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Sunday, 14 November 2010
i need to get off my ass and stop watching HnA. 12/11/10.

okay, i'm gonna be sleeping late again today, and probably end up late for school tomorrow. but whatever.

watching Nishino Kana's Bestfriend music video now, and have determined her to be one of my favourite J-pop singers. lol. juz based on the first line of the song.


can't remember where i first heard this line, but it always strikes a chord in my heart. i'll probably translate this song and cover it when i've found the motivation to get off my ass and stop watching HnA. lol.

woke up at 8.30am on saturday, on my own. wow. first time, ever!

went to the pets fair thing at Expo.i haven't felt soo connected with dogs since, well.. i shall not elaborate about my pets. i always feel guilty about them.

my only regret in life, is not being fair to my dogs.

and that's never gonna happen again. anyway, i haven't felt such relief all year, till i played with the big black labradoodle, and other dogs.

slept at 3am. haha.

right, i don't really see the point of this blog entry anymore.

caught a documentary on National Geographic channel juz now. hahahah. about the Snakehead fish family being released into the wild and posing as a danger in the USA. what a joke. shall not insult anyone now, but seriously! juz catch them and eat them! after all, they are a really good tonic, and almost every singaporean fisher i know thinks of the snakehead fish as the ultimate singapore fish challenge. wow. we have very... unchallenging fish here.

anyway, i'm too lazy to colour this post properly. shall sleep after i'm done with HnA ep 92.

Fieary. 14/11/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??