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Saturday, 31 March 2012
One More Time One More Chance eng cover

my english cover of Yamasaki Masayoshi's One More Time One More Chance.

i fell in love with this song when MatsuJun sang it for the All or Nothing concert.

if i have to lose any more than this
do you think i will be forgiven then
how much more pain do i have to endure
before i can see you for real again
one more time
if the days somehow allowed us to rewind
one more time
let's go back to when we could live free again

everytime after we say our goodbyes
i'd turn around to watch your silhoulette
cuz the thought of always having you in sight
makes me feel warm and fuzzy deep inside
one more chance
i cannot walk away from my memories
one more chance
how i wish i could choose where i wanna go

i will always be searching everywhere
hoping that somehow you will appear
along a brightly lit street, or at a shopping district
even tho i know that you will never ever be here
so i made a wish on a shooting star
if i can go right now to where you are
there ain't a single thing that i'd be unwilling to give
i'll put everything on the line juz to hold you again

i would gladly search for a thousand miles
if it means juz one more glimpse of your smile
or even juz for a chance for us to say a farewell
even tho i know it's too late to say i miss you now
if i could do something to live differently
i would never take a step from your side
knowing that you are with me that is all that i need
anything else that's on earth would never have even mattered..

Fieary. 31/3/12.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??