only! xD~! no larh, kidding. H is a very nice guy.

went back to blk 68 at zhunzhun 3pm. slacked at the linen room, cuz my colleagues all disappeared.

found hidayah at 67, after throwing their trash, bid Hector goodbye, saying that we were going to hall 15 cuz the Venezuelans are hotter. xD~!

went something like this;

H comes out of the toilet, notices us/me: "ay! ^^"

notices my face, with slight makeup on: ".. Waa~OW~!! =D" starts gesturing towards his room.

h cuts in: "hi Hector, we're just gonna say goodbye, then we're going over to hall 15, cuz the Venezuelans are hotter than you."


went back to hall 15 to walk walk. uneventful, so went back to 68 to have a chat with Hector.

halfway thru, got a call from C, telling us to go to 67's 5th floor NOW.

M: "aight, we gotta go. 67. C says now."
H: "no, let me talk to your bitch boss." demands for my phone. dials, commanding expression, blank face, "the call didn't get through.."


anyways, went to 67. kena scolded by senior sup for walking around h15, cuz their hypocritical ss called to complain. shall not elaborate. it'll ruin my awesome blog-posting mood.

where was i..

somewhere along the way, i think before heading to h15, 2 Mexican coaches gave us another Mexican badge, and a shirt. ^^

then, here came the downier part.

later on while strolling from block to block while retrieving my things, going down the stairs to lvl 1 of blk 68, a chilean and guinea equatorial (the latter of whom told me was the one who went "you.. are.. very.. beautiful! =D") approached us, and asked me for sex.


he said that the both of them think that i was very beautiful, and are willing to pay me 200bucks for sex.


having a group meeting.. idiots..

anyway, later on, while in the upper floors, i made eye-contact with Hector while he was still in the damn meeting room. he looked soo sad to be leaving! gave me those damn attractive puppy eyes... grumble grumble fawn grumble..

i think that should be it for the 27th.

today, got a lot of 'treasures' from the c/o rooms. tomorrow when i have the time, i'll compile a list of things i received/kept over the 21days of work.

3+, tio by ss for not wearing uniform. kanasai. since yesterday's incident, she's been finding fault with me. anyway, no hard feelings.

after praying for everything to end smoothly, with no more pissed-off shit, everything ended well and smoothly without anymore pissed-off shit. ^^

thankyou, God! you always answer my prayers, even tho i don't notice it most of the time.

i pray that you will forever show me your hand, guide me, and let me look to you first thing no matter what happens, or does not happen. keep me close to you in faith, and bless everything around me, and my being itself.

in Jesus's name i pray,

ahh.. what a wonderful way to end a blog post. ^^
aight, i'm gonna try watching 1ep of one of the JDramas i bought before i sleep. the rest, things to do, things to whatever, leave it to God. tomorrow is a new day.

i haven't effing bought Sumaya's bday prezzie yet! shit~!

Fieary. 28/08/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Tuesday, 24 August 2010
bye bye hotties! =$ 24/08/10.

la la la la la! lala! lala~!



been working for 2weeks with them, and i never noticed those 2 faces before.

ever sentence punctuated with PREEEETTY~.

you juz have to be there to get it..

Fieary. 24/08/10.

sad, they're leaving tomorrow.

i haven't let them try chicken rice, carrot cake, laksa, and roti prata yet..

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Friday, 13 August 2010
Amo A Mexican Boys!! 13/8/10.

oh, the drama!!

everyday at work has been.. rather eventful..

1st day, am shift at hall 12: carried trolleys up and down with Sima, eeping and aahhing all the way. bloody mentioned at least 4 times by that hall's senior sup.

2nd day, am shift at hall 14: reports screwed up. long time spent trying to understand how to write them.

3rd day, pm shift: totally forgot. crap. was juz recounting it to erica twice on the way home.. hmm..

