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Friday, 8 February 2013
176.} work as a waitress (Tanyoto)

For CNY this year, i thought of working as a waitress. (double pay)

Under Adsbox, i was assigned to Tanyoto @ Liang Court, but i didn't continue through with this project. Not because of the job demands, but rather because i don't like the agency's practices.

As part of pre-project training, i was supposed to work there for 2 days to learn their procedures and get used to the work environment.

Working as their waitress was actually rather simple. All i had to do were deliver the orders to their 16 tables, take orders (which were done mainly by the other senior staff), and follow instructions.

However, when i turned up on the first day of work, i was not informed that i needed to bring my own uniform.  Then, there was no specific person to report to and take instructions from. Lastly, Adsbox told me i "don't wash dishes, don't wash toilet, blah blah blah", because we're not part of their main staff, they have other people to do it. AND EVERYTHING WAS IN CHINESE. OMIGOSH.

One would assume spoons were considered dishes too. Also, i was not informed that we have no break from 10 to 4.

Then when i called the guy who assigned me the job, he kept saying that i'm the only one who is giving him problems. wtf? so i decided i will not do ANY jobs for him.

A week on, he sent me a text message saying that i'm not selected to work for the CNY period, blah blah blah, but that the staff and managers think i'm a dilligent worker, takes initiative, blah blah blah. please larh, enough of your bullshit.

Thanks to my night job, i have been receiving job offers to to work as a waitress in various Japanese shops. I may consider taking up one of it, depending on job details.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??