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Sunday, 6 January 2013
Batam. 5/1/13 - 6/1/13.

on my kor's bday weekend, i left him at home and went to Batam.

went there to meet the Indonesian founding TQG group, observe how they conduct their GMS, and meanwhile get some R&R.

the R&R was soo relaxing. ^^

DU.RI.AN. <3 p="p">
the food is yummy too, but i don't think i'll enjoy eating it regularly.

SPORT MASSAGE and SPA. traditional massage, 2 hours. mine was done by Mutia. sweet indonesian girl, maybe my age or slightly younger. if i go back again, i'll definitely request for her. ^^

the wholesale outlets there also have some really nice items, for VERY reasonable prices. maybe it's time to put a business strategy into action..

that concludes a brief overview of my Batam trip. i enjoyed it.

Fieary. 6/1/13.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??