4th day, pm shift: towel-changing screwed up, thankyou very much, lovell. you are awesome. i told you specifically not to fold the fucking spot towels, and everything went well till i left the room for 20seconds, and you bloody rolled every fucking one of them up! you also gave the sups loadsa shit, and Cherry [our senior sup] got scolded by the manager cuz of you! also refer to previous post about mexican-guy time.

today, pm shift: told that i was beautiful 3 times, pretty, twice.

first, while recording down on blk 68's report, a black mexican came up to me while walking by and went: "you.. are.. very.. ..... .....(fingers snapping, trying to think very hard) .... beautiful! =D"

italics being spanish.

then, a cute Mexican awoke when i knocked on his door. then he sat topless on his table, cutely munching a banana while watching us work.



oh gosh..


i went to the corner room, H's and C's. woke them up again. mama mia~! they are smexy!

adding H on fb now. hahaha.

poor H was soo embarrassed! he woke up with morning wood. [altho it was 3pm+]

since we needed to ensure that they got a change on linens and pillow cases, i had to talk to them. sadly, i didn't bloody brush up my spanish. at all.

so i was like, "no hablo espanol, hablo ingles." kinda thing.

YQ went to pass them the new linens and p/cs, cuz they wouldn't open the door fully. H juz kept sitting on his bed with adorable bedhair, using his pillow to cover himself. then YQ totally couldn't read the air and juz insisted on taking the p/c away from him, so she gave him a new p/c, which he immediately snatched to cover himself, and she juz took the old stuff out. aww..

so next door.

C asked S for me, so i went over.

H was like, "no! nothing.. nothing.."
C "was like, nothing, ^^ nothing."
Me: orh. okay. adios.

then when i went to the 4/5th door, C poked his head out the door, and crooned, "clean my rooo~~oom.. clean my rooo~~ooom.."


so i went back to them. the whole morning, E's been pms-y. asked him why, cannot give me a reason. pfft! jealous, right? tell me to ignore them. "no, don't go.. juz.. ignore them can?"

anyway, so i went back, knocked on their door and opened it.

H was like, oh gosh, she's here! where's my pillow!?!??!?!?!

and C couldn't stop grinning.

M: clean your room?
C: yes, clean my ro~~om!
M: okay.
H: you should juz ignore him, he's crazy. [together with adorable hand motions!! kyaa!]

so anyway, i started tucking the new linen on C's bed, and halfway through, C took his cap, and placed it on my head. haha. soo cute~!

then they kept chatting with me while i changed their bedsheets.

and i found out YQ gave them a whole stack of p/cs instead of 2 linens.. =/ had to go take some.

anyway, so after that, H was like, "mine, too! =D"

so he hopped over to the other bed and continued staring at me.

shall not type out our charming convo here. too hard to translate. altho half the time i was going "no hablo espanol, hablo ingles!" but 4 portions out of 5 were in spanish anyway.

one part i can type is;

i forgot how to say "you are hot" in spanish, so i told H, "my friend think you (circle face and body, show thumbs-up)" haha!

then C, oh, adorable C..

he quickly circled himself, did the thumbs-up, and went, "me, too? (big hopeful puppy eyes).

i juz evilly laughed.. aww.. =/

but H did say that i was beautiful a few moments later. ^^ C also said i was really really pretty. ^^

then when i was done, i took off C's cap, and put it back on his head, he was like "no, no! this is for you! =D"

i was soo smitten, i forgot how to say gracias.. =.=

before i left the room, C was like, "come back tomorrow! ^^"

and after i left, he stuck out his head again and moo-ed "no~o... don't go~~!" hahahahhaha! soo cute!

anyway, the rest ain't really worth mentioning. until i brought H to their room, where since she's more fluent in spanish, she did a lot of translating. got their fb, C signed the cap, they both had eyes for me, but C thinks i like H, i juz ignored that. ^^

but oh, man..

when H waved at me after his shower, in juz a bath towel around his earlier-concealed area.. i wanted to leap from blk 67 over to the 2nd floor ledge and.. well..

anyway, 2 rooms from blk 67's cupboards were infested with ants.

so, even though it was waaaaay out of my job-scope, i did a run to the front desk's office, demanded a room change, etc, and got it. however, cock-ups happen, and i had to reverse everything later on. the poor athelete had already begun to shift his 3 huge luggages into the vacant room at the mexican block! he had to bring them back! i felt soo bad!

so i was negotiating things between them and the head coach/official/whatever-he-was, all-the important-documents-were-with-him, so-he-die-die-cannot-leave-that-room.

