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Wednesday, 12 December 2012
Amazing Weeks pt 2

by Monday, my stomach flu had pretty much subsided.

WED night
oh gosh, how i do not wanna remember this night. ever.

i went clubbing after like, 3months.
with friends, of course. Bao, E, even brought SC along. haha! her first clubbing experience muz have sucked for her.

long confusing story cut short, Bao and i had a challenge, and by the end of the night, i kissed a guy we juz met. hmm..

okay, maybe phrasing it that way was a mistake. 

kissing that guy was a mistake.

i don't regret it, but i wouldn't do it again.

like, if you put me back again, i wouldn't kiss that guy again.

i wouldn't kiss some guy i juz met. EVER AGAIN.

lesson learnt. it's not right.

went straight to school that day after clubbing. stayed around helping out till.. 3pm? lol.

friday's awesome night.
Takushi's bday party!! <3 div="div">

Takushi (DJ Taximaya) is a friend i met while drinking with Alan. LOL.

damn nice guy, japanese DJ, always see him at Full Circle.

i had a super fun time at his party, meeting fantastic people, having a ball of a time!

especially interesting were R-san and S-san. R-san is half singaporean, half japanese. he had to come back to serve NS. awwwwwwwww....

S-san, on the other hand, is here for work. funny guy, made me laugh non-stop with his humourous antics. ^^

how i miss the convo we had and time we spent together already. (gunna hurry organise something!!)

stayed over at Bao's place.

the first ever JE Onigokko!! organised by the unofficial fandoms larh, hahah.

to be continued again..

Fieary. 12/12/12.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??