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Friday, 25 February 2011
long-lost treasure. 25/2/11.

i was juz cleaning the top layer of the second half of my room table's cabinet. guess what, i found loadsa miscellanous weird items that should not be in there, of course.

among the salvagable items, there was a 13.5inch glass bowl, a dark blue feather bao made from swallow feathers, kiddy colouring sets, photo albums, a japanese paper wallet, poker cards, beads.. etc.

but here's the highlight;

over 50 certificates, from 40 over organisations, thanking me for performances, participation in events, awards, etc.

among them are swimming, enshin karate certifications, cat A runner-up for some solar innovation, distinctions in the New South Wales english and science international competitions, graduation from kindergarten, primary school, and many more i don't even remember attending/have the slightest reminescence for.

and in the middle of the stack, i found my kor's PSLE results, in-depth english case study, and..

a receipt from Harvey Norman, for office equipment. xD~!

wth??? i'm throwing that away! ^.^

and my koala bear in australia looks soo young then.. along with my horrible bespectacled fat face.. like, 8years ago?lol!

but seriously, office equipment?

optometrist letter, my kor's credit paper for english, my baptism certificate, graduation class photos, kor's baby photos, his baptism cert, scrabble competition awards, etc.

'm still pulling more out from there at the moment. xD~!

aight, i'm supposed to be studying anatomy now, so i shall stop typing. and i can't be bother to colour this post. ^^

Fieary. 25/2/11.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??