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Sunday, 28 November 2010
Sakae Sushi 2. 28/11/10.

received 5 x $10 Sakae Sushi vouchers! ^^

soo happy. shall type out another post on my last dining experience there. a couple of days ago. haha.

okay, so i was on my way home from some stuff, feeling damn stressed due to exams and projects, and internet-less (stupid wireless), so i decided to stop off at Sunplaza's Sakae Sushi. (since some smelly person decided to board the train at Yishun.)

was totally unprepared for eating there, so i didn't bring a camera. =\ nvm, shall see if i can snitch pics off the site. =]

okay, i can't find a way to get the pics from the menu. nvm, shall go google images search.
sorry, random bloggers from whom i stole the pics from!

had Unagi Mango Maki, Softshell Crab Crepe Maki, Enoki Niku Maki, Matcha Icecream, and.. Kappa Maki.

i know, right? who the hell goes to a restaurant and orders cucumber and rice? me, apparently. haha! XD~!

oh, not forgetting my Organic Green Tea. love that they pre-brew the tea first, so when you reboil the tea bags, it's not too strong, but still can brew like, 15cups? lol.

anyway, Unagi Mango Maki

mine had more mango cubes on top, and 3 pieces. think the blogger hungry, couldn't resist eating one piece before taking the pic.

mmm! yum! best item on the whole menu! (in my biased opinion).

the unagi looked a little dry, but it totally melted in my mouth! Mayonnaise.. looked.. too much.. but, hey, more mayo is always good! ^^ the mango cubes were rather tiny, so only the sweetness could be tasted, not much mango flavour. maybe a bigger slice could have been used instead? but.. then it wouldn't look soo cute anymore.. hmm..

the unagi melted in my mouth, but i could feel the bones.. =[ old eels.. younger eels are softer, more tender, and have lesser bones. but they're also more expensive.

uwahahaha! sauce, yum! meat, yum! mushrooms, yum! an amazing dish on it's own. only complain; too chewy. i had mushroom stuck in my teeth throughout the 2hours i was there.

wow, i actually spent 2 hours at Sakae Sushi eating on my own..

anyway, my kor would love this! the sauce totally complements the texture of the meat. totally melted in my mouth!

haha, Kappa maki. the only thing i probably didn't snitch from others. straight from Sakae's delivery site. ^^

very refreshing after eating it with the Enoki Niku Maki. it totally washed all flavours from your mouth. makes you wanna eat more.

but somebody should have washed the cucumbers better. got a funny chemical taste.

the Soft Shell Crab Crepe maki i had were taller, and fatter. lined with Inari too. ^^ the blend of taste and texture was ALMOST perfect. i guess it's cause i went juz after tea-time, so the sushi on the conveyor belt had gone a little stale.. the softshell crab was a bit soggy. could squish out the oil!eew..

ahh.. Matcha Icecream.. a must have for every Sakae trip. juz like green tea. ^^

mine came in a cup, tho. those kinda orange paper icecream cups. and in the receipt, it's called gelato. haha. perfect for ending the meal. not too sweet, no bitter aftertaste. and it takes super long to melt!

personally, i always order my dessert/icecream halfway through my meal.

i have a rather tiny appetite, but a very itchy mouth.
so if i wanna finish everything i order, i need a change of flavour and texture halfway. i'll eat my salty food, then a cold, sweet dessert, and interchange it with salty food again. ^^

since i discovered this technique, i've never wasted tasty things (good food) unnecessarily anymore. crap, i misspelt 'unnecessarily' 5 times before getting it right.

anyway, the lighting at the Sunplaza branch was soo comfortable, i even managed to finish a writeup for one of my projects. ^^
love the space there too.

in all, Sunplaza branch is awesome. the waiters were very on-the-job, and on their toes. especially the pregnant manager, a young waitress Erica, and 2 older waitresses. they even let me special order some things, like, Unagi Mango Maki, less mayonnaise, Enoki Niku Maki, less sauce, etc. ^^

very happy with their attitude, service, timing, etc.

would happily go back to that branch if i pass by the area again. ^^

and since i had 5 $10 vouchers, and the bill only came up to $31++, i used 3 vouchers, have 2 left, and only needed to pay a few bucks. ^^

after eating dinner there, all my projects, exam, etc's stress juz poofed! hmm.. i'm liking Sakae Sushi a lot more now.

Fieary. 28/11/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??