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Tuesday, 21 September 2010
IT Joy Timor Leste, Day 4 of 11. 21/09/10.

4th Day

went back to the same campus to set up 30+ computers in the kindergarten building. wow. why would 4year-old kids need Microsoft Office for?

since there were only 8 computers, those that needed fixing/special attention were getting tended to by our awesome technical dudes (Space, Shakey, Nata, etc.)

i went to try teaching the kids how to play skipping rope and zero point. fail. ah. ha. ha. hah.

then went into the senior high classes to introduce ourselves. first class Jane and i went to, ended up explaining what our Singapore flag symbolised.

5stars - peace, prosperity and progress, democracy, justice, equality.
crescent moon - a young and rising nation
red - brotherhood and harmony
white - purity and innocence

hope i got them right.

second class, ended up discussing the differences between the education structures in Timor and Singapore.

heard someone mention that the students there are all from the wealthier/prominent families. eg. the minister's kids.

so.. why do THEY need our computers?

in the afternoon, Michael brought us to the beach in the outskirts of Dili. wow.. totally blew my breath away..

played with the water and goopy mud illogically.

Fieary. 21/09/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??