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Saturday, 2 April 2011
China nationals have more fight and drive than we do. 2/4/11.

today's Diamond Recognition Rally was a real eyeopener.

it wasn't the actual rally, what the diamonds said, or the stories i heard.

it was watching Chinese NATIONALS fly in from all over China, without a ticket, begging you to sell an extra one to them.

most people think they are uncouth, rough, and uncultured.

true, it was worst than riding a bullet train. i had never thought such a thing would happen in Singapore.

but the extent of it was that a young Chinese lady, had no ticket of her own. she came up to us to beg us to sell her my friend's ticket, if she wasn't coming. they understood that our tickets are ours, and did not expect us to give up our own. but, if they could fight for a chance of their own, they'd do it.

she personally guided me to near the front of the queue, almost right in front of the door, standing right behind me with both hands on my shoulders. at first, i thought, "damn, this person is really persistant. could u let go of me? i get it! if my friend doesn't come, i'll sell u the damn ticket!"

but then, later on i realised. why she was holding on to me was not so she could get the ticket. rather, she was shielding me from others shoving at us from the back. only after she left then i got squished like a sardine.

what she was shielding was not me, but her chance of success.

i could tell she was from the country side, and China's currency is 20% value of ours. so, in a sense, she gave me 50 Chinese bucks for the ticket. 10 bucks to us may be nothing, but 50 bucks is.

and another few groups of people, fought their way to the entrance, even without a ticket, in hopes of being able to get in. they just stayed at the door for an hour plus trying to catch the doorman off-guard so they could sneak in.

these people. they flew in all the way from all parts of China, without being able to get a ticket. Just for ONE tiny chance that they could go in to listen to someone's success story.

only in this business would you see such fire.

singaporeans are really stupid. we have such great opportunities in front of us, but we don't go for it. even for myself, this was a wake-up call.

let's take this chance.

Fieary. 2/4/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??