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Sunday, 23 January 2011
Scene: 君と僕見ているの風景 has been leaked! 23/1/11.

KYAA~~! Scene: 君と僕見ているの風景 has been leaked!

downloading now.

shit, only the mc part downloaded properly. nvm, catching Sho's T.A.B.O.O on tudou now. LOAD LOAD LOAD LOAD LOAD!

i won't give spoilers, cuz i haven't watched enough to give any. lol!

hopefully T.A.B.O.O is done downloading now.
i fall in love with Sho everytime i watch him perform.

Sho in military jackets.. ainphfsidjkfhvmoic,a;sc,a.239u84ymtu~~!!~!~!~!

翔.. don't breathe like that.. you're gonna make my heart explode!

and damn, Jun's looking a LOT better! esp during the start, the kicked off with Movin' On, my eyes couldn't turn away from matsujun's torso..

guys in black are soo attractive. especially black leather. especially when the black leather is a military jacket. especially when the black leather military jacket has many embellishments. especially when the embellishments are shiny. especially when the guy wearing the black leather military jacket with many shiny embellishments has a lean, buff build and nape-length hair.
mpcwnfhiuesyrj8pmixqhcnewr7tq32p0[ i1

潤, darling, you're adorable. and yes, you're beautiful, princess! xD~! his solo is soo cute! like Yabai Yabai Yabai!!
first when the vtr started playing, i seriously thought it was gonna be Nino. then i was like, but Nino's solo is like, an upbeat romance song? cannot have that vtr.
and Jun's solo has nothing to do with the vtr either! xD~!
but yes, it was extremely enjoyable.
Jun is turning into an adorable scruffly kitten.
where's the DoS 道明寺 i love soo much?!?!?! bring him back!! wuahhhh!!
considering rewatching 花より団子.. hmm.. Jun should seriously consider dating Mao-chan in real life. they'll be the 'パーフェクト輝きのカップル' =]

and Aiba.. oh gosh, aibaby is soo sexy in this concert! he's having a sorethroat! gosh.. and he's resembling GACKT a hell lot more each time i see him smile like that.. shit.. i'm gonna have to stop concentrating on his sexy voice soo much.

so far, everyone hit every note perfectly, except for Ohno. OH!NO! xD~! i'm turning into Johnny.
at some parts in Kaibutsu-kun's 愉快痛快怪物君, his voice crackled. very cute, tho. ^^

oh ya! during MC, they were wearing flashy jackets again. Aiba's said "I LOVE CHIBA!" kyaa!! soo cute! Sho's made no sense.. =[ but then again, he HAS been going around the world quite a bit recently.. Oh-chan's is soo hilarious! "SWITCH ON!" wakakkakakak! i'm cracking up already. didn't manage to see Nino's and Jun's tho. =[

aight, shall go check on my downloads. till then, I WANT THE CONCERT DVD!

Fieary. 23/1/11.

oh, gosh. i juz caught part of Aiba's Magical Song solo. SOO CUUUUUTE!! his outfit was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Johnny Depp mixed with the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. and those adorable faces he made.. pnrc2839quesm8293nyc hm.21, m2 ;

current 嵐一番ランキング;

gosh, i thought i gave up on rankings, but as it turns out, 翔 will always be my favourite.

in terms of voice;
same order

lol. i'll do another post on how i rank the boys next time. sorry, not boys. MEN. REAL men.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??