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Thursday, 19 June 2014
The Food Is Against Us

Today i got back to the shop past 5, n remembered that i haven't eaten lunch.

SC n i ordered fried rice, kaya toast, n cola.

While settling a customer's bill, i knocked over her cup of cola, spilling chunks of ice n fizzy syrup water behind my laptop.

During our mad rush to dump tissue and save our technology, my toast fell out of its bag, onto the floor. :'(

After clearing the aftermath n saying bye to the customers, i plopped myself on the floor for my 'lunch'

Ate about a quarter of it before leaving for the toilet. Came back, SC told me that i could have her noodles. She killed my fried rice......


It fell off the counter n smished itself to bits.
There was no portion to salvage.

What happened to my food today....

when will my dreams be fulfilled??