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Wednesday, 14 September 2011
Haruka [Returning] eng cover

my english cover of Haruka by GReeeeN.
inspired by Shirota Yuu's cover on Hanamaru Cafe(?).


this scenery, no matter how long it takes, will never change
on this journey, the path i take,
the springtime breeze makes the cherry blossoms dance
and in my heart the fondness of this sight grows day by day

and even though it can get lonely walking on my own
i believe in the path i chose
the final line of this letter in my hand reminds me of the things they said to me

"there is a kind of man who would lie to get ahead.
don't you dare be one of them," that is what my daddy said
"it's better to be hurt, than to be the one who hurts.
you can always laugh things off, but you cannot take words back."
that's a mother's love

the springtime breeze carries my laughter, thoughts, and all my tears
oh isn't that wonderful?
in any case, i will make my dreams come true
when i return you'll see my smiling face
i want to be the one who makes you proud

Fieary. 14/9/11.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??