thank God erica came by halfway! i would have blown up at someone!

and i was complaining halfway to her and front desk about speaking spanish half the time this whole day, when a mexican official came in for enquires, heard me going "no hablo espanol, hablo ingles!", face lit up, and went "you hablo espanol?!?! ^^ ^^ ^^"



so for 3 hours, i worked with the big boss from front desk, and cleared the ant nest. all 3 of us went the extra mileS, even tho i could have said, 'oh, it's not my problem. i don't have to fix this. you don't understand what they're saying? too bad~!", erica ALREADY KNOCKED OFF WORK, and big boss could have been handling his own job's shit.

we put in soo much effort, we didn't eat our dinner till 20mins before shift ended.

and to get to the main ant nest between the drawer and the built-in wall, the drawers had to be taken apart. no one knew how to, but i fiddled-fiddled with it, and plucked them all out. ^^

more drama with the grainy shit that came out.



actually, my typings are not really making much sense anymore, and the chronological order of the lowest-above-stated incident is kinda screwed up.

so i shall skip the rest of that account. told the guy i'll be back tomorrow to fix up the rest of his shitted cupboard.

at the shuttle bus stop to point D, i saw the mexican wrestler who said hi to me, and we started chatting, and he said i was very very pretty.

oh ya, forgot to mention that around 4-something, a female mexican coach gave me the mexican YOG badge, and one of their athelete's shirt! ohmygosh! the cap, badge, and shirt are gonna be my treasureS!! esp if, [scratch that] WHEN(!) they win medals.

then... dun dun dun dun....

H and C appeared at the bus stop!! yay!

Erica was soo blown away.. could totally tell that she was smitten with H. who can blame her, tho. he's soo hot, Greece's Apollo statues have to hunch over and shrivel!

i made H give her a badge too. haha! the escaticity on her face.. been a while..

H signed my cap too, and juz nice we got on the bus when he was done.

stood at the rear exit, clapped childishly when another mexican ran and caught the bus with us, and got kicked by the door. haha.

so i sat down on the door hinge thing, erica sat on my lap, and OHEMMGEE!~! H ZHANMABU-ED ON HER LAP!! LIKE, he totally played around, pretended to want to sit, so erica tap-tapped her lap, and he did!!!!! Hidayah would be soooooooo fucking jealous!!

one thing for sure, is he was uber uber careful not to actually sit on her, and C seriously sat on his lap, followed by another bigger mexican. erica put her hands on his shoulders, and (later on), told me that he felt soo.. {packed ^^}.


the door opened.

erica made the sound of a cat choking and puking out a gargantuan spiky furball.

Thank God my reflexes are fast, if not i would have fallen off the bus!

and also thank God that H wasn't actually sitting on erica's lap. no matter how fast my reflexes are, i wouldn't be able to stop us from injuring ourselves, had that happened.

later on the train home, e told me that even she could tell H didn't actually sit, and he had to be uber strong to withstand those 2 other guy's weights while squatting in mid-air. ahahah!

anyway, so we threw ourselves straight into the center of the bus, and wow. hotties in action, H, C, and the hot mexican guys immediately surrounded us to keep us safe.

i feel soo warm and fuzzy inside..

we juz kept laughing more maniacally than hyenas.

then i noticed.. C's hand was on my shoulder for the rest of the ride till they got off for dinner.

and erica told me that the part that made us feel the most accomplished was that they left, 2 groups of rather good-looking female atheletes were glaring death-daggers at us! hahahahhaha!

at point D, she also realised that when the bus door opened, and we stumbled, her phone fell out of her pocket. ahha. o well. eventually some kind soul picked it up, etc, so i'm collecting it for her tomorrow from the YOG police. ahahhaha!

anyway, my computer is being complicated with my new phone, so i can't upload photos of C's cap, with their signatures. nvm. shall do so at the end of YOG, where i've down what i wanted with the Mexican athelete shirt. ^^

Fieary. 13/8/10.

when you pray for it to be a fruitful day, God answers in the best possible manner.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Wednesday, 11 August 2010
rainbow quiz. 11/8/10.

Your rainbow is strongly shaded red.

