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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
My Girl. 30/11/10.


i'm gonna stop to think for a while..


yosh! i'm done thinking.

My Girl shall officially be 1 of my all-time favourite shows.

from the very 1st ep, the chemistry and genuine concern between Aiba Masaki and Ishii Momoka, for each other, captured my heart.

(i also read from many sources that during breaks between shoots, Aiba would be playing with Momoka, tying her hair, etc. so sweet!)

the love he portrayed for his daughter, and his determination to keep them together totally touched my heart.

what else happened in the first 3 eps?


seeing the emotional struggles Aiba faces, trying his best to keep his daughter's smile, totally being the Kazama Masamune character, i couldn't help but think, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE GIVE HIM A STARRING ROLE FOR 10 YEARS?!

bloody hell, they juz wasted 10 good years of Aiba's awesome acting. he's soo good to the point i seriously doubt he was juz acting.

hmm.. maybe Aiba DOES have a daughter somewhere... *suspicious glance at all you Aiba fangirls*

anyway, come 2nd and 3rd ep, the stupid kindergarten teacher keeps popping up.
*grumbles, mumbles*

see this ugly face of his? teeth totally out of order, acne scars on both cheeks, even his thumbs-up looks ugly! like some kinda deformed bowling pin.

and what's up with the hair? don't tell me Johnny put a bowl on his head and cut the rest.

bloody hell, this kind of face also can get into JE?! Johnny is seriously getting old.

boohoo.. cry somemore! Kanjani8 will never be able to sing One Love properly at karaoke, much less on live NATIONAL tv again!

yes, this poor creep is from Kanjani8, another Johnny's Entertainment group.

but, ew. his acting is worse than when Akanishi Jin juz started. (can't remember which show it was, Jin's first acting stint. with MatsuJun in it. compared to MatsuJun's acting, Jin sucked dirt!)


okay, i really don't care if it's my personal bias speaking here, but WOULDN'T IT BE TOTALLY AWESOME/CUTE/DREAMY IF SHO PLAYED THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER?!?!?!?!?!

after all, he did an excellent job in Yoiko no Mikata. *sigh*

oh ya, and in scene in My Girl, our darling Aiba-puppy totally gave his bike-shop-friend puppy eyes! kyaa!!

it's when he decided to ruin his cool bike+image, and get a babyseat installed. he doesn't have enough cash, and his friend/second cousin didn't wanna give him the seat. HE GAVE THOSE ADORABLE PUPPY EYES... CAMERAMAN! GO! FURTHER TILT THE ANGLE A LITTLE! YOU AIN'T CAPTURING OUR ADORABLE PUPPY'S ADORABLE EYES ADORABLY ENOUGH!

okay, enough flail.

where was i? oh, yes.

4th ep, this sealed the deal for me.

Aiba, why weren't you born in Singapore, about.. 10 years earlier to be, oh, i don't know.. MY daddy? lol.

i love my dad, but.. AIBA! best on-screen dad ever!

gosh.. the way he totally puts out juz to be there for his girl. stupidly sewing her shirts together while sewing on her name. and killing her origami bunny juz to try folding one of his own, hahahah!! and when he tried to get her to overcome her dislike for shiitake mushrooms.. bleauhfdksjglnf... soo adorable!! when he chopped those things into smishy-smashy bits!

crap, i forgot my actual point. got too caught up in flail.

anyway, a huge amount of moral/life lessons to learn, there. something about never giving up, striving and trying your hardest for something you care about, yadda yadda yadda, and that jazz.

ahh! he in the 5th ep narration (summary of ep 4), he said "i still have a lot to learn as a father. i've made so many mistakes, but.. the fact that thinking of your child is the most important thing.. is something i've learnt."


3rd and 4th eps inspired me, tho. gave me the urge to get off my ass and catch up with my schoolwork.

then again, i always have to watch something while eating lunch, so after waking up today, i watched ep 5. ^^

which reminds me,

anyone ever really paid attention to My Girl's themesong? titled: My Girl

such meaningful lyrics!

どんな言葉を使えばもっと 心辻会えたかな 強がりの笑顔に隠した その涙
どんな日々をすごしたってきっと 今を真実ずけていれば 一つだけ僕達の道が 始まるよ
優しさに振れる時が 幸せ道びてゆく 微笑む声重ねたなら 僕らは本のちょっとずつ 歩いてゆける気がした
ありがとうの想いを伝いたいよ そっと君の元へ 遠く離れてしまっても 思い出に満ちた未来へ
目を閉じれば君と過ごしたの季節が 思い浮かぶ 二人の記憶つないでいく今日も

go translate it yourself.

oh ya! 5th ep is also about treasuring those around you, about how important their smiles are to you, how you have to protect that, how all parents really juz want to see their kids' smiles. Aiba described it as "her smile, to me, is like the sun. my sun". bljabsdgjkafdbuhlisdfnj..

made me realise that no matter how horrid we think things are, how difficult it is to cope, with our family's smiles, we can still go on, and instead of complaining all the time, we should keep pressing on, and keep smiling, so our families can smile too.

and at the end of the ep, Masaki-baby makes a statement like, "if you want to protect the smiles of those close to you, first, you have to smile from your heart". wah... my heart melted, and i could only keysmash... aup/gjdhskflnvbgrluia!!!!!@#$@#!!

oh, and his little ladybug obsession is soo cute!

ep 5 was manly-behaviour overload. not from Aiba tho..T.T

the old landlord, telling him it's stupid to give up, and men shouldn't complain easily. nyaaa~
then the photography studio's boss.. giving his family his all, setting aside his personal dreams for his family.. grauuuueeeewwwwww~

and also his boss telling the wife, "i've never once thought that i sacrificed anything for our family. i didn't pick up a camera because i didn't want to go at it halfway, that's all. so, there's no reason for you to feel indebted. if you're exhausted from work, then you don't have to force yourself to keep going. you can quit anytime you want to. so don't ever think that you'll have no place with our family. you're my wife. the mother of our children. there will always be this place where you belong." KYAAAAAAAA~~~~~!! overload! overload!

aight, time to get started on my own work, too. school stuff first, for now, till exams are over.
means i gotta lock away all my precious things till end of next week. =\

Fieary. 30/11/10.

my pretty Masaki-chan!! wait for me in that beautiful drama DVD box, kay? i love you! and i'll be back before you know it!
(cue Aiba's TSD clip in Africa, crawling into the tent, "i'll be back!)

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