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Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Goodbye Days by Yui [eng cover]

for Winner322

this is why right now i will meet with you
yea, i decided this
in my pocket there is a little song
that i want you to listen to

for just a little, turn the volume up
i wanna make sure that you hear

oh, goodbye days, right now
it feels like there will be change
until yesterday, so long
and though it seems uncool
i can feel right by myself there is kindness yet
la lalalala with you

oh, if i could
i never would wanna think of those unpleasant times
but it juz keeps on coming to me, no
so in that time, with a smile
"yea, hello, my friend", these fews words
it'll be great if i could say to you

so if i hum a song, when i hum this very song
be here by my side, i wish
and tho it sounds uncool
i am glad to have met someone as kind as you
la lalala goodbye days

Fieary. 21/12/11.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??