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Thursday, 15 September 2011
i cooked.

been cooking for the past 3 days straight..

first it was chicken stew.

chicken breast meat, potato, carrot, my usual 3 ingredients; ginger, garlic, onion, egg and bean sprouts at the end.
best stew i've ever tried.

then yesterday was seachicken, carrot, watercress soup inspired by

today, followed my own style of making Soki Soba, inspired again by Your Japanese Kitchen on NHK WORLD.
couldn't get the exact ingredients, so i impromptu improvised on my own. possibly the best pork ribs i've ever tried. the sauce itself gives me ecstasy. oops, hope i didn't create some chemical reaction there.. xD~!

oh wait, i also made sea bream soup thing.. hmm.. means, 4 times this week? wow. juz nice my kor is coming outta ns today, can try my awesome ribs.

no pictures, cuz i ate everything before i could snap one. nah, i'm juz kidding. recently i juz can't be bothered to take photos of anything. probably cuz my phone is shit. gonna check out and confirm the docomo phone i want next week.

my christmas prezzie to myself!

Fieary. 15/9/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??