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Saturday, 15 January 2011
2011 so far. 15/1/11.

yea! so far, 2011 has been good.

i juz found the 1st 2 books of MKR2, and bought them!

i juz found out that Arashi will release Lotus, themesong for Bartender, which starts airing on my bday!
caught the PV preview. new dance moves!
damn, either Jun's voice broke again, or they finally found his singing range. first time i didn't hear his whining. haha! liking it already!

Kaibutsu-kun is releasing a movie! it's in 3-D! budget = 2b yen = 30m sgd? WTF?!?!?!
they'll be shooting some scenes in South-East Asia. COME TO SINGAPORE!!!!! I'LL ACT FOR YOU FOR FREE!!!!!

Nintendo finally invented 3-D game consoles! without glasses! eep! only 300USD!!

i finally learnt how to use torrent.

i torrented 60th and 61th Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

i finally changed the strings of my latest guitar.

i signed up for B.O.A.T.

i'm gonna buy a 2nd hand jap phone when my pay from caroling gets in.

and a lot more, juz that i can't remember so far, cuz my dad disturbed my happy train of thoughts by making me connect his laptop to wireless. =/

Fieary. 15/1/11.

i'm busy now.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??