What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

did this cuz i was bored, and daddy had an issue with watching vids on comp instead of whatever else.

Fieary. 11/8/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

YOG job. 11/8/10.

okay, i've been working 9-hour shifts for 4 days straight, tomorrow is my first off-day before another 3 days straight, but yet, i don't feel like stopping work. even for a few hours..


a.) my job is awesome. very slack.

b.) my supervisors are super fun. and of all the halls, my supervisors are the best-looking ones. perfect target for polishing my tongueblade too.

c.) the Mexicans staying at hall 14 are effing hot!!

this afternoon when i first went to blk 68, the Mexican hottie (18?) staying on the first floor, in the third room from the left was fixing up his speakers etc, while being bent over the table soo suggestively. he was topless, turned his head over to look at me, and raised his right eyebrow. we call him Boombox.

and another from the TV room looked down, raised a sexy eyebrow, and gave me a cat-smirk!..

kyaa~! Moe~!!

while walking back to blk 66 from 68 with H, we passed by the 1st floor on purpose cuz the guys are soo sexy!

then another one, (too bad he's probably younger than me, [looked like 15/16, but could be 17, who knows, i didn't ask. forgot]) walked out of his room, poured bottled water over his head, and turned to us.

Young Mexican Hottie: ni hao ma?
Me: hao, haha.
H: you speak chinese!
YMH: i'm chinese
M: eh??

H: so what's your name?
YMH: i went to China twice before. [arrogant smirk + ignored her question]
H: for competition or?
YMH: competition.

M: oh..
YMH: i also know another thing in chinese. [stares straight into my eyes]


M: haha, that's sweet. ^^

we walk off.

hahahahah! i actually forgot how the actual conversation went, but damn! the first thing he did after moving in was to hit on me! how cute.

the first thing after that was for H to ask me how i'd rate him (scale of 1-10).

M: well, first sight, 6. when he said "ni hao ma?", 4. cuz it sounded stupid. but when he started chatting with us, 8!! ^~^"
H: i know, right?! he was totally hitting on you! omigosh!

and later on at 8++, when we "accompanied" Yoggi Bear supervisor to return keys, i sat on the road curb, and this cute athelete in blue strolled by with a not-so-cute other guy athelete. [wow, i sound soo biased.]

he was using his handphone to take photos of my 4-people pm shift, then made eye-contact with me, and said damn sexily;


M slight smile: Good Evening.

Blue-shirt Hottie: wink, tongue-cheek click.


and juz before i got onto the bus sending us to point D, i saw Boombox again!

like, each time i walked past the Mexican area, he'd be lounging around, getting massaged, talking to coaches at the stairs, and he'll never fail to make eye-contact with me. oh gosh. something about him is very.. unnerving.

becuz i'm such an ass, i shall not post about the moments when i screwed up on the job, altho some are seriously epicly amusing.

yes, friday the 13th i'll be working again!

Fieary. 11/8/10.

+ the Japs are at hall 8/9. i wanna transfer! manager juz laughed at me..

when will my dreams be fulfilled??

Thursday, 5 August 2010
i forgot to ask for their names!!!! ARGH!!! 5/8/10.

hello lovely people who read my blog~~! =o

today was awesome. people were awesome, people told me i was awesome, today was juz awesome.


God really will bless those who love Him.

had a nice morning dream, had a nice lunch, had a nice H&W test, had a nice Go Green March, had a nice after-party of sorts, where..


those ikemen totally made my day.


and when i said they were ikemen, ohmigosh.. KYAA~!


snapped loadsa photos with them, and a group of 3 other mega facial hotties. on the scrawny side tho, so didn't really bother chatting much with them. haha

but those 2 guys from the exchange programme.. oh gosh, if only L didn't have to go for her audition.. she totally missed out!

what with the beauty and the beast joke, i'm japanese, teachers is not a teacher yet is.. ahahahha

the awesome madness.

then the girls also said i was cute, and that my hair is awesome..

yay. i'm loving it, even though it was probably not more than 20mins. hahaha.

anyway, i have to get back to my deadline approaching in under 30hours assignments.

little details, nah.. keep it as a memory. ^^

Fieary. 5/8/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??