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Monday, 8 November 2010
Megamind. 8/11/10.

yay!! Megamind is the first cartoon movie i ever liked, thus far. ^^

firstly, the storyline was a huuge win. it's such an easy pull-off, as no one had ever done a villlain story before, so this movie is incomparable to any others.

secondly, the characters are soo adorable, ridiculous, and familiar, every set-back/upsetting matter they go through will tug at your heartstrings.

thirdly, i have a feeling they were trying to parody superhero movies. what with the whole, letting the badguy win, Metroman's weakness is copper (superman & kryptonite), Roxy needing saving (superman/spiderman's gf), the other insignificant guy who like the damsel in distress.

Minion was damn cute. the silent bestfriend who would give his life for you.

Metroman is a joke. faking his own death and what-not, "how did you know? copper is my weakness!" *turns around* "fufufufufu"

Megamind is soo sweet towards Roxanne.

Titan is.. well.. gay.

while watching the movie, i already had the urge to blog about it. however, i totally cannot remember what i originally wanted to compliment. xD~!

everything about the movie is enjoyable. i have never watched a cartoon movie and liked it before. immediately after leaving the theatre, erica and i both felt like catching it in 3D. ^^

Golden Village Yishun is now open. we'll probably catch it there on erica's next off-day.

Fieary. 8/11/10.

oh yah,i won a Sakae Sushi $50 voucher. ^^

when will my dreams be fulfilled??