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Friday, 5 November 2010
i want a man like Akanishi Jin. 5/11/10.

i'm still bored, and can't sleep.

Akanishi Jin is soo adorable. i'd put him in a box and stare at him everyday.

can't find much Nakai funny clips.. =\

stupid Johnny and his imaging rules.

anyhoo, BakanishiJinJin is calling out to me with his dozens of epic, cute, mean, sexy clips. soo sad he left KAT-TUN. Akame was the only reason i got into KAT-TUN. sure, Ueda is cute, but compared to Jin, he's juz another puppy.

shall blog a bit about The Incite Mill: 7 Day Death Game first.

i caught it juz now. haven't let out soo many "eeps" in a movie theatre before. the shock is.. wow. very good directing. ^^ altho the story line wasn't very.. structured, left a lotta questions, etc.

in all, worth watching. i recommend catching it in theatres. however, i'm not gonna bother buying the DVD.

played tennis with SC this morning too. ^^ had loadsa fun. during dinner at Sakae Sushi @ Scape, shared with her about Arashi's awesomeness.

やっぱり、嵐は一番いいのグループ。 あいつら仲そんなに良くだから。

ran outta shows to watch. gotta buy somemore.

when i watch Akanishi Jin kiss on screen, i wanna be kissed like that.
when i see how he threatens anyone who tries to get close to his love, i wanna be protected like that.
when i see him rolling his hips while dancing, i wanna grab him.
when i hear his snide remarks towards comparatively unfortunate people, i wanna listen to his voice over and over again.


i even love how he replies interviews/random questions, and his views on relationships.

"dating should be done in view of marriage. if you do not intend to marry that person, don't date them."


he's almost perfect. probably cuz i haven't cyberstalked him enough to find any put-offs yet.

i truly respect Sakurai Sho, but when it comes to lovers, JinJin wins.. SakuSho is more of a model celebrity to me. the kind of star i wanna become.

suddenly thought of Ohno-Nakai 'fights'. haha. damn hilarious. i wish to have that kinda fun too. life won't ever grow stale. at least, not for a long long while.

damn. this post is getting nowhere.

E has been hanging out with miscellanous not-to-be-named guys. fuck. i better pull myself together. my song book has disappeared for at least half a year, and i've juz realised it. xD~!

what was my point again?

oh ya, i'm bored, and can't sleep. hence, i'm overthinking a few redundant tidbits.

Fieary. 5/11/10.

can't get enough of Nakai Masahiro's The Peace swan performance.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??