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Sunday, 7 November 2010
cleaning my room's table/cupboard. 7/11/10.

hahaha, from the 110+ep, CKT is starting to get really amusing. ^^

ep 114, they went to visit the large family of an okama entertainer. xD~! the drama that ensues! damn funny!

have been cleaning my room table/cupboard since the weekend started. wow. who the hell shoved such random shit in here?

among all misplaced items, i found;

a cute long furry tail-like thing from ages ago, which is currently extremely popular in Japan. ^^

a supposedly non-toxic stick glue, soo old it turned peachy and had some fugly grainy/mouldy spots growing, i bet it's poisonous.

a set of cute coasters.

godzilla USD 1 cent coin, and the like.

over 10 cds; chinese karaoke, jazz, love songs, a few games. LEMMINGS REVOLUTION WAS IN THERE!!!!! too bad it was empty. =\

it's really wtf in here. spotted a butterfly collection frame-up. lol!

if i can manage to set up a bluetooth connection between my phone and laptop, i'll try uploading the photos.

till then,more CKT, and cleaning up to do.

seriously, if GPR was filming my room, it'll cause a hell lotta chaos.

Fieary. 7/11/10.

sadly, this laptop does not have bluetooth. o well. i don't have my handphone wire either. too bad.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??