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Friday, 11 September 2015
Egg Philosophy

I thought i found a place where i thrived. A culture i understood and was accepted. All my concerns were washed away by the warmth and kindness i experienced interacting and working in that environment.

Oh, how wrong i was. Everything is good until you meet the bad ones.

Every basket has its rotten eggs. They don't pose a problem or cause any nuisance until you accidentally hit the shell and it starts to crack. Then the smell becomes so overpowering and stifles you. If you don't get rid of the rotten egg, it starts to suffocate and infect the other eggs,

But what if you were one of the eggs in the basket? You are an egg. You cannot remove the rotten egg of your own accord. Would you wait until the gook has seeped out of the basket? Endure and wait for the stench to pass? Or would you quit being an egg?

It was such a comfortable basket, but now it retches.



when will my dreams be fulfilled??