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Friday, 8 October 2010
Prime Gymnastics. 7/10/10.

went for trial gymnastics class with erica last night. thanks, Gloria!! ^^

class started at 8pm.

did warm-ups till like, 8.30?

oh gosh.. i never felt soo unfit before!! couldn't even keep pace with the circle exercises!

they hopped, skipped, jumped, ran, while i eeped, trip, stumbled, panted.

i couldn't even follow some of the stretching exercises.. =,[ whimper~

so while everyone was leisurely stretching their joints, i was perspiring buckets, and straining hamstrings.


at least i can do a headstand!! ignoring the toppling backwards 4seconds later. hahahhaha!

handstand too!

then did trampoline zombie jumps. soo fun!!

aiyah, i totally shouldn't have waited till now to post about this. totally forgot everything i originally intended to type, except that 2 guys had really sexy abs, 1guy had this cuute furry mohawk, and could do awesome somersaults, and there was also a guy called Keane who went for trial with us.

supposed to be 1.5hours, but mr How let us play till 10.


there's this girl called C(K?)aren. it was her bday. so during conditioning, at the jumps station, How asked her to demo how to do that station.

when she was jumping, blackout.

H told her to juz wait there first.


soo sweet of them!! ^^

okay, the colouring is a little funny.

anyway, i'll be back.

400+ for 3months, 3lessons week. very reasonable and cheap for adult gymnastics.

shall use this for my NYAA gold.

i feel taller already. my back stretched out. almost strained it tho. very.. comfy. hahah!

Fieary. 7/10/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??