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Saturday, 16 October 2010
Zappy Boy wet wipes. 16/10/10.

the first time i ever came into contact with ZB wipes was while working in the YOV.

i fell in love.

today, on the bus trip home, i fell in love with ZB wipes again.

most people use wet wipes for cleaning oily fingers, wiping mud off legs, sterilising open wounds, or (for the more daring) cleaning off makeup.

here are 2 more non-conventional uses for wet wipes.

1st: discovered while bullshitting during work.

in the YOV, i was in charge of block 67, with the Spanish team in the lower floors.

2 rooms had massive ant nest colonies in the cupboards.

erica and i sat down to clean up the tracks after vacuuming everything away.

the rag wasn't working, and there was a packet of ZB wipes staring at me from the drawers. in an attempt to waste time and resources, we decided to see if wet wipes could do any good.


no pressure needed to be applied, nor any scratching, angled wiping, etc.

all that needed to be done was to swipe the wet wipe over the tracks, and voila! cleaner than those floor mop advertisements. i could almost vouch that cupboard surface even twinkled at me!

glazing the rest of the cupboard through was a breeze.

Zappy Boy wet wipes can remove all traces of ant nests!

and here's the second time ZB wipes got my heart skipping a beat:

today, i was on the bus travelling home after an all-night filming session.

our hair was stuck solid in geeky hairstyles, thanks to multiple coatings of hairspray.

i was juz done removing my makeup with ZB wipes, and was combing through my helmet (and rapidly frizzing-up-thanks-to-the-bloody-strong-hold-of-the-damn-spray) hair.
then, i thought; 'i still have quite a few wipes left in this packet, i wanna use it up.'

being the joker/bullshitter, i turned to J and asked him, "oei, u think wet wipes can remove hairspray?"

"dunno, you want to try?"

"ya. pass me one."


at the sides of my head, where there were only singular coatings of hairspray, A SINGLE SWIPE OF ZAPPY BOY TURNED MY HAIR SOFTER AND SMOOTHER THAN EVER!

all fatigue and boredom immediately disappeared from out exhausted eyes.

"can i please have one more wipe?" *hopeful puppy dog eyes*

the guys started scrambling for my ZB, combing through their rock-heads with ZB wipes like they were limitless credit cards.

my hair has never felt soo healthy in a long long time!

one wipe managed to get half the hair spray off my head within half a minute. how awesome is that?

i gotta go find out where to get more. i only have individual sheets left!

so once again, Zappy Boy wet wipes can not only vanquish ant nests, it can also whish away pesky hair spray!

here's how the packaging looks like;

picture stolen off google images.

and the best part, it's non-alcoholic, so even Muslims can use it! yay!

at least, the last time i read, it was non-alcoholic.


aight, off to shower then complete my REM sleep. feel soo full after eating at DXE.

Fieary. 16/10/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??