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Friday, 24 September 2010
IT Joy Timor Leste, Day 7 of 11. 24/09/10.

7th Day - travelled to Los Paulos, supposed city or crocodiles (didn't see any)

so much for crocodiles walking the streets.

set up many more computers in another convent school there.

like every school but the first, their generator couldn't power up, so not much could be done.

wandered around the garden, snapping loadsa flora/fauna pictures.

3 girls started showing me around.

thanks for complimenting my photography skills!! xD~! first time someone actually said my photos were beautiful. or in Tatum, Bonito(a).

while everyone else was playing cards, i heard someone strumming a guitar.

so i went over, and had an awesome praise&worship singing session with 2 guys for 40?? mins.

Bernard the Timor-phile gave his contact details to a little girl. i bet she doesn't know what email is.

on the way back, the driver had to keep honking at the chickens(mainly), goats, and buffalo blocking the road.

they literally owned the place!

i bet if a bull sat on the road, our minivan would flip over during the crash, and the damn buffalo would juz get up and moo away leisurely.

heheh. thought of the buggy vs Mazda...

Fieary. 24/09/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??