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Thursday, 11 July 2013
176.} Work as a waitress (Akane)

A guy i met at Naography's event, Full Circle, took my number and turned out to be the manager of the japanese restaurant at The Japanese Association Singapore.
At the start of July, he suddenly texted me, asking me to work for him.

On the 11th July, i began my first shift, twice a week.

My experience was very fruitful! Other than the tedious journey to and fro JAS, i enjoyed every bit of working at Akane.

I ran into customers from the pet shop, who recognised me and offered me words of encouragement and friendship.

I had regular customers who came back every week on the same days to see me and chat briefly with me. One lady even introduced me to her friends and daughter saying that i was her friend at JAS's Akane!

Some of my night job customers came by to have lunch with their colleagues and see me.

I started to remember customers by name and recall their favourite orders.

The staff lunches were yummy, the management staff were kind, the service staff were all very friendly, helpful, and accepting of everyone, I miss them.

The job taught me observance, how to multi-task, prioritizing my duties and responsibilities, and to be on-the-ball constantly.

In the end, i quit because the distance and travel time was not worth the money. I was receiving more than the regular staff due to language benefits, but 3 hours a day, 1.5 hours getting there, and a 4 hour break till my next job was really not worth the effort.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??