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Monday, 7 February 2011
unofficial Sho tribute day. 7/2/11.

i feel like such a loyal Sho fan.

this morning, i started off the day by wearing a double parka to school, my aunty's grey hoodieover my yellow shortsleeved hoodie. i need to buy a grey hoodie, i don't own a pair myself.

at class, i drank a can of Mitsuya Cider during fitness, and got my first 'A'!! ^^ Sho'd be very proud of me. my first 'A' all year! (excluding jap, lol!) exactly an 80%!
too bad it only counts for 10% of our total grades.. 8marks.. T.T

i did not sleep in any lesson today. (there was only fitness, then iochem.)
i'm not saying i paid attention, tho. xD~!

finally watched Love Rainbow's PV during iochem. =} bad girl..

been trying to download the Music Station performance, but still failing. =[

currently searching for Music Station's 2002.04.19 full episode. Shakira was on with Arashi. Whenever, Wherever, and Nice na Kokoroiki. heard Sho couldn't stop staring at Shakira's butt. xD~!

chem test tomorrow, chap 4-11. haven't studied. ahem.

shall start at 10am tomorrow, when i reach school. then, at 1pm, all the information will still be in my brain.
yes, my flawed theory works.

aight, off to sidetrack into procrastination and slacking. bye!

Fieary. 7/2/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??