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Wednesday, 16 January 2013
luvin' my new job

It's only the second day, and i've already met with directors and senior managers, drunk with big company executives, and learnt quite a bit about the japanese work practices in singapore.

It's also very interesting to hear opinions about certain well-known companies, in regards to recent news, and what would be considered a 'good' company.

A great perk of the job is making friends in a relaxed environment. B-san mentioned that making friends is very important, even if you may not use the contact for a while. What matters is that you create a relationship and connect to others.

T-san chatted with me about working for high pay, or good conditions. For a high pay, go into sales. However, it can get very stressful as competition is high, and personal relations may suffer if the stress is not dealt with properly. That's where my job comes in.

I'm enjoying it to the max, and wish the stupid trains extend service 24/7.
We can't possibly open the bar till sunrise, as our clients still need to work in the morning, but i'd like to be able to stay with them till we close at 2am.

I have an awesome feeling that i'll learn many practical skills that will benefit me in the long run. ^^

3rd day tonight!

Fieary. 14/1/13.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??