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Sunday, 10 April 2011
Brewerkz. 10/4/11.

slept at 3++am, woke at 7+am, and finally went drinking again after 2 months and 4 days.. ^.^

started off with 2 drinks for a fundraiser, then went around hosting some exchange students from Japan i met, then went back to Brewerkz again for a second round of charity drinks with E, Bao, and M.

i really like the place. sure, the singapore river stinks, smells, looks like shit. but the ambience the people there create is soo laidback and relaxing, i could drink the whole day away.

had like, 4 cocktails?

the bartender T was also really really nice. he chatted with me a little in the day, and when i went back, he welcomed me again as tho i was a regular.

knowing i had a long day, he gave me extra sake and vodka. so i was practically drinking sake/vodka with a hint of promegranate/rose's lime juice/creme de cassis. lol!

we also ordered potato skins to snack on as we drank, but when T came around to our table after a while, he even helped clear our glasses. i was like, o.O;

later on when he was going around, asking people to order shots, he came to our table and was like, "oh, no. you ladies ain't gonna drink more. your faces are red! can i get you some water, soft drinks, or something? it's on the house, i'm buying! but after this, you gotta call a cab, and make your way home safely."

and then he offered to get us a jug of beer. O.O he even said he'll take care of the potato skins.

we settled on Golden Ale, and it was.. better than most beers. aha.

we checked with a waiter later on, and there was no outstanding bills. HE SERIOUSLY BOUGHT US A JUG OF BEER, AND THE SNACKS!

i'm like, why soo nice??

so after we were done, we waited for him to complete someone's mix, and thanked him.

while thanking him, he gave us each a shot of sake again. hahha.. ^^

so i'm now gonna find Brewerkz on facebook, check out upcoming events (T's an event organiser, so he'll only be around for events), and head to Sembawang on the 4th of July, America's independence day. cuz he'll be there. ^.^

see you soon, T!

the back of my left hand and wrist is swollen.. dunno why. water retention? it's a little itchy and red tho..

Fieary. 10/4/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??