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Friday, 22 October 2010
Sakae Sushi. 22/10/10.

so yesterday, i was planning on ambushing my bestie at work. (Sakae Sushi)

so i went to check out Sakae's website on the opening times, promotions, etc.

clicked on one of the newsletters, and saw something about looking for a monthly blogger. ME ME ME! I WANT THE 50BUCK VOUCHER, PLUS THE CARD, ETC!!


and their organic green tea too.

ya, so anyway,

today, there was no practical for anatomy. thank God! i don't wanna be cutting up organs in my first week of school!

in the morning, erica said she'll meet up with me at 5.

my class ends at noon.
i'll be waiting for a teacher till 2.

so between 2-5, i had absolutely nothing to do.

out of the blue, i decided to contact my mom, whom i haven't seen in over a year. wow.

ignoring whatever went on between then till now, we decided to go for lunch after 2.

she loves raw salmon. i love sushi.
we both love eating, eating, and eating.


salmon + sushi + many many servings = buffet~!!

skipped over to clementi's Sakae branch at CityVibe for their tea-time buffet.

love it over there.

went there once with bearbear before. normally at that time, it's quite ulu. or rather, somehow, i don't see many SP students there. (even tho our school is juz 1 mrt station away.)

compared to woodlands, Causeway Point's Sakae Sushi, this outlet is much better-lit.
the lighting is much warmer, stimulating our appetites.
everything on the menu looks ~~yum~!

all of a sudden, my mom started waving like mad at the counter to call a waitress over. now i know where i got my ditzy genes from. at least, some of it. ^^

being familiar with the buffet terms, i started spamming my orders.

aiyah. fail. i tried to draw a huge greedy smiley, but it ended up looking more like a praying mantis.

no pics.. ='{

never mind, Sakae has the menu online, right? juz copy from there!~ *proud look*

so here's a list of what we ate;

1.) Kitsune Udon
2.) Wakame Udon
(tried to order butterfry mentai, but dun have.. =/)
3.) Ajitsuke Idako
4.) Chuka Hotate
5.) Chuka Kurage
6.) Egg Mayo
7.) Ebiko
8.) Tuna Mayo
(also no more salmon avocado.. =1)
9.) 2 Salmon Mango Temaki
10.) Maguro Temaki
11.) Fried Tofu
12.) Potato Croquette
13.) Amaebi Sushi
14.) Ebi Sushi
15.) Kani Fumi Sushi
16.) Salmon Sushi
17.) Tai Sushi
18.) Shime Saba Sushi
19.) Unagi Egg Mayo Makimono
20.) Soft Shell Crab Makimono
21.) Kansen Maki (pink plate)
22.) Tempura Cheese Maki (pink plate)
23.) Hana Maki (red plate)
24.) Unagi Maki (red plate)
25.) Cha Soba
26.) Miso soup
27.) 2 Vanilla Brownie icecreams

^^ long?
i still wanna try Sunshine Maki next time. hohohohohohoh! premium makimono!!!

now, for a brief review of almost each item.

shaddup. don't complain. i want that $50 voucher and other perks.

Kitsune Udon & Wakame Udon - aiyah. i still only like the soup. ordering this was a waste for me cuz,
a.) i don't like udon cuz juz ONE noodle will fill up my mouth, so i can hardly chew. yes, my mouth is that tiny. i normally give the springy springy fat fat wormy noodles to erica. she can finish 3 bowls of udon and still want more. she loves it.
b.) i don't each fish paste anymore.. so the cute swirly pink thing will always fly from my bowl to someone else's.

Ajitsuke Idako - mamma mia! tastes like charsiew octopus!! =D now i know why gek loves this seasoned octopus! soo sweet and savoury!

Chuka Hotate, Chuka Kurage - sadly, they were spicy. so i couldn't eat them.

Egg Mayo - i guess this dish should only be eaten at the start of the meal. either that, or i had too many flavours on my tongue already. hahahha!

Ebiko, Tuna Mayo - they're juz a must-have for a sushi meal, larh, harh?
(also no more salmon avocado.. =1)
2 Salmon Mango Temaki - took the mango and gave the rest to mummy. xD~! i always get the salmon mango dishes for the mango..
Maguro Temaki
Fried Tofu
Potato Croquette - love. best plate out of everything. xD~!
Amaebi Sushi
Ebi Sushi
Kani Fumi Sushi
Salmon Sushi
Tai Sushi
Shime Saba Sushi
Unagi Egg Mayo Makimono
Soft Shell Crab Makimono
Kansen Maki (pink plate)
Tempura Cheese Maki (pink plate) - one thing erica and i will always eat when we head to Sakae.
Hana Maki (red plate)
Unagi Maki (red plate) - unagi, soft shell crab, meat floss, cucumber. what else was in it? the combination of flavours was enough to satisfy me.. even tho it was only the first dish i ate. hahahahha.
Cha Soba - okay larh, not to my liking. the dip was not sweet enough. and the noodles tasted a little funny.
Miso soup - erica told me the Sunplaza outlet makes their miso soup from powder, so i asked the waitress. glad to hear that the Clementi outlet actually uses real miso!!! =) the girl was like, "what?! no! here, we do not use powder! we make it from the actualy miso!" =) can taste the huge huge huge huge huge difference in the weight of the soup! ^^ like any other person with japanese blood, i love my miso authentic! ^v^

2 Vanilla Brownie icecreams - THEY WERE OUT OF MANGO!!!! but okay larh, given that i hadn't tried this flavour before, it was stupid and rude to say tell my mom that the vanilla probably not nice. hahah. this was awesome! i gave the nuts to mummy, cuz i don't like nuts. the vanilla was soo soft and melt-in-your-mouth, i could eat 5 cups of this and still want more!
not exaggerating!

lol. that's it. 27 dishes. ^^

mummy and i were calculating, $18.90 for adults, and $13.90 for youths. $32.80 = 16coloured plates! yay! we overate our money's worth! xD~!

oh ya, halfway through, i was telling mummy about the different grades between salmon parts, and picked the better pieces of salmon sushi for her off the belt. so.. i guess.. 30dishes total? X]

dunno whether the chef made a mistake or something, the higher quality of salmon, the belly section, where the highest grade of marbling/fat is, was coming out on coloured plates!

don't care, juz eat! also not me kena sack, hahah.

ya, what else?

oo! the green tea! best thing to wash down all that rice with.

and the vit e they put in the rice! and nutritional value of the rice! and serving timings when you order out of the menu!

aiyah, this post too long already.

if i get the blogger award thing, i'll blog about those then. ^^ shrewd enough?

Fieary. 22/10/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??