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Tuesday, 1 February 2011
I blame BaoYi. 1/2/11.

yes, BaoYi, i blame you. <3

in early jan 2010, i caught Gokusen the movie with Zack. u told me there was a series, with 3 seasons, and that it was good.

why did i listen to you?

because i started watching Gokusen, MatsuJun caught my eye.

wikipedia, esp d.wiki, provided me with information and trivia about the drama, cast, and background.

Oguri Shun, u and MatsuJun made me catch Hana Yori Dango.

i was curious about MatsuJun's singing abilities, tho i disliked boybands.
Youtube, why couldn't you remove their clips earlier?

i watched Time's Love So Sweet, liked it, and thought of watching Arashi's vids juz for Jun.
oh, how wrong i was..

some videos along the way, forming a playlist, i heard Sho's Touch Me Now, and switched tabs to see who's doing it. O.O SHO IS SEX PERSONIFIED ON STAGE. xD~!

then, Ohno's Rain dance.. 8D~!

before i knew it, on the 25th jan, i already posted a comment on a Sho bday post, cheering for "Sho-darling".. T.T

oh, BaoYi, how i bloody blame you for Jun-baiting me..

and juz when i thought my infatuation for them was diminishing, i read that Sho graduated from uni, is a newscaster, and all the raps were his own..
Sho, i genuinely, pure-heartedly, admire you..

okay, bringing the topic back to BaoYi's 'crime'.

around an hour ago, i called Zack, he was busy. so i called BaoYi.
we talked for 46mins plus on the phone before deciding to use msn instead. why?

Bao shifted the topic to "Have you watched Arashi lately?"
087bvm3p29n[0wcumopeqdjF VBG6QRJC[9UMwopd jkjgvbhj84

now, i'm currently downloading Arashi's PVs, and shall soon download their makings as well.
*sigh* my darling harddrive, i'm sorry.

i've decided, tho. i shall not buy anymore dramas for the time being. when i have the proper finances to easily support my lavish hobbies, then i shall resume purchasing DVDs again. xD~!

and guess what, bao and i are currently on Neopets..
trying to solve Lenny's Conundrum.. xD~!

dammit, now you've not only plunged me into Arashi fandom, but also got me started on Neopets again..

yes, BaoYi, i blame you. <3

you're spending the day after my bday with me.

Fieary. 1/2/11.

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