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Sunday, 7 November 2010
6 nov. happy bday. 6/11/10.

ended up sleeping at 4.30am instead last night. haha.

instead of finishing up with MMA, i went to watch a few more Akanishi Jin clips on youtube.

then while watching 2 more-interesting eps of CKT (where Nakamaru had to bungee), this cute little guy in black caught my eye. Yamada Ryosuke.

at first, aiyah, juz cute larh.

then, after Nakamaru made his first successful 20m jump, Kame instigated him into mocking Nakamaru. xD~! his voice.. is.. ooo, wasn't expecting such a deep, remotely sexy sound.

jumping a little off-topic, Chinen Yuri CANNOT BE 16 WHEN HE SANG 'ON THE WIND'. HE SOUNDED BLOODY 7!!!!!

Yamada Ryosuke's Moonlight perf wasn't good. i wouldn't pay to catch it live. heck, i wouldn't even download it for free.

anyway, his.. letter..to his future girlfriend..

was it a Johnny's ploy to attract fans? surely seems like it. a rather blatant lie, yet very effective.

anyway, gonna watch his 'Perfume' perf, then probably sleep. my eye was extremely swollen when i woke up. worst yet.

Dear God, i pray that you heal my eyes. heal them and restore them to the original beauty you bestowed me with. i pray this, in Jesus's mighty name, AMEN!

aunty and Gek's bday today. forgot to wish gek. was planning to sms her juz before 11.59am, but.. i was busy watching some clips. X}~

Fieary. 6/11/10.

Hey!Say!Jump! is still somewhat of a joke to me. the main stars are more-or-less slightly pre-pubescent, and the others are ugly. xD~! STICK TO BEING BACKUP DANCERS, BOYS!

when will my dreams be fulfilled??