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Sunday, 10 October 2010
expensive day of 1st exps. 9/10/10.

yay! expensive day of first experiences.

juz received 100bucks pay, and blew it all within 6hours. hahah.

ate dinner at 雪の焼, got a classique pedicure at the 1st floor, then went for a 45minute foot, hand, and shoulder massage at Kenko. ^^

had DIY icecream, pedicure, and foot reflexology, all for the first time.

got butter splishy splashing all over, a nice young pt captain waiting on our table, who later taught us how to DIY icecream.

quite fun, actually! ^^ "like spreading butter on a bread"
except their kiwi flavour sucks!

pedicure took happy toe 45mins.

first time going for 1. hahah! felt like a princess when they wore slippers for me. awww... ^^

foot reflexology and the massage was soo awesome.

i wanna compliment Joanne Ong. her skills are amazing; the right amount of pressure where it should be. and she's soo polite and cheerful!

recently, i haven't been having any inclination to blog at all.

i've been doing soo many things that are blog-worthy, but i have absolutely no mood to do so.

okay, u know what that means?

HIATUS!!! ^^

Fieary. 09/10/10.

it's 10/10/10 already. i wonder how many couples are getting married at 10:10 later.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??