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Wednesday, 22 September 2010
IT Joy Timor Leste, Day 5 of 11. 22/09/10.

5th Day

spent over 4 hours by van travelling from Dili to Baucau. made a pit-stop in Manatutu, and took a quick glimpse at some of the computers there.

the kids were already using Photoshop!!!

by now, i guess you readers noticed that everything is almost in point-form. xD~!

2.) THE SCENERY IS SOO !#@$%^&*(&^*&(&^#-ING BEAUTIFUL!!

comparison time:

beaches- Hawaii, Bintan
fields/plains/shrubs - Africa, Australian Outback
hilles/mountains/valleys - New Zealand, non-snowy Swiss Alps.
others - Israel, etc.

i think this is the ride where a grasshopper jumped through our speeding van's window and caused a shriek-fest in the middle-back seats. xD~!

i wonder how those guys are gonna protect our country in the future..

"Nata!~!!! kill it!@!!! kill it!!! where is it?!>!? AHH!! IT'S MOVING!! KILL IT!!@!@#NATAAAAA@!!!"

3.) reached Baucau at 6pm+

received news that in the past few days, there was a little tension between the locals.

heard the local police make an announcement in Tatum, then in Portuguese.

something along the lines of "no fighting, or you'll be arrested. everyone back in your homes by sundown."

that was all i could make out through the scary, threatening tone of broken portuguese. talk about military enforcement! brr~!>..<

Fieary. 22/09/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??