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Tuesday, 5 October 2010
God is good. 5/10/10.

today was packed full with activity!

8am, went swimming with erica till 9.

reached school at 10 for tc rehearsal. sat there, did basic theatre warmup, then sat down to do light make up for filming after noon.

left at 11.20, without rehearsing. never mind.

went to the filming venue, had 30mins to spare, went to eat lunch.


chicken roller is awesome food.

filmed from 3+ till 10+.

very fun filming. cute hair stylist.

finally met someone who mixes his fried rice and meefen/horfun together. Sunny. ^^

made him get me water soo many times. hahaha.

went home, dad was in a good mood, asked me which digestive organ is what, and told me that he also eats the same way. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH.

today was serious fun!

thankyou, God, for blessing me soo.

passed all my modules. ^^

tomorrow, getting up early to train gek for her military napfta test.

aiming to hit 52kg by dec 25. ^^


Fieary. 5/10/10.

what God has done for me today gives me hope for my future. new promises await